Compress on the ear: how to do it right, alcohol compress

How to make a compress on the ear?

For ailments of the ears, in addition to medication, the specialist often recommends applying the compress. It’s pretty effective method to eliminate pain and accelerate recovery.

In order to know how to make a compress on the ear, first you should learn about its varieties and used for this purpose substances.

Compress and its types

A compress is a medical armband, containing the special medicinal substance. The mechanism of action of such a bandage is as follows:

  • the dilation of blood vessels for a long time;
  • a stronger flow of blood and lymph;
  • withdrawal muscle spasms of the.

As a result of such impact is a reduction in congestion, tissue edema and inflammatory infiltration.

This method of therapy can help with many ear ailments, and in otitis.

Help. The procedure cannot be applied when the injury of the skin, dermatological diseases (dermatitis, eczema, allergic rash), purulent otitis media, mastoiditis.

Such activities are assigned to different purposes, thus act on the body in different ways. Based on this, the packs are divided into the following types:

  1. A dry compress is applied in order to prevent the affected ear from the effects of environmental factors. Besides, I can warm if you use heated salt, sand, or other grits to warm the affected area.
  2. Wet compress is designed for warming or cooling of the injured area.

Wet bandages can be applied using different compositions and different temperatures. In this regard, we can distinguish the following varieties:

  • warm (36-40°C) is assigned most often. Characterized by a slight warming effect, eliminating the soreness;
  • hot (not less than 50°C) – effective lumbago, spazmirovannah;
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cold – applied water and ice. Stop bleeding from the ear, tightens blood vessels and relieves pain.

In addition, this kind of medical dressings are divided into alcohol and oil. When using this method of treatment you need to know not only how to make one, but to follow a certain algorithm of actions.

How to apply a compress

Features of the application of this method of treatment depends on the variety of compress we discussed earlier.

So the procedure of applying a dry dressing is to use gauze or cotton fabric which is folded in 2-3 addition and cut (shell ear).

This piece of fabric is applied to the affected ear, through the ear slit is released and the top is insulated with cotton and fixed with bandage.

Another type of such an event involves the use of salt and various grains. For this bag made of thick cloth pour the heated salt, wrapped in some towels (so as not to burn yourself) and apply to the ear.

Wet compresses on any basis are superimposed always the same way:

  1. The inner layer of gauze cut to 6-7 collapses with a slit in the middle, soaked in the solution.
  2. Insulating layer – kleinecke, fabric, paper (waterproof) with a similar slit in the middle.
  3. Outer layer – a piece of cotton wool with a thickness of a few centimeters.

The top is fixed in any scarf bandage or a handkerchief.

Compress on alcohol

Superimposition alcohol compress on the ear involves the use of rubbing alcohol, which should first be diluted with water in 1:1 ratio.

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Then the cheesecloth with a slotted hole is impregnated in the solution, wring out well (not tech) and apply a bandage according to the standard procedure, which was described earlier.

If the skin is sensitive, you can pre-lubricate it with cream to avoid irritation.

This left the dressing up to 4 hours. To perform the procedure is best in the evening before going to bed. After the procedure, rinse the skin with warm water or wipe with cloth.

For hours after the event, the ear should be kept warm and otherwise protected from drafts.

Help. How to make a compress on the ear of vodka? Not harder than on alcohol. The procedure for applying is similar to the above, but it is worth remembering that the sledge, in contrast to alcohol, not diluted.

Compress with boric acid

Boric acid has a very potent antiseptic properties, so is often used for therapy of otitis media.

In order to prepare the compress, you need boric acid in equal proportions to mix with water and vodka. The prepared solution is impregnated with the prepared piece of gauze and applied to the region of the ear in the normal way.

Can be applied turundas – a simplified version of the compress to the ear of boric acid. This is made with a cotton or gauze flagellum, impregnated with the mixture and lay in the ear canal. The top is closed with a piece of fleece.

Important. A child’s ear a compress can be applied at any age, if there are direct indications for this. It is necessary to pay attention to the substances with which they are made.

So in the official of the user of boric acid in the specified contraindications children up to age 16 years. However, experts are allowed to apply subject to certain dosages of boric alcohol, because it is less concentric.

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Compress is a popular method of treating ear inflammation, but do not forget that it needs to be combined with other methods.

This procedure is an additional method that increases the effectiveness of other therapeutic measures. However, despite the effectiveness, it should be borne in mind that the packs have a number of contraindications and application features.