Constantly cough in adults: causes frequent coughing and what to do

What to do with the constant cough in adult?

Frequent cough in an adult should arouse anxiety on the part of the patient, such as involuntary forced exhalation occurs not just. A reflex process in the throat can occur due to infectious or viral damage, as well as on the background of catarrhal inflammation. In addition, doctors have identified allergic cough, the cause of which lies in the penetration of the Airways to certain types of stimuli.

In addition to these causes, irritation and itching in the throat which can appear in the background of numerous factors. Before you start treatment with continuous coughing, the patient should set the clinical picture and to pass certain tests. After that, the patient will be administered a comprehensive medical therapy.

Why do I get cough

Cough is the main symptom of acute respiratory illness. It appears as the first symptom and may accompany the patient for several weeks. To get rid of the inflammation by using standard therapy, but first you should find out the reasons for the constant little cough in an adult.

Most often itching and irritation in the throat occurs due to inhaled foreign bodies Dust and dirt are derived by the normal clearing and specialized treatment in this case is not required.

But apart from such innocuous reasons why a cough can occur due to inflammation of the lungs, mucosa of the bronchi or larynx. To determine the type of inflammation in your case you will need skilled care, but to suggest a presumptive diagnosis highlight the main features.


Pneumonia or pneumonia is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the respiratory system. First, the inflammation manifests itself in the form of severe coughing, fever, sharp pain, shiver in the whole body, and discharge a green or yellow tint.

The viral nature of the disease implies headaches and muscle pain, severe shortness of breath, weakness throughout the body. The reason for the formation of the disease lies in the defeat of the respiratory system, viruses, bacteria, fungi.

This kind of disease threat for the patient’s own consequences, so it is important to receive timely medical care and not to delay treatment. Otherwise might appear the risk of death. With the right approach to get rid of the inflammation can two weeks of intensive treatment.


Dry cough in an adult may indicate tuberculosis. The ataxic disease develops because of infection called Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.

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Chronic disease affects all the Airways, causing coughing, itching and burning in the throat, weakness, fever, chills, malaise, loss of appetite and sleep disturbance. In addition, inflammation is accompanied by formation of mucous secretions of yellowish tint, by swelling of mucous and swelling of the lymph nodes.

Important! When the diagnosis of inflammation it is important to have a chest x-ray and identify the number of microorganisms in the sputum.

Despite the development of medicine, to get rid of the disease is quite difficult, so the patient should keep all doctor’s appointments and not break the rules of of medication.

The tumor in the larynx

Another frequent cause of cough is a tumor in the larynx. Severe disease is ranked seventh in the world in total number of malignant neoplasms. Cancer of the larynx occurs most often in men aged fifty years.

The reason for the formation of the pathology lies in Smoking, alcohol abuse, prolonged inhalation of various toxins and gas, as well as unfavorable environment. Other causes of tumor formation include the presence of cysts or polyps, presence of chronic diseases in the respiratory tract or benign tumors.

The first time cancer is accompanied by the feeling of a foreign object in the throat that causes constant coughing. The tumor causes a major change in the structure of the respiratory system and soft tissues. The cough at this time may be accompanied by blood discharge.

How to cure cancer of the larynx can be found in this material.


Another reason for the formation of irritation in the throat is formed on the background of inflammation of the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. When inflammation of the mucous membrane and lymphoid tissue in this area the patient is diagnosed with pharyngitis.

The cause of the inflammation lies in the virus lesions, namely adenovirus, rhinovirus, parainfluenza virus, and others. Usually, strep throat appears as a complication of respiratory inflammation.

In addition, the isolated bacterial nature of the disease, when the patient detects Streptococcus, Mycoplasma and chlamydia. If the inflammation is left without proper treatment, strep goes to the chronic phase. In this case, the cough will accompany the patient at least one month to get rid of him would be quite problematic.

In addition to the cough pharyngitis is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • pain in the throat;
  • sore and itching;
  • dry and long-lasting cough;
  • a strong increase in temperature;
  • enlargement of lymph nodes.
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If acute nature of the disease pharyngitis accompanied by severe symptoms, while the chronic form the symptoms are not as painful, however, not cough less dry and painful.


Often the cough occurs on a background of chronic inflammation is when the Airways are especially sensitive to allergens and other various stimuli. A reflex process in the throat causes the respiratory failure that breaks the habitual way of life of the patient.

In addition to the cough, asthma is accompanied by shortness of breath, asthma, lots of mucus and severe throat irritation. Constriction and constant irritation of the mucous membranes becomes a cause of poor health, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite.

Asthma treatment should start as soon as possible, otherwise there is a risk of formation of pathological processes.


Often a dry cough is formed on the background of allergic reactions. In this case, the patient does not feel the rise in body temperature or severe deterioration of health. Typically, an allergic cough is formed after prolonged contact with irritants.

The main allergens include dust, pet dander, flowering, some food and so on.

How to cure allergic cough can be clarified in this article.

For a complete cure from this type of cough the patient must establish the type of irritant and eliminate it. For this it is important to wet cleaning, remove objects, siplivaya dust (large soft toys, carpets, cushions), as well as diet.

Important! Medical treatment for allergic cough only acts as a secondary therapy.

How to treat persistent cough

Seeing a symptom of what illness coughing in an adult, the doctor prescribes the necessary treatment. Keep in mind that the wrong diagnosis can cause the disease and severe ill health.

To eliminate the cough of an infectious nature the patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory medications – do not believe, «Pour», «spray Aqua Maris.». They are recognized as the best drugs to eliminate infectious microorganisms. In addition to expectorate the effect of these drugs act as tools that enhance the outflow of mucus.

For the treatment of cough in the background of bronchitis, the doctor will prescribe symptomatic treatment. To thin out the mucus and bring out mucus from the bronchi prescribed mucolytic drugs – «Mucosolvan», «Bromhexine», «Flamed».

In the course of complex treatment includes the use of expectorant drugs – «Acetylcysteine», «NAC», «Mukaltin».

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Treatment of asthma begins with the appointment of anti-inflammatory and symptomatic medications. Usually patients are prescribed:

  1. Corticosteroids – The «Singulair», «Adalat».
  2. Xanthine – «Theophylline», «Nefelin», «Topek».
  3. Inhalers from asthma and various nebulizers – «Serevent», «berotek», «Salbutamol», «Ventolin».
  4. For minor illness, are assigned to Cremona – «Intal», «Tayled.»
  5. In the future, the patient is prescribed anticholinergics – «Atrovent», «Prevent», «Spiriva».

For the treatment of cough on the background of tuberculosis prescribe corticosteroids «Flixotide», «Bellazon», «Belated». After reducing the signs of inflammation, are assigned to the combined drug «Flomax», «seretide», «Symbicort».

To eliminate coughing in the background of acute respiratory disease is assigned etiotropic treatment. For this patient should take antibiotics, antiviral or antifungal medications. The course and duration of medication depend on the nature of the inflammation and the overall clinical picture.

The most popular antibiotics for bacterial form of cough is considered to be, «Sumamed», «Azithromycin», «Strolled».

In viral pneumonia, the doctor advises to use the drug «Amiksin» or «Arbidol», and when the fungal form are set to «Nystatin» or «Termikon».

In the case of allergic manifestations of cough, the patient should be used to «Zyrtec», «Effective», «loratadine», «claritin». In the case of severe forms of inflammation are appointed corticosteroid «Dexamethasone» or «Prednisolone».


Regardless of the nature of inflammation, it should be remembered that cough is dependent of the disease. In the absence of proper treatment the patient may receive the chronic form, which cured much harder. So do not ignore the first signs of illness and seek medical help as early as possible.