Cold ear: how to treat at home

How to treat a simple ear at home?

The condition of the ears are closely interrelated with other systems of our body. Many of us have noticed that it is necessary only to eat ice cream or drink a glass of cold water, especially in the heat, as after some time along with a sore throat there is pain in the ear. Or seasonal colds do not go unnoticed, reminding myself after some time, inflammation of the ear.

But it happens that ear starts to hurt for no apparent reason, we think. But our body remembers everything: on a walk without a hat in cold weather, sitting in a draught or under the air conditioner. And the complaint about being cold ear, and the search for how to cure it at home are not forced to wait long.

How to treat a simple ear

For a start it is worth to mention that the phenomenon that we call «simple ear» is the beginning of the development of one of the forms of otitis media.

Because of the varieties and stages of this disease a sufficient number, to determine what is developed, the patient is unable.

So it is very important to consult a specialist, due to serious complications if not properly treated, or lack thereof.

Important. It is not necessary to think about what to do if you have a cold ear, and especially to experiment with recipes of traditional medicine, without knowing the exact diagnosis. It may threaten hearing loss or even its loss.

On the basis of examination and specific examinations, the doctor makes an appointment of a specific regimen for each case. This scheme may include the following drugs:

  • antibacterial drugs («flemoksin», «Tsifran», «Amoxiclav», etc.)– used when severe disease. They contribute to the elimination of unpleasant symptoms and improve the patient’s condition;
  • ear drops («Otinum», «Sofradeks», «Drops», «Sulfacetamide») – are appointed to quench the pain in the ear and provide a local antibacterial effect;
  • antiseptics («Decamethoxin», «Rivanol») – for cleansing of the tympanic membrane of pus and its disinfection;
  • nasal vasoconstrictor drops («Nazivin», «Glycine», «Otrivin») – eliminate the edema of the mucosa, normalize the job of the Eustachian tube, which helps to reduce the load on the eardrum;
  • nasal drops («Lysozyme», «Galazolin») – as most of the infection in the ear falls from the cavity of the nasopharynx, and the need to treat not only ear but also the nose;
  • painkillers («Nurofen», «Ketorol», «Panadol») – eliminate pain, reduce temperature and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • antihistamines («Tavegil», «Suprastin», «Diazolin») is appointed for the relief of the allergen and reduce the swelling of the mucosa.
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At the discretion of the physician may be assigned a vitamin complex and specific immunomodulatory drugs to enhance immune function.

During the recovery phase can be assigned to physiotherapy (UHF, electrophoresis etc.), as well as massage of the ears or blowing.

With proper treatment and strict observance of all the doctor appointments, the patient can expect a speedy recovery, and also exclude the risk of repeated development of ear infections.

How to cure a simple ear at home

As mentioned earlier, the treatment of any pain in the ear should begin with a visit to the otolaryngologist.

The organ of hearing – vulnerable part of the human body and any medication «grandmother’s recipes», of which the Internet is countless (some of them are simply not able to help, but also pose a real threat to human health) is categorically rejected.

To grin about this is not: «Like, I am my own doctor!». As practice shows, we are treated independently as long as not pressed. Then we run to the hospital. And what is the result? The disease is in its advanced stage, perhaps even with complications. And besides, a picture of the pathology rather washed out due to the self-use of drugs and folk remedies.

Another thing, if you have a cold ear and no ability to immediately visit a medical institution.

All actions of the house in this case should be reduced to two simple actions:

  1. Take a painkiller that suits the patient and which he previously enjoyed.
  2. Drip nose drops with vasoconstrictor effect (even if free breathing and no runny nose) – to relieve swelling and pressure equalization in the ear.
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These drugs are in every home medicine Cabinet. After these tasks, the patient’s condition improves, the pain in my ear subside, but that does not mean that the disease has passed. These manipulations helped to eliminate the symptoms but not the cause of the inflammation.

In addition, care must be taken that the patient remained in bed, give him plenty of warm drinks and create a comfortable microclimate in the house.

In the near future should see a physician who will do the examination, establish a diagnosis and prescribe further treatment.

Help. Growers, planting flowers on the window sills, most likely, will find among the variety of geranium. This houseplant has unique properties. About how using geranium eliminate the pain in the ear with otitis media read here.

But what exactly to do when the pain in the ear just before visiting the doctor, so it is something instilled into the ear and to impose compresses (especially at high temperature).


In order to avoid the uncomfortable and painful sensations in the ear, it is necessary to observe a number of preventive measures, the Foundation of which is to correct and timely treatment of colds, acute respiratory infections, SARS and even the common cold.

In addition do not forget about the strengthening the immune system, normal functioning of which is able to protect the body against many pathogenic agents.
If so happened that you caught cold ear, the right decision – a speedy appeal to the specialist.