Constantly stuffy nose: what to do and how to get rid of congestion

What to do if you constantly stuffy nose?

What to do if the nose is stuffy for a long time, what are the causes can lead to congestion and why it is considered chronic? The reasons for this unpleasant condition is several.

It is not surprising if it arose in the period of exacerbation of a virus or cold. But what if the nose is stuffy all year round and seasonal temperature changes do not affect the health of the person?

The main reasons

The question of why constantly stuffy nose, has some answers. After analyzing all of them can be identify the cause of the uncomfortable condition.

Factors affecting the respiratory system:

  1. Infectious or viral diseases that is chronic.
  2. The weakening of the activity of the human immune system.
  3. A deviated septum due to trauma or damage.
  4. Polyps in the sinuses.
  5. Constant contact with the allergen.
  6. Hormonal failure.
  7. Diseases of the endocrine system.

Constantly stuffy nose is the main symptom of infectious or viral diseases. One example is the common cold. But not only acute respiratory infections leading to respiratory failure.

The condition may occur because of chronic disease which is infectious or viral in nature. In this case, congestion is regarded as a secondary, not a primary symptom of the disease.

In that case, if the often stuffy nose, should be addressed not only to the audiologist, but also to the immunologist. In some cases, autoimmune disease can lead to chronic rhinitis and as a consequence of nasal congestion.

The most common cause

A deviated septum is one of the most common causes of breathing problems. Curvature may occur due to injury, while unpleasant symptoms to appear immediately, but after some time.

During a visual exam, the doctor will easily identify the presence of such curvature and establish the cause of congestion. If you have additional questions, allow them help x-rays or other, more informative survey.

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The polyps formed in the nasal mucosa, they gradually grow and close the nasal passage. Causing the air with difficulty passes into the sinus, there is a feeling of oppression or nasal congestion.

Chronically stuffy nose – this phenomenon is often perceived as the main symptom of an allergic reaction. Constant contact with the allergen leads to the development of allergic rhinitis, to get rid of which will help antihistamines and appropriate treatment. But it is also important to identify the allergen, which led to the development of a cold, and limit contact with him.

Stuffy nose in adults

When a stuffy nose for adults, there is reason to think about the hormonal background and its status. Hormones affect the body in General and can lead to the development of this condition. At risk are women during pregnancy and those women who pass through menopause.

If the nose is stuffed up constantly, have problems with health, concerned about the weakness, lethargy and apathy, you should go to the doctor. The cause of this condition can be hyperthyroidism or another disease of the endocrine system.

Nasal congestion can occur for completely innocuous reasons, to include:

  • lack of vitamins;
  • bad ecology;
  • too dry air in the room.

Beriberi usually seasonal in nature and leads to the weakening of the immune system.

Vitamin deficiency will certainly affect the whole organism and can lead to development of breathing problems.

To draw the attention of the environmental situation in the region. If the air that people breathe hard to call it clean, there is nothing surprising that you have problems with nasal congestion.

If the respiratory disorder is seasonal, occurring only during the heating season, possible cause of nasal congestion is dry air.

To rectify the situation simply, is to regularly moisturize the air, you can use a special device, and you can just hang on battery wet towels. Until the towels are dry, the air is humidified.

Attention! To determine the exact cause of the breathing problems will help the doctor — the otolaryngologist. If the congestion is chronic, it makes sense to sign up to the specialist appointment.


To answer the question: «What to do if you constantly stuffy nose?» — should the doctor. It all depends on the cause of the condition.

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If breathing problems caused by a deviated nasal septum or polyp formation, the treatment is surgical in nature. Unfortunately, to do without operation, to fail.

The conclusion is that causes and treatment is constantly stuffy nose are connected to each other. But do not despair, at first it is possible to resort to:

  1. Solutions for rinsing the sinuses that are antiseptic or antibacterial in nature. Solution just wash your nose, it helps to restore the natural microflora of the mucosa and to reduce the risk of complications. The simplest can be considered as saline solution which easy to cook by yourself, in the presence of the house of water and salt.
  2. Vasoconstrictor drops. If breathing problems interfere with normal life and work, you can resort to the help of drops, which have a vasoconstrictive effect. To use drops can be no longer than 7 days.
  3. Ointment and cream is a warming nature is also beneficial to the breathing process. You can use pencil for inhalation. It is recommended to use the Asterisk.
  4. Vitamin complexes will help to increase the activity of the immune system. Vitamins helpful in any case, even if the cause of congestion is not a deficiency.
  5. Inhalations with mineral water. Conduct in the case of cream, ointment and nasal drops do not help. Special solutions can be applied only in case if they recommend the doctor.
  6. Antihistamines and hormonal nose drops is used only in the case if the reason for the congestion was allergies. To get rid of it with vasoconstrictor drugs does not work, but the pills and hormones will help to improve the patient’s condition and health.
  7. Mints or tablets, these agents have an antiseptic effect, facilitate the process of respiration. But the effectiveness of the use of such drugs will be poorly expressed. For this reason, it is better to include candy in the complex therapy to use them in conjunction with nose drops or solutions for rinsing the sinuses.
  8. Immunomodulators are drugs that enhance the activity of the human immune system and help to cope with the disease. Their reception contributes to the rapid recovery after the disease, and help you to cope with major signs of acute respiratory infections or influenza.
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To cure constant nasal congestion without a doctor is unlikely. The thing is that the doctor will identify the root cause of the condition, prescribe appropriate treatment and prescribe the admission of the eligible drugs. To cope with this problem the patient can not.