Cold the labia: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Genital herpes is, in other words, the cold of the labia. Gynecologists attribute this disease to viral sexually transmitted diseases. During sexual intercourse the infection penetrates into the organism in the presence of micro traumas of the mucous membrane. In addition, you can become infected in utero or during blood transfusions.

Genital herpes affects the vulva. This is manifested in the form of rashes on the penis, lips, perineum or the anus.

When ingested, the virus behaves like and papillomavirus — namely: embedded in the nerve cells and stays there throughout a person’s life. But if the immune system in humans is strong, the disease does not occur never. Ill be just a carrier, but can infect another person.

To activate the virus can the following factors:

  • the change in body temperature (hypothermia or overheating);
  • diseases that can reduce immunity;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • constant stress;
  • unhealthy lifestyle;
  • pregnancy.


The symptoms depend on when the infection occurred, since the disease has two forms: primary and recurrent.

When the primary form symptoms. The man has no idea about the disease, but he is a carrier and can infect others.

However, there is the second side of the primary form. In the period up to ten days after infection begin to appear such symptoms:

  • on the genitals will be swollen, feel the burning, itching;
  • rash appears as vesicles;
  • when you break the bubbles there are ulcers;
  • the temperature rises, there weakness, increased lymph nodes.

If the symptoms of the primary form, the disease would last a month and a half. Initiated timely treatment can shorten this period to twenty days. But if the symptoms disappeared by themselves, this suggests that the disease has moved into the recurrent form.

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This form of the disease is more common and can occur in just a few weeks after infection.

The symptoms of recurrent herpes not as severe as the primary. Missing temperature and weakness. The number of lesions is considerably less and they are in a week. However, depending on the overall condition of the human body, these symptoms can vary.

Sometimes venereologists diagnosed in women, the typical form of the disease. The symptoms not the rash, but there is a chronic inflammation of the genitals, itching and cracks. This can be confirmed by using tests.

Diagnosis of the disease

At the slightest sign of disease, you should consult a specialist. You will only experienced doctor, he will examine and send on the survey (typically virological research and gene diagnostics). In addition, can be assigned to enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and the immunofluorescence reaction. Also important blood and urine tests; PAP smears. After the results of tests and examinations, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate therapy.

Treatment of herpes

Treatment of the labia, that is genital herpes is by using antiviral therapy antiherpetic funds.

The most effective will be the treatment started in the first days after the onset of symptoms. Except for drugs used inside, you can use ointments or gels with a mild analgesic. They are applied directly on the outbreak. These tools help to reduce the pain, burning and itching.

If the symptoms appear every two months, you should think about preventative treatment. It will last for a few months. Medicines are prescribed individually for each patient. Only a doctor can make the decision about the use of a drug.

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Unfortunately, a complete cure from genital herpes is impossible, so be careful while taking immunomodulatory drugs. To date, not yet invented an effective drug to treat this virus.

Why you need to be treated?

Herpes is a pretty insidious disease. If you do not stop the disease in its early stages, it will penetrate deep inside the body, so that there will be complications:

  • the symptoms will stay for quite a long time;
  • occasional retention of urine;
  • the bubbles can spread throughout the body;
  • infection inside the body is able to reach the brain.

Genital herpes is the most dangerous during pregnancy. In primary disease, the child in the womb can be infected in about half of cases. However, infection during childbirth is much higher. Many future moms mistakenly think that it is impossible to infect the baby during caesarean section, but it is not so: there is a risk. Infected infants may become disabled; and possible death. When treating a pregnant the physician should be extremely careful in the selection of drugs, preferring harmless to the baby.

How is the infection?

  1. The most frequent method of infection — sexual contact: when the infection from one partner gets on your labia with the other. And it may not be genital herpes and ordinary colds. Therefore, the appearance of various ulcers on the lips, arms, or face of your partner the best would be to avoid proximity to the time until symptoms disappear. Even if no visual signs of disease can still cause the contamination. From this it follows that it is necessary to use a condom.
  2. The virus also can be transmitted through personal care items.
  3. The infection is able to serve and bathing water in the bathroom. This is a rare cause, but to exclude it is not worth it.
  4. Listen to the advice of your doctor treats herpes in accordance with its assignments. Also just react to any changes in the area of the labia.
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What is the danger of the disease?

Experts say that if not in time to fight the disease, complications can arise in the form of joint damage, nervous system and pelvic organs. In addition, the disease affects the sexual life of a person. In the future, because of this there are psychological and neurological disorders which must be treated separately.


The first method of prevention is the condom. However, even he can not protect one hundred percent. So when there is an exacerbation of the disease, it is better to avoid sex.

In addition to a condom, you can use antivirals to prevent infection in the body. Also, after sexual activity is recommended to treat the genitals with an antiseptic, but should first consult with your doctor.