Cold nose in the newborn at home: why cool nose, Komorowski

What does the cold nose of the baby?

With the advent of the time, attentive parents pay attention to all symptoms. Sometimes a baby is formed perfectly natural factors that do not require medical treatment. To such signs carry physiological rhinitis, snot in the eruption of the first tooth and so on. But if the baby cold nose mom and dad must determine the root cause of such a reaction, and in any case not to ignore it. Often cool nose acts as the first symptom of hypothermia or early acute respiratory illness.

If the cause of the cold nose of a newborn at home was not caused by low temperature at home, you should take a diagnosis and take medication. It is often a symptom of to become a signal factor in the viral, respiratory or infectious diseases.

Why do newborn cold nose

Cool nose of infants should be of concern to the parent. Most often, this symptom appears from behind the cold room temperature or cooler weather. If the fluctuations of a degree do not cross acceptable boundaries, should not be afraid.

At the same time, it is not necessary to insulate the child and put on another pair of socks. It is important to give the child to adapt to the new environment and to teach the baby to adapt to the temperature.

Individual characteristics

If the child is constantly cold nose you should pay attention to the anatomical structure of the breathing organ.

It is known that the vascular system of an infant is very different from adult physiology. The vessels have thinner walls and a loose structure, which causes their constriction with a long stay in the cold.

This symptom needs to please the parents, as the cold nose in infants indicates a good thermoregulation.

When a natural adaptation of the kid’s body’s thermoregulatory system causes vasoconstriction in the cool time of the year, which is the cause of cold nose. In this process medical treatment is not required.

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Poor circulation

The cold nose of the baby may indicate poor circulation in the nasal cavity. In such a situation it is important not to confuse natural thermoregulation during walk in case of bad weather or in the cold season and disorders of the circulatory system.

If while walking, the skin of the child is changed to blue or red hue, an urgent need to go home.


If the nose was cold at home, parents should pay special attention to this factor. This symptom may indicate respiratory infection. At the same time, the baby can often touch the nose, refuse to eat, poor sleep, cranky.

Other symptoms include:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • headaches;
  • a feeling of pressure in the nasal cavity;
  • the formation of mucous secretions;
  • sleep only on one side;
  • screaming and crying for no reason;
  • bad mood;
  • the rejection of the games;
  • fear of light;
  • lethargy and fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • lacrimation.

In this process it is important to try to cure the disease as quickly as possible. Otherwise there is a risk of sinusitis, acute otitis media, etmoidit, sinusitis and other not less dangerous illnesses.

Hemodynamic insufficiency

Constantly cold nose can be a symptom of heart failure. There are several forms of hemodynamic failure. In each case, the patient has a cold nose and cheeks, shortness of breath, increase in residual blood in the ventricles of the heart.

Other symptoms include:

  • failure residual blood;
  • swelling of the face;
  • dilated veins;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • poor health in sports;
  • cyanosis;
  • shortness of breath even at rest

Hemodynamic insufficiency can be congenital or acquired. In each case, the disease requires urgent treatment.


If a baby is born prematurely, he noted a weak immune system. Therefore, in this case cold nose even at home can symbolize the immaturity of adaptive capacity.

Important! If the child was born weak, watch his diet, try to strengthen your immune system and give more vitamins.

If the child has a strong immune system, you should avoid long walks in the cold.

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Poor blood circulation

The reason the cold nose of a baby may be not fast enough the circulation of blood. In this case, in addition to a cold nose, the child constantly cold fingers and nose. This is due to the lack of power of the capillaries in the extremities.

Treatment good enough blood circulation involves the assistance of a neonatologist.

Important! The problem poor circulation lies in the system of malformed blood vessels. To help in this case, can only physician.

Do not attempt to treat this form of the disease on their own. It is not necessary to dress your baby in too warm clothes during the warm time of the year, and constantly to warm up baby’s feet in the puddles.

The opinion of a pediatrician

Seeing that means cold nose in your baby, start the necessary treatment. However, the assistance of medication without consulting a doctor may be hazardous to the health of the newborn. Therefore, before treatment, read the tips Dr. Komarovsky.

According to Komarovsky, in order to prevent the dysfunction of blood supply, it is important to system improvement in regional blood flow. The increasing intensity of blood circulation occurs in the following way:

  1. Massage of the hands and feet of the baby.
  2. RUB the limbs of the child with an alcoholic lotions.
  3. Don’t forget about the importance of sports. Include light exercise in the daily list of cases.
  4. To peripheral vasodilatation, take a warm bath.

Important! You cannot take hot baths because they can disrupt the blood vessels of the baby.

In addition, Komarovsky advises tempering small body. To do this every day, bathe your baby in contrasting soul and then give the baby warm milk or tea. After the shower, not walking naked or stand in the draft.

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To strengthen the cardiovascular system, according to the pediatrician, useful walk in the fresh air. Long walks affect the formation of the immune system and provide the power of vitamin D.

In the cold season duration of the walks should be reduced, but to abandon them is not worth it. Breast babies up to one month can’t be outside when the temperature is settled below five degrees Celsius. For older kids you can walk to minus ten degrees.

The child’s clothing

Komorowski recalled that when walking, the child needs to feel comfortable. This means it is not necessary to dress the baby warmer than necessary.

Important! If you notice that the child gets wet and sweating, wear fewer clothes.

In the rain walking is not forbidden, but do not forget about waterproof clothing.


Cool baby’s nose should not cause panic. The formation of such a symptom, pay attention to his health, clothing, and weather conditions. If the baby is quiet and his clothes are dry, the walk to end not worth it. If you notice visible reason for excitement, go home.