Cough in heart failure: symptoms and treatment older

How to treat cough in heart failure?

Often, the cough associated with allergies or colds. However, you may develop a cough, which is caused by pathology of the heart. The symptoms and treatment of cough in heart failure are able to identify qualified personnel only.

Due to hypoxia, blood circulation gets worse, along with the increase of pressure in the lungs, therefore the person tries to inhale as much air as possible, which is why there is a heart dry cough.

Causes shortness of breath

The most common symptom when there is a cough associated with heart failure in the elderly, is shortness of breath. It begins to manifest at an early stage of disease.

Very often, people suffering from shortness of breath begin to experience discomfort, even with a small load (physical or emotional). It is a cardiac cough, as it occurs because of disruption of the normal functioning of the heart.

If diagnosed violation of blood flow in the pulmonary circulation, it is necessary to be ready not only to mild symptom, but also to pulmonary edema, which is the most severe manifestation of this heart disease. In this situation, need urgent medical assistance.

Possible symptoms

Coughing from heart failure is the first and primary symptom. It has nothing to do with colds and persists for a long time. During attacks, can appear pain in the heart. This is the first sign that one needs to visit a specialist.

After some time, if not treated, the attacks are starting to become more frequent and become more intense. First, it will appear even when small physical loads, then at night.

Appears frothy sputum, which may be present blotches of blood. It is because of these reasons, most people suffering from heart failure sleep only in a sitting position.

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In addition, there are other, more characteristic symptoms:

  • the lack of oxygen;
  • weakness;
  • palpitations;
  • loss of consciousness;
  • clearly audible klokot in the lungs;
  • the swelling of the veins in the neck.

If such a cough, in 9 cases from 10 to observe the presence of dyspnea and edema of the nasopharynx. But, it’s different from the same bronchitis that in the first case, almost never observed expectoration. Also it is different in character from smoker’s cough, so it can hardly be confused.

The nature of the symptoms

Heart failure is very common, especially among the older generation. Virtually all patients this pathology is accompanied by shortness of breath. What cough in heart failure? By its nature, a cough can be divided into:

  1. Short and sharp.
  2. Dry with seizures.
  3. Dry irritable.
  4. Loud, deep and long.

Most often, he is dry, short, short impulses. It will constantly disturb the patient, especially during emotional or physical stress.

Such attacks are very dangerous and unpleasant during the day, as light begins to accumulate a lot of liquid, which may develop into asphyxia. During breathing, the lungs are clear to hear other sounds.

To assign effective treatment, it is imperative to go through complete and comprehensive diagnosis, which will be able to show the true origin of the causes of the symptoms. Based on existing heart problems to be diagnosed and prescribed therapy.

With this disease, unacceptable self, and only an experienced specialist is able to diagnose and prescribe effective treatment.

How to treat?

So, to effectively eliminate the cough, it is necessary to focus efforts on addressing the main disease that provoked it. Treatment must be administered by a cardiologist. Therapy from the specialist is necessary so as not to cause excessive accumulation of fluid in the lungs.

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In addition to the treatment of the underlying disease, the physician must assign a full range of other measures that will complement to the basic treatment.

The correct order of the day

It is very important to properly allocate your day so that the course of employment, alternated with rest. This will have a positive impact on the heart. Need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

Bad habits

Must as soon as possible to give up all bad habits. Unacceptable consumption of alcoholic beverages or Smoking. If bad habits are the place to be, as soon as possible to say goodbye to them.

Emotional burden

Special attention should be paid to its tranquility. You need to avoid stressful situations, because they are a real danger for people with heart diseases. Sometimes specialist recommends a dose of sedative drugs.

Fresh air and Hiking

Due to the fact that there is oxygen starvation, should be more walk in the fresh air and go Hiking in the Park. An evening walk will not only help to cope with heart palpitations, and improve sleep.

Proper nutrition

In this disease, it is very important to follow a proper diet. You need to refuse a large number of different products, including strong coffee or tea, salty, fried, fatty, smoked.

You want to monitor their weight and in any case not to overeat because this can worsen the overall condition. Also not recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Exactly how much you can drink, the doctor will determine each case individually.

Physical activity

Do not be redundant and moderate exercise that will contribute to the normalization of the General condition of the body and heartbeat. The load should be mild and in improving the condition to increase.

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To eliminate the cardiac cough, apply the following tools:

  • Atacand, Khandekar, Losartan;
  • cough drops (are applied to facilitate the patient’s condition when severe and prolonged attacks, also read how to cure cough during pregnancy);
  • Indapamide, Verospiron, Trifas.

With regard to the selection of drug therapy, the duration of the course and dosage, all this is determined by a specialist. Based on the effectiveness of therapy, the doctor can adjust the treatment regimen.

Folk remedies

All cardiologists as one is not advised to use any folk remedies for the treatment of such cough. To apply any means possible only after consultation with a specialist and diagnosis.

Learn how to soar legs when you cough, there.

Cough in heart failure is the first signal that there are some cardiovascular disease, and this signal should immediately respond. Those who can not independently determine its need to appear more frequently on the doctor.

In any case be self-medicate and delay going to the doctor. It may cause the development of other diseases and complications.