Compresses for cough children: what you can do vodka and oil compress

What compresses you can do when you cough child?

Modern parents know the many methods of treatment of cough, but one of the most effective remains the use of oil or alcohol compresses. Compared to conventional drug therapy, compresses for babies cough is harmless to health and are able to eliminate the symptoms of diseases of the respiratory system. However, lotions on the basis of vodka or medical alcohol may not be suitable for all children, so it is important to know a few additional recipes that can replace the main ingredient.

A hot compress for children coughing is designed to facilitate attacks of inflammation and relief of pain often arise when coughing. In addition, this method of treatment helps to eliminate phlegm in the bronchi and exert mucolytic action. If the baby is tormenting dry cough, gadgets will translate it in a productive and facilitate the excretion of mucus. Regardless of the form of inflammation, the compress is important to consult with your doctor. Not always this method of treatment helps the patient, so it is important to eliminate all possible risks.

The types of lotions

Compress is healing bandage, which is necessary to protect skin and wound care. It has anti-inflammatory effect on the affected organ. Regular use of lotions can replace some medications and significantly improve the patient’s state of health. Treatment with poultices are referred to physiotherapy procedures.

There are many forms of application of lotions, but most often patients are prescribed both wet and dry compresses, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. In addition, there is hot and cold bandage to help with acute pain and providing healing effect.

For reference! In the treatment of cough patients prefer warming lotions, can control pain and mitigating attacks.

Among the most popular types of compresses note oil, water and alcohol. To put the packs for children over twelve months is best without any additives. They can cause allergic reactions and to aggravate the situation.

In addition, to cure your baby’s cough using syrups. The most popular drugs described in this material.


It is important to understand that the warming of the bandage can be put is not always. The compresses is forbidden if the child’s fever and marked malaise. In addition, it is not necessary to put alcohol warming lotions in the period of acute inflammation.

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Other major constraints include:

  • the compresses is forbidden for children under the age of one year;
  • for various diseases of the heart;
  • in the case of high blood pressure;
  • in benign or malignant tumors in the larynx;
  • in case of severe allergic reactions;
  • when the special sensitivity of the baby to the main ingredients;
  • for skin diseases.

In other cases, the lotion acts as one of the methods to relieve dry cough. After the first application, patients notice a softening of unproductive coughing and improve overall health.

Important! In the treatment of bells and whistles, many parents put lotions with the addition of mustard. From this treatment should be abandoned, if the child is under one year.

How to put a bandage

The mechanism of the resolution of the lotions is always the same. For this you will need gauze tissue, selected ingredient, compress paper or polyethylene, wool, scarf or towel.

Compress placed according to the following scheme:

  1. Apply to the treated area of the insulating layer. To do this, use waxed paper, polyethylene or compress the fabric. For the treatment of a child usually choose any non-plastic material.
  2. The first layer of gauze should be soaked in the drug. Then fold gauze fabric between them several times and put on the sternum or the back of the baby.
  3. After that, firmly close the treated area. You can use a towel, a scarf or a warm scarf. Except that the last layer has a warming effect, it is necessary to consolidate gadgets.
  4. Compress keep about two hours. After this time, wipe the skin and lubricate the treated area with any baby cream.
  5. After treatment, the child should be dressed in clean and dry clothes. Ensure that in the kid’s room was warm and no drafts.

Important! Compress without a protective layer can cause the formation of burns.

A lotion can be put in any time of the day, but it is best to apply it in the evening when preparing for sleep. If you leave the compress on the night marked improved effect in the morning, but it is important not to overdo the dressing. Not always at night, parents can follow compress, so this method is not recommended for the treatment of very young children.

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Many parents ask what kind of wraps you can do when you cough child? For Express compress you can apply the vinegar, honey, vodka, pure alcohol and oil. Gadgets of these ingredients put for thirty minutes. They help to eliminate the signs of inflammation and significantly facilitate the child’s condition.

Vodka compress cough child

The most effective compress cough is considered to be vodka. It noticeably softens the cough and eliminates painful sensations, thus reducing the inflammatory process. To put a lotion with the use of vodka or medical alcohol, you should know some basic rules.

  1. To put lotion alcohol for the treatment of a child, dilute the liquid in clean water at a ratio of one to two. If the cough came from a child up to three years, the proportions should be more, i.e. one to three.
  2. After that, moisten in the resulting solution a gauze cloth and then wring it.
  3. Put the baby on the chest or back.
  4. Close the treated area of the first insulating layer. It is necessary to protect your baby’s delicate skin.
  5. Then put a poultice soaked in alcohol and fix a gauze bandage cloth, scarf or shawl.

For reference! Rubbing alcohol you can substitute regular vodka.

Keep this compress should be at least two hours. If during treatment the patient complains of severe irritation and itching, the lotion should be removed, and the treated area washed with warm water and lubricate baby cream.

The therapeutic effect occurs immediately after the treatment, but to maintain the result compresses should be applied every other day for one week.

Recipe of butter

Another popular treatment is oil compress cough. This type of physiotherapy can facilitate long-lasting dry cough and to eliminate discomfort in the sternum.

How to cure prolonged cough in children using conservative medicine can be found in this material.

For preparing lotions of the oil should be:

  1. Melt the butter using water bath.
  2. Dip it in the mixture of a napkin.
  3. Put on the chest of the baby wrap or compressor paper, and then cover it with the oiled cloth.
  4. Then wrap the chest of the baby wrapped and warm dressing.
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This type of lotion should keep for at least three hours. It is best to leave the poultice on all night.

Drug effect will occur after the first time, but for therapeutic results repeat the process five times. Then take a break in three days and undergo treatment again.

Which method is better

To compare these procedures is not necessary, as they are both intended for the treatment of prolonged cough. However, if in the first case, vodka or rubbing alcohol can cause the expressed allergic reactions, in the treatment with oil this side effect is practically not observed.

In addition, alcohol compresses better not to put on all night. Usually children move a lot, which can cause the formation of burn.

However, after the application of alcoholic bandages therapeutic effect is much faster. In addition, this method eliminates the pain, it softens the cough, and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Therefore, when choosing a recipe consider the individual characteristics of the body of the baby. It is best in this matter to trust the professionals and not to use independent decisions.


The wraps have a pronounced therapeutic effect after the first application, but to consolidate the results of the bandage should be worn every day for about two hours. In the course of therapy the patient should not ignore the standard treatment and undergo medical therapy. Otherwise there is a risk of chronic cough.