Constantly lays the ears cause and what to do

Why ears pop and what to do about it?

If you are constantly laying down the ear, is to take their health to the condition of the ears, in particular more carefully, as in the ear, is formed of an inflammatory process. Causes of this symptom are many, but identify them only by a qualified doctor.

To determine why constantly fills your ears, as soon as possible, as the sooner you identify the cause of the inflammation, the faster you can recover and less time is rehabilitation.

Causes of stuffy ears

Blocked ears bring serious discomfort to man, but in addition to this factor, you should pay attention to the condition, as in the ear, most likely, formed a serious inflammation.

The ears appears in the dysfunction of the Eustachian tube. The channel that connects the nasopharynx and ears responsible for the function of adjusting the pressure inside the body. In the case of viruses or bacteria, but also with a strong change in blood or external pressure, the person has a feeling of stuffiness of the ears.

Additional reasons, if often ears include the following factors:

  1. Pressure change in the environment. This most often occurs during takeoff or driving on mountainous terrain, as well as the sudden dive to great depths, or in the case of a jump into the water. In some people this may appear even with a small change, for example, when descending into the subway.
  2. Another common cause of stuffy ears or runny nose. This is due to the close relationship of the Eustachian tube and middle ear area. Swelling arising in the middle ear, there is a blockage of the auditory tube, which causes a feeling of stuffiness.
  3. If the ears accompanied by pain, sense of loss of hearing acuity and other symptoms, it is necessary to verify the absence of otitis media. You can check this in the following way. Gently touch the tragus. If a person is experiencing severe pain in the ear is formed, the inflammatory process and it is necessary to take urgent measures.
  4. Common cause of congestion is the formation of cerumen. When excess production of sulphur, as well as improper hygiene or lack of in the ear canal is formed of sulphur deposits, which can take up to seventy percent of the ear canal. Due to which the patient is experiencing congestion and the loss of hearing acuity.
  5. A common cause of congestion is hypertension. Change in blood pressure leads to severe spasms of the blood vessels. This provokes the appearance of pain, dizziness and formation of a sense of stuffiness.
  6. Check the absence of foreign objects in the ear, as small insects or household items can not only cause the formation of congestion, but the pain and dizziness.
  7. If congestion appeared after bathing or swimming in lakes or rivers, dry the ear, as the fluid entering the ear canal, causes not only hearing loss but also is a favorable environment for the development of otitis media and other ear diseases.
  8. Allergic reaction is another cause of stuffiness. So, it can be caused by antibiotics and other drugs for a long time.
  9. Check the condition of the sinuses and tonsils, as various tumors often cause this symptom.
  10. If in addition to the congestion, you have become worse to hear and can’t understand human speech from a short distance, should conduct audiometry. You probably have a diagnosed hearing loss and will prescribe treatment in accordance with diagnosis.
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If you believe in the absence of these reasons, you should take a pregnancy test, as in the case of a child these symptoms are pretty common cause.

If it is probable that at least one factor, it is necessary to conduct the diagnosis and to get tested.

Most often, an experienced doctor enough a visual inspection, but in some cases it is necessary to pass the examination of the Eustachian tube, as well as audiometry and timpanometry.

What to do if you are constantly lays ear

Your actions before diagnosing inflammation minimini.

After examination, the doctor alone will prescribe a course of treatment that will fit the cause of the congestion.

If the underlying cause of nasal congestion associated with rhinitis and colds, the doctor will prescribe ear drops.

Enter medications in accordance with dosage. After instillation into the nose, it is recommended to lay on my side to drop faster flowed across the nasopharynx and removed swelling.

If the cause of congestion lies in the pressure change, it is necessary to conduct a course of specialized exercises. First we need actively to yawn a few times, and austere wide open mouth and take a deep breath. In addition, you need to clean the sinuses specialized salt solutions or to blow his nose.

Then do the following exercise. Take a deep breath and hold your breath. At this time with your palms, close your mouth and nose. Breathe out, but because the air can not go, he will go via the Eustachian tube. After hearing a distinctive crack, you can breathe through your nose. Therefore, you normalize pressure in the Eustachian tube and get rid of congestion.

If the pressure changes associated with take-off or landing, repeat active skladyvayutsya movement. Some people prefer using chewing gum.

In the case of formation in the ear canal cerumen, is necessary to lavage the ear. If the earwax is soft and yellow, allowed the removal of the tube at home.

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To do this directly in the ears medication «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And» following the indicated dosage. Not always sulfur dissolves from the first time, so repeat the procedure two more times.

If you prefer turundy, soak gauze flagellum in trepresents solution of hydrogen peroxide and insert into the ears for 30-40 minutes and then wash the ears with warm water. After that, the ear should be wiped dry.

If the tube has acquired a dark color and has a chronic nature, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of washing. This method entrust to specialists as well as independent implementation of this method quite difficult.

If congestion was the result of liquids, eliminate moisture as quickly as possible. To do this, jump on one foot until the water has drained.

If this method proved to be ineffective, enter into the ear canal turundas soaked in olive oil for fifteen minutes. Using this method, you will get rid of excess moisture and avoid many unpleasant symptoms.

In the case of nasal congestion due to viral inflammation in the ears or the formation of otitis media the treatment should be comprehensive. The most common being otitis media, specialists prescribe the following course of treatments:

  • in the case of acute forms of inflammation can not do without antibiotics — Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime, Nilofar, Augmentin;
  • to improve overall health and maintain the effect of antibiotics are prescribed ear drops with additional antibacterial components – Kandibiotik, Garazon, Otofa, Sofradeks;
  • the introduction of alcohol solutions and lotions.

To cure and for the next two weeks the patient is required to apply the vitamins and large amounts of water, and stick to the relaxing pace of life.

Any ear drops need to be applied in case the integrity of the eardrum.

High blood pressure medication, reducing blood pressure and also monitor their diet. Exclude from food spicy, starchy and sweet ingredients.

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If you often your ears, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Remember that this symptom the body is signaling you about the beginning of the inflammatory process. Treatment should be comprehensive and reflect the cause of the disease.

Don’t take medicines without a doctor’s permission and installed the root causes of inflammation. Only after the diagnosis and examination of the entire body specialist can create an individual course of treatment.

After recovery, you must follow a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise you can provoke a relapse.