Cough lozenges for kids and adults: effective and inexpensive

Effective cough drops

One of the first signs of a cold is a cough and discomfort in throat. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms in combination with anti-inflammatory, expectorant, antibacterial agents otolaryngologist appoints effective cough lozenges.

They show palliative care: soften the irritated throat, cropped bouts of reflex acts, improve breathing, and normalize the General condition of the patient.

Therapeutic value

Very popular in the inflammation of the respiratory tract, accompanied by cough, use drugs in the form of sucking tablets. What are their advantages:

  1. The high percentage of natural ingredients. The therapeutic effect is increased by the extracts of medicinal plants. Menthol and peppermint soothe the throat, lemon exhibits antiseptic activity, salicylates in raspberries possess diaphoretic properties. For improvement of taste and the effectiveness of the treatment of the products contains natural supplements: ginger, honey, sage, vitamins.
  2. A complex action. In the process of absorption of useful components are localized in the mucosa of the larynx and pharynx, acting on the lesion, providing an antibacterial, emollient, anesthetic effect. Contribute to reducing congestion and inflammation of the soft tissues, reduce the frequency and intensity of cough acts counteract stagnation of mucus in the bronchial pathways.
  3. No additional applications. There is no need to calculate the dosage, tied to food intake, time and other constraining factors. Lollipops come in a compact blisters that you can always carry, and use at a convenient time for the patient.
  4. A pleasant taste. Sweet tablets are receptive to small children.
  5. Non-prescription status, a different price range. Buy cheap cough drops at any pharmacy. So the cheapest sucking tablets «Bob» is the average cost 20-30 rubles, lozenges «Er» — 70 rubles, the average price of «Neo-Angin» — 140 rubles, «Suprima LOR» — 100 roubles, to expensive considers «Strepsils» 24 pills 350-380 rubles, «Septolete» 30 dragees – 200 RUB.

For reference! Effective dry cough are lozenges on the basis of burnt sugar, cooked at home.

Lollipops include in medical scheme adults and children older than 3 years, pregnant and lactating. The limiting factor is hypersensitivity to the components, predisposition to diabetes (because of cough sweets contain sugar, honey).

Sucking tablets recommended for chronic pathologies of the respiratory tract, dry and wet cough, allergic reactions, as prophylaxis and to prevent recurrence.

A list of common cough lozenges

Cough lozenges for kids and adults should choose a doctor. Specialist performs a range of diagnostic activities. Based on these data differencial etiology of the disease, the degree and form of progression, and then selects an effective tool, focusing on contraindications and patient age.

Below is a list of medicines commonly used in ENT practice for treatment of sore throat and eliminate cough in adults:

  1. «Strepsils». Antiseptic, has antimicrobial properties against a diverse range of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Additionally exhibits antifungal activity. Commercially available tablets with lemon flavour, honey-lemon, peppermint, vitamin C. Children are allowed from 5 years. The average price for 16 tablets is 150 RUB Has some cheap ones: «Er» (70 rubles), «Suprimer» (100 rubles), «Rien Arcept» (68 rubles).
  2. «Dr. Mom». Depending on the taste of the lozenges contain flavors to choose from: strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon, berry, fruity, pineapple. Natural product without the addition of drugs is affected as expectorant, mucolytic, antispasmodic. Has anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties. Include in the therapy of patients older than 18 years. The estimated cost of 110-130 rubles
  3. «Grameen Neo». Tablets based on vitamin C are effective in the treatment of diseases of the oropharynx infectious etiology. Active antiseptic, neutralizes inflammation, soothes the throat, eliminates discomfort, swallowing easier. Contraindicated for pregnant in the early stages of gestation (from 1 to 14 a week), breast-feeding mothers, children up to 4 years, patients with hypersensitivity to components. Price is for 2 blister packs of 9 tablets each – 248 RUB.
  4. «Falimint». Antiseptic drug with an anesthetic effect relieves inflammation, decreases the sensitivity of cough receptors, reducing the frequency and intensity of reflex acts, thins the pathological secret that accelerates the process of cleansing the bronchial pathways. Palliative care is to improve the quality of respiration, the suppression of retching. Prescribed lozenges for dry cough in adults, concomitant diseases of the respiratory system. 20 pieces of candy are an average of 259 RUB
  5. «Septolete». The medicine prevents the spread of infection, has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. Reduces discomfort in the throat when swallowing, and eucalyptus oil in the composition makes breathing easier. To improve taste sensations, use the peppermint extract, lemon, cherries. Price per pack (30 PCs) – 214 RUB.

Tip! A single dosage of the use of sucking tablets does not exist, so taking them out must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or the recommendations of the doctor.

To effective and inexpensive drugs include: «Dr. Theiss» (115 rubles), lozenges «Doctor mom» (100-120 rubles), «Halls» (pack of 50 RUB), candy canes «Bobs» (10 PCs 35 RUB.), «Anti-Angin» (120 RUB. for 12 pills). On the positive reviews patients best recognized as the «Falimint», «Strepsils», «Septolete», «Doctor», «Linkas».

Sucking tablets for children

Babies under two years of age it is advisable to limit intake of any antitussive pharmaceutical preparations, including dissolving lozenges, due to the high risk of overdose.

Pediatricians recommend to take children’s cough lozenges in 3 years, and only after consultation with your doctor. The most popular trade names: «Candy licorice», «Prescribed», «Immunit», «Travis»:

  1. «Licorice candy». Based tablets licorice root soothe the throat when dry and scratchy. Used for respiratory diseases, as an auxiliary drug to thin mucus, improve drainage of the tracheobronchial tree. Natural product of plant origin having anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, practically has no contraindications, causes no adverse reactions.
  2. «Prescribed». Phytomedicine acts on the local level, without disturbing the natural microflora of the intestine. Provides a reduction in the severity of the clinical forms of diseases of the oral cavity: discomfort when swallowing, sore and sharpness in the throat. Bacteriostatic effect extending to a wide range of pathogenic strains. Sucrose in the composition affects the level of glucose, so the tablet is not intended for patients with diabetes. Price for 10 pieces of bean starts from 120 rubles.
  3. «Travis» with a taste of raspberry, cherry, Cassis. Herbal remedies is characterized by a complex effect: expectorant, immunostimulant, antiseptic, tonic. Prescribed for the treatment of unproductive and productive cough in acute tonsillitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, allergies, when the symptoms of cold. Possible adverse reactions in form of itching and redness of the skin. Sucking tablets allowed to children older than 6 years, from an early age (under one year) recommended the liquid form of the medication.
  4. «Immunovet». Pituitaryadrenal caramel based on pollen, organic substances of group b, C, E, essential oils. It has a wide range of actions: boosts immune function, disinfects nasal passages, soften and suppress the cough acts, reduces nasal congestion. Active anti-inflammatory and mucolytic.

Tip! If you have allergic reactions, you must reduce the dosage or eliminate the drug, seek medical help.


All of the above cough lozenges in combination with primary therapy effectively fight cough and other clinical forms of manifestation, shorten recovery time, improve the General condition of the patient. Despite the natural composition and low toxicometric indicator to take the medicine must after consultation with a doctor and under medical supervision.

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