Complex ointment in nose: instructions for use, the composition

How to apply complex ointment for nose?

Despite the fact that manual complex ointment in the nose is extremely simple, it requires precise compliance with all the provisions. This is due to the fact that often, specialists prescribe her with such a serious inflammation as frontal sinusitis, sinusitis and others.

Complex ointment is prepared straight to the pharmacy. It is not produced on a commercial scale pharmaceutical and of higher its value, both practical and from a financial point of view.

Complex ointment: what is it?

Complex ointment is a mixture of several medicinal ingredients. Thanks to the precise concentrations and proportions, it is possible to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect. The use of such ointments will help:

  • to stop the further propagation of any pathogenic flora;
  • to facilitate nasal breathing;
  • to avoid surgery;
  • to stop inflammation.

Moreover, for women pregnant and young children is very important, because they not is recommended the use of oral antibiotics.

There are several options such of ointments that differ in composition and naturally in the direction of action. The rationality of a particular ointment, in each case, must determine only the attending physician. This is not the case when a valid self-treatment.

The doctor must provide a prescription and detailed instructions about the proper laying of the drug. Specialist must to tell about all the negative effects that should serve as the impetus for discontinuing use of the drug.

It is prepared in the pharmacy, but the user has not, therefore, a doctor must necessarily all in detail.

A classic recipe

Almost always, the basis for such drugs are antibiotics, but in some cases they are generated on the basis of existing ointments, or perhaps at the root of the cyclamen, which copes with sinusitis and is the basis for many ointments.

The complex composition of the ointment in its ultimate execution, as follows:

  • novocaine;
  • menthol;
  • chloramphenicol;
  • vaseline;
  • diphenhydramine.

Sometimes, instead of a single antibiotic, use a different, but essentially it does not change. In some cases, the ointment and add more preparations of silver, such as Protargol. This is done to enhance the antibacterial effect.

As for the Diphenhydramine, which is, in part, it is completely safe, and even during use by children. The only caveat is that if a person has a hypersensitivity to the drug, then it is excluded from the list.

How to apply?

As mentioned earlier, a particular user does not exist. It can only provide an attending. But the overall recommendations remain the same:

  1. Before laying the ointment, you need to rinse the nasal passages. This is done with a saline solution. It is possible to replace it with a herbal tincture or ready-made solutions that are available in every pharmacy.
  2. After rinsing, buried nose vasoconstrictive drops.
  3. Now, a cotton swab, which is impregnated with the ointment «screwed» into the nasal passages.
  4. Regarding the specific exposure time, everything should be determined only specialist, and the need to unconditionally fulfill all its instructions, especially when talking about young children or pregnant women.
  5. It is recommended to breathe through the mouth.
  6. As soon as turundy be removed, you just have to blow my nose.

The use of this tool can not only relieve inflammation and create a numbing effect, but in the shortest possible time to get rid of signs of sinusitis.

Use in pregnancy

As for pregnant women, where opinions differ. Generally during pregnancy, you are advised to fully reject any medications and drugs. But when it comes to sinusitis, in this case, it is necessary to treat.

The lesser of two evils, it is better to use complex ointment than any other antibiotics that have to be consumed orally. In any case, it should appoint only the doctor.

Complex ointment in pregnancy should be chosen in each case individually, taking into account all the features and the availability of allergic reactions. The composition should be as gentle, but effective. Self – excluded!


Before applying the ointment, especially where there is a Protargol, you need to have a little procedure, causing ointment on the elbow joint and see whether the reaction of the organism.

Use in sinusitis

Sinusitis is a very dangerous and serious disease, which in turn can cause acute and serious consequences. Very often due to a lack of a properly sized treatment patients are on the operating table with acute meningitis and other diseases that threaten death.

When sinusitis, often use complex ointment Simanovsky. It is only used for RX pharmacy. Its integrated effect helps to quickly and effectively deal with illness. It is composed of:

  • cocaine hydrochloride;
  • menthol;
  • zinc oxide;
  • lanolin;
  • vaseline.

Due to the fact that this tool is prepared according to the recipe, it is not attached to the user. As with any other complex ointment, it should write only the ENT.

Read also about the methods of treatment of acute sinusitis in this article.

Possible side effects

It is worth noting that even if strict observance of all doctor’s instructions regarding the application, still there is a small chance of side effects, including:

  • nosebleeds;
  • burning;
  • peeling in the nose;
  • itching;
  • redness around the nose;
  • irritation.

As soon as they notice such symptoms, you must immediately discontinue use of the ointment, as is likely, the patient has an Allergy on any of components.


Difficult ointment very effective and sometimes the only effective treatment for sinusitis. It is important to accurately follow all the doctor’s instructions to reduce the risk of side effects to zero.

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