Collecting breast cough: instruction manual for kids and composition, reviews

How to make breast collection cough?

Natural medication designed to remove sputum are considered to be the best option for treating young children. In most cases, do not contain corrosive components that can cause undesirable consequences, so parents without fear for health give your baby these medicines. Sparing effect provides fast recovery of respiratory function without the use of synthetic tools, which minimizes the risk of overdose. In addition, such medications are allowed for treatment of children up to three years.

One of these natural expectorants is considered as the herbs for cough. Preparation of this sort allows you to cure the inflammation of laryngitis and pharyngitis in the initial stages, but also to restore the immune system after infectious inflammation and catarrhal forms. In addition, the children’s collection chest cough safe for the body of the baby. It is used in conservative medicine for several decades, despite the fact that the tool included in the group of nonconventional methods of treatment of inflammation.

The impact of drug collection

To cure inflammation in the respiratory system, you can use many medicines, but more and more patients prefer natural ingredients that cannot harm the health and cause addiction.

Finished chest gathering dry cough eliminates dryness, irritation and wheezing due to hypothermia, the effects of a cold or flu as well as complications of SARS or respiratory diseases. Remedy liquefies phlegm and promotes its rapid and effective expectoration. In addition, the drug facilitates the process of excretion, thus improving the patient’s state of health.

The main advantage of the drug is rapid bronchodilation and relaxation of the muscles in the respiratory system. Bronholiticeski effect allows you to speed up the healing process, which is especially important with prolonged cough.

Important! Keep in mind that the lack of treatment for inflammation of the lungs or bronchi can cause serious complications.

For more effective treatment, patients are often prescribed a complex effect by applying multiple fees. This approach allows to eliminate pain in the chest and improve breathing of the baby.

It is important to note that herbal teas are not so fast than of standard drugs. But unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural composition of the drug allows you to treat a cough without risking side effects and overdose. No chemical effects on the body especially important when treating infants, so many therapists choose this course.

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When to apply

There are several types of plant collections, but they are all aimed at improving the functions of the respiratory system and the elimination of the inflammatory process. Commonly these drugs are prescribed to treat the following diseases:

  • acute inflammation in the mucosa of the bronchial portion;
  • spasms of the bronchi, which mucus can’t get out and accumulates in the bronchi;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • inflammation in the lining of the cavity of the trachea and tracheobronchitis;
  • laryngitis, which is accompanied by shortness of breath and frequent barking cough;
  • inflammation of rhinopharyngitis in which the child is suffering from excessive dryness and pain in the throat;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • inflammation of the lungs;
  • at the first signs of tuberculosis;
  • the effects of influenza and SARS;
  • the violation of outflow of a sputum.

Apply fees herbs should as an additional treatment. Do not assume that this drug will help to eliminate all symptoms of inflammation. In this case it acts only as one of methods of influence.

With a wet cough chest collection is used as the main drug, but only in the case of mild inflammation. As a rule, the drug improves the flow of phlegm and restores the function of respiration in a few days.

How to cure a cough in toddler with the help of syrups can be found in this article.

What is included in the

As already mentioned, part of the chest collection contain only natural herbal ingredients. When choosing the drug will note that they are divided into several types:

  1. To treat children often prescribe antitussive fees, which in a short time reduce and soften the cough. This effect is achieved thanks to the calendula, licorice root and marshmallow root and leaves of plantain and mother and stepmother. In addition, some fees, you can find oregano, pine buds, color black elderberry.
  2. With infectious nature of the disease, doctors suggest to buy crushed grass. These include yarrow, sage, eucalyptus and mint.
  3. After the inflammation of the flu or colds and cough education on the background of acute respiratory disease, or SARS therapists prescribe fees that increases the immune system of the patient. The composition of these charges includes berries rose hips, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and hawthorn. In addition, the prescribing indicated the presence of elecampane and birch buds.
  4. Chest collecting for the treatment of children at number four is chamomile, calendula, rosemary, mint, and tri-color violet and licorice root.
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All fees have antiseptic effects and anti-inflammatory effect. Apply fees suggest inflammation of the respiratory tract not only in case of cough, but also for preventive purposes.

In addition, herbal ingredients have a calming effect, which is important when treating small children. Cough, as a rule, greatly exhausting the child’s body, so this effect can be very useful.

Instructions for use chest gathering cough

Use the drug only after you make sure there are no allergic reactions to components fees. For the right cooking tools it is important to know some basic rules. Ask how to make breast collection of cough in the treatment of children up to eighteen years:

  1. Place one tea bag of the drug in any of the dishes.
  2. Medicament pour 200 ml of boiling water.
  3. Then allow to steep for thirty minutes.
  4. Then you should drink broth in small SIPS.

Make the decoction should be not less than one week, but to achieve defined therapeutic effect fees are appointed for a period of three weeks. That’s how much time you need to get rid of the inflammation and restore the immune system of the baby.

Drink herbal teas infants fees should be three times a day, preferably after a meal. Pre-collection should be shaken and warmed to room temperature.

Popular methods of treatment of cough in children traditional methods described here.


When choosing methods of treatment of cough should exactly know about the impact of all the selected ingredients. As a rule, adults do not have all the necessary information, so it is best to seek the assistance of a children’s pediatrician.

Breast collection for the treatment of children selected in accordance with the nature and form of inflammation. Each of the four charges has certain contraindications. You should not use the collection number one and two for the treatment of children up to twelve years. In acute inflammation of the respiratory system for the treatment of children is assigned a collection number four. But when absolutely necessary, the doctor may prescribe and other decoctions for individual dosage.

How to cure cough in children aged standard way, see this article.


Before you buy tools take time to read reviews:

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Olga Nikiforova: «unfortunately, the child has a weak immune system, so we get sick often enough. By far the most effective means for us is recognized as breast collection. In combination with syrups for children, he for a short time, eliminates the cough and improves the flow of mucus. Breast fees drink for two weeks and then taking a break. Rales are for a few days.»

Angelina Udalkin: «Saw the gathering of herbs for inflammation of the bronchitis. Baby I is pretty weak, so take advantage of the powerful antibiotics we can’t. Broth drinking rates within one month. During this time, the wheezing and coughing has decreased significantly, and the child ceased to complain of pain in the sternum. Now I drink a broth to maintain immunity and notice that the effect really is.»

Valentina Kirova: «When the child had a cough after a cold, the doctor advised to drink the decoction of the thoracic fees. I was pleased with the natural composition, so I used the tool for one week. During this time I noticed that I felt my son was much better, and the cough gradually passed.»


Treatment of cough should have a comprehensive impact. It is not necessary to apply the remedy without prior consultation, as the medication can cause severe allergic reactions. In this case, the acceptance fee should stop immediately.

Keep in mind that to cure a cough due to bronchitis or pharyngitis only with decoctions of herbs impossible. So do not ignore conservative methods of treatment.