Cough and diarrhea in the child and the adult without fever, and vomiting

How to treat diarrhea and coughing in adults and children?

The appearance of cough suggests that the human body reacts to any stimulus. Sometimes it may be accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Such phenomenon is particularly alarming when it comes to the health of the baby. Unfortunately, small children are often prone to such ailments. This happens often because of ignoring the rules of personal hygiene, as well as with poor treatment of food consumed.

The negative impact of the virus on the gastrointestinal tract often leads to increased body temperature, occurrence of severe diarrhea. Such manifestations are characteristic for infants to 2 years. All because their body is only beginning to adapt to the impact of the environment. However, if these symptoms persist for several days and not see an improvement, then there are serious violations of the digestive tract.

Causes of

The most famous types of diseases that provoke the emergence of such symptoms:

  1. The transmission of viral infection occurs after use of common household items with the sick person. Also there are cases of infection through saliva, air. Thus, if in kindergarten, one child sick with a viral infection, with a high probability and the others will get infected. This is because young children often have a habit of stretching the hands to the mouth.
    This disease is manifested severe diarrhea, the body gets dehydrated and have a cough. To viral sore throat is by contact with infected people. At this illness also occur gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, vomiting and cough.
  2. Bacterial tonsillitis is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one. Pathogens of this disease consider streptococci. The danger of this illness is that sometimes there are complications on the vital organs. So, after a bacterial sore throat may occur meningitis, febrile seizures, disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Bacterial tonsillitis does not provoke abundant plaque on the tonsils, but this whole area is inflamed, has a bright red color. During viral infection, on the contrary there is the appearance of typical plaque.

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See also how to distinguish viral from bacterial rhinitis.

Intestinal flu

Rotavirus infection or stomach flu in young children appears after contact with the sick mother. With the process of growing up extends the transmission path, and the child may get the disease in the children’s team. The danger is that to learn from the sickness it can from the carrier of the infection. So, the person may not experience any symptoms, but can infect others.

The most dangerous contact with the people who got the infection from 3 to 5 days ago. All because in this period, the food selection of the body that concentrate the maximum concentration of bacteria. The spread of disease from animals to humans was observed.

Symptoms and nature of the flow

Symptoms of intestinal flu different cycles of the disease:

  • the first stage takes no more than 48 hours;
  • the second stage – acute — occurs in 3 days after the incubation period, severe form of the disease can last for a whole week;
  • the third stage is the recovery period of the body.

The disease usually begins suddenly. However, there are cases when the symptoms appear gradually over 2 days.

During this period you may experience diarrhea and cough in children without fever or with a slight excess of the norm.

There is a loss of appetite, a weakness and General malaise in the body of the child.

Deviations of the digestive tract, diseases of the upper respiratory tract. When gastroenteritis is caused rumbling in the abdomen, stool becomes liquid acquires a greenish color with a frothy secretions. In mild form can be in the form of a mushy mass. The number of trips to the toilet determine the degree of dehydration of the child’s body.

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This intoxication causes a sharp headache, dizziness. In severe the patient may even fall into an unconscious state.

Body temperature in this disease is not always exceeded, no matter adult or child. However, in the period of exacerbation, it can rise to 39 degrees.

The acute form is lengthy can trigger devastating complications for a person. So, with the development of abnormalities of the heart sometimes there is death. Mortality from this disease occurs in people with a weakened immune system.

In other cases, the treatment does not remain any negative consequences. Adults who in the childhood suffered this disease, have a kind of immunity to the disease. In the course of the disease may not manifest typical signs.

However, this immunity is not maintained throughout life. Over time it may weaken, thereby eliminating the risk of recurrent disease with all its symptoms.


They haven’t invented any special medication that can destroy rotavirus. However, using drugs to deal with emerging signs of illness such as runny nose and diarrhea in adults and children.

Before beginning treatment, you should ensure that the ill child is completely isolated from communication with other children. In addition, the main cause of death in rotavirus infections in children is dehydration. It is therefore necessary to closely monitor the child’s behavior during this period.

To recover the salt content, a child is prescribed to use solutions with a content of this element. However, this therapy has some important features:

  1. We should not immediately give the baby a huge amount of water. Otherwise it will provoke a repeated urge to vomit.
  2. To use the child preferably with special mixtures of salts, which are sold in any drugstore. Therapy treatment with common salt can be ineffective.
  3. If you can not buy a drug, you can use table salt diluted in 1 liter of boiled water.

See also, as Dr. Komarovsky advises to treat a cough without a cold and temperature.

Bring down the high body temperature is necessary only when it exceeds 38 degrees. In another case, should not do, because rotavirus killed it in that state.

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However, in young children even with a slight excess of body temperature may be a deterioration of the General condition. In this case, you should run her through wiping with a solution of vinegar or ethyl alcohol. Of medications it is advisable to use candles.

In the acute form of treatment of this disease requires supplementation with the enzyme content. All because the infection killed the villi that produce these substances.


When there was a sharp pain in the abdomen, urgent need to call an ambulance. Do not attempt to prescribe any painkillers.

To determine precisely how and what to treat diarrhea and coughing in adults and children, can only be a doctor. In addition to therapeutic therapy you need to carefully monitor the hygiene of the child, because most cases of infection occurs personal for this reason.