Cough drops Doctor for kids: instruction and reviews

How to take cough drops Doctor?

Infectious or catarrhal inflammation of the respiratory system in almost all cases, is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the throat. The main symptom that indicates the defeat of the respiratory system is cough. It can be wet and productive or, on the contrary, dry. To resolve the symptoms of inflammation of the patient should determine the causes of the disease and undergo medical treatment.

To quickly get rid of the discomfort, doctors advise patients to undergo comprehensive treatment, which includes the use of tablets for cough «Doctor mom». Drugs of this series, eliminate cough, bring the phlegm and improve breathing of the patient is already on the first day of therapy. But to completely get rid of inflammation of the patient is advised to use the lozenges for at least one week.

On the lozenges «Doctor mom»

A cough is an annoying symptom of catarrhal inflammation. It can cause severe pain in the head, dryness and itching in the mucosa of the throat, and also to deprive the patient of sleep. To get rid of the discomfort can be due to the drug plant «Dr. mom». The medication is available in several forms, which allows you to apply for the treatment of patients of very different ages.

When inflammation of the respiratory system in adults and children six years of age, doctors recommend to give preference to lozenges. They have a pleasant taste, so the treatment goes without problems.

The drug

Lozenges are only those substances that contribute to the rapid improvement of the respiratory organs. Natural ingredients reduce the itching, burning and dryness in the throat, reducing the signs of infectious inflammation. It should be noted that the composition does not include aggressive substances that can cause acute side effects, so the drug is considered safe in the treatment of children.

For reference! Leading physicians and homeopaths Russia proved that the drug may not have a detrimental impact on the health of the patient.

The part of candies has the following active ingredients:

  • ginger;
  • the roots of the liquorice;
  • emblika;
  • mint flavor;
  • extract of medicinal herbs;
  • oil in dry form;
  • the simplest representative of triatomic alcohols;
  • citric acid;
  • grape sugar;
  • methyl ester metilparagidroksibenzoat;
  • para-hydroxybenzoic acid propilparagidroksibenzoat.
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To give a special taste to candies added extracts of fruits and berries

The combination of active ingredients and additional substances to cope with painful sensations in the throat, caused by a strong cough. In addition, cough lozenges «Doctor mom» to help to eliminate inflammation and promotes rapid outflow of mucus and phlegm.

Among the additional actions a remedy for cough «Doctor mom» is the antipyretic effect.

Composition allows to notice many of the medicinal plants for these candies, as the tool softens the breath and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract.

When to use candy canes

All natural lozenges allows you to apply a remedy for many inflammatory conditions of the respiratory system. Typically, the lozenges used in severe inflammation of the bronchi. In this case, the coughing is causing not only pain, but also causes damage to the walls of the mucous membrane. Using lozenges, the patient can speed up the healing process of injured tissues and relieve spasms in the throat.

Candy can be used as a complex therapy in the following cases inflammation:

  • the respiratory system disease in which the inflammatory process involved bronchi;
  • pathology in the mucosa of the larynx and vocal cords;
  • inflammatory process that occurs on the mucous membrane of the trachea;
  • disease of the pharynx and the nasal cavity of an infectious nature;
  • cold-related nasal lesions of the respiratory system;
  • poor outflow of a sputum;
  • violent fits of coughing;
  • inflammation of the mucosa and lymphoid tissue of the pharynx acute or chronic forms.

In addition, marshmallows are often prescribed for prolonged rhinitis when rhinitis becomes a cause of discomfort in the nasopharynx.

How to cure long lasting rhinitis can be found here.

In some cases, the lozenges are appointed in mechanical injuries of the larynx.

Important! To cure colds and infectious diseases, which are accompanied with cough, only candy will not work. Therefore, the patient should receive full medical therapy.


In the composition of lozenges no harsh ingredients that can cause side effects, so special restrictions in the treatment of this drug. However, you should be careful with frequent allergic reactions, as some substances can cause itching and burning of the skin.

In addition, pastilles for cough «Doctor mom» for children and adults are not recommended for use with hypersensitivity. In particularly dangerous cases, the tool can cause the formation of angioedema.

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Due to the fact that in the composition there is a certain amount of sucrose and dextrose, the treatment is strictly contraindicated in case of diabetes.

Be careful if the patient has problems with teeth. Sugar supplements can cause pain dental caries, disease of the tooth enamel and gums.

Important! You should not use lozenges for treatment of children up to three years.

Pregnancy and feeding the baby breast milk is not a contraindication, however, it is important to undergo a personal consultation with a gynecologist. It is important to ensure that the drug will not cause side effects and will not harm the baby.

Remember that the lozenge is a medicine, so do not violate dosage and do not use additional tablets to thin mucus and provide antitussive effect.

Side effects

In the treatment of children every parent should know about side effects. This drug simply has no restrictions, however, the occurrence of side effects is not excluded.

  1. Typically, patients also manifested nausea, and in rare cases vomiting.
  2. Sometimes the appearance of itching and dryness in the larynx.
  3. In rare cases rash, and urticaria.

These symptoms arise from the violation of dosages, when due to its pleasant taste, children used a greater number of medication.

When strong manifestations of these symptoms from further treatment pastilles must be abandoned.

Manual vegetable cough lozenges «Doctor mom»

Candy in the appointment the patient should follow all the rules of medication. To provide a therapeutic effect, the lozenges should be used every day on the assigned dosage.

For regular course, patients are usually prescribed one lozenge every three hours. If symptoms of cough doesn’t go away within two days, the lozenge should be consumed more often, but it does not forget about the need for comprehensive treatment.

The duration of application of the candies are always different, but usually the doctors advise to use the lozenges until complete disappearance of the disease. The usual course of treatment is about two weeks.

For reference! Do not use more than ten tablets per day.

Lozenges should dissolve for ten minutes. During this time, the active ingredients must penetrate directly into the inflammation and reduce the inflammation in the throat. In order not to violate the therapeutic effect while sucking a Lollipop is forbidden to drink any liquid or eat.

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During treatment, the patient observes hydration dry mucous membranes and improvement of health. After sucking a Lollipop, the coughing spells become noticeably softer, and over time does pass.


The reviews about the drug indicate the use of medication and its quick action.

Oksana Gurova: «When the child had a cough, the doctor prescribed a complex treatment with the use of lozenges «Doctor mom». Son the sweet taste of medications like, so he had no whims used the drug for two weeks. Cough and cold symptoms are gone completely in a week. While treatment decreased pain in the throat, and the cough has softened considerably. The desired effect was achieved».

Maria Tarasova: «In kindergarten daughter contracted an infectious inflammation, after which there was a strong cough. Gave lozenges «Doctor mom» every day for five stuff. On the third day the cough became softer, and after seven days the inflammation is completely gone.»


When inflammation of the larynx and the formation of cough, it is crucial to start therapy. The only way you will avoid dangerous consequences. To use lollipops as an independent drug and in combination with other drugs.

The price of the drug is about 150 rubles per pack, so every patient can acquire the means. It is not necessary to replace the drug counterparts, as the high effectiveness of this drug has been proved by scientists.