Cough medicine for children: the best way

Cough medicine for children from 1 year

Almost every respiratory disease accompanied by a cough. Desire of every parent is as soon as possible to alleviate the condition of the baby, choosing the best cough medicine for child.

Important role in determining the drug has the age of the child patient and the nature of the forced exhalations (dry or wet). Effective cough medicine for children from 1 year are chosen pediatrician after differentiation of view of the cough reflex, the etiology of the disease.

Why is it important to determine the cause of cough?

Cough refers to the natural physiological processes in the human body. The cough reflex is not an independent disease, but a symptom that accompanies the inflammatory process or hypersensitivity of the immune system upon contact with an irritant.

A single forced exhalation are not a cause for concern. If the child’s behavior has changed – the refusal to eat, lethargy, fever, then you need to consult the pediatrician to identify the factors that triggered the disease.

Important! Sudden cough in a baby aged 1 — 3 years, may indicate ingestion of a foreign body in the respiratory tract. To prevent suffocation, you need to call the doctors and provide pre-hospital first aid.

Pediatricians differencebut allergic cough and colds, productive and unproductive. Provocateurs of allergic cough can be a dust, wool of Pets, the spores of plants.

The cough reflex provoked by viruses and bacteria diagnosed by doctors on the typical signs (scratchy throat, stenothoe breath, nasal congestion, fever, color of phlegm, etc.).

Accurate diagnosis of the causative agent allows you to choose the most effective antitussive agent. If unproductive (dry) cough necessary means of suppressing the forced breaths of the thin phlegm.

For the treatment of productive (wet) cough necessary preparations stimulating expectoration of mucus.

When treating children it is important not to make a decision about self-prescribing. Even physicians are divided on the advisability of mucolytics with dry cough in children from 1-5 years.

Opponents are convinced that mucolytics are not required, because the Airways have a small child and excretion of the liquefied sputum is difficult. Proponents of treatment macaactive medicines are convinced that inflammation in the body is maintained, if not to contribute to the discharge of pathological secretion.

For reference! The Italian pharmaceutical Agency has published the data about inappropriate use of mucolytics, if you are under the age child 2 years. The likelihood of side effects exceed the benefits of these drugs. The humidification, nasal wash, fluids can achieve identical effect.

Giving cough children?

The final decision on the appointment of a specific drug remains for the attending physician, after receiving the information of differential diagnosis from parents. Self-treatment can lead to increased duration of illness and occurrence of complications such as otitis media, bronchitis, sinusitis.

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Pharmaceutical market are drugs of synthetic and plant origin in the treatment of children shall take precedence. Cough medicine to a child can be included in the therapeutic regimen from the age of 7.

In rare cases, when due to the individual characteristics of the organism of the baby occurs gag reflex drug suspension, is assigned a tablet form of the drug in age-appropriate patient dosage (crushed to a powder, mixed with juice, compote or other liquid).

For reference! Pediatricians agree that children age 5-6 years, the optimal principle of treatment of the cough is of viral etiology is a combination of inhaled treatments for herbal infusions and taking syrups.

Drugs influencing cough

Consistency of sputum determines the pharmacological group of drugs with viscous and thick secret the necessary funds from thinning effect (mucolytics).

For the discharge of liquid mucus is to stimulate a more active discharge with the help of expectorant drugs. Sufficient funds are combined, combines an expectorant and mucolytic action.

Most effective for productive cough:

  • «Prospan». Means of plant origin on the basis of dry ivy leaf extract. Possesses strong antispasmodic, antitussive, mucolytic, secretolytic effect. The severity of the cough reflex and the nature of the pathological process determines the necessary dosage. The duration of treatment is not less than 7 days. Pronounced lasting effect is achieved by increasing the therapy for another 2-3, after the relief of the inflammatory process. Patients under 12 years is granted in the form of syrup, after reaching a 12-day age, you can use effervescent tablets.
  • «Dr. Goodman,» on the basis of natural components – extracts of plantain, peppermint, sugar beets. Stimulates expectoration, inhibits the development of inflammatory process. From 12 months to 6 years – 2.5 ml, 6 years – the single norm of doubles (5 ml). Apply with equal intervals of not more than four times per day.
  • «Ambrobene», a synthetic drug that contains no preservatives. The active substance – Ambroxol. Has a stimulating effect on mucociliary activity, promoting the expectoration of abnormal secret. Is implemented in the form of syrup, solution for inhalation, tablets and capsules. The daily rate for children from 2 years – 2,5 ml twice a day, patients aged 2-4 years increased frequency of up to three times, at the same dosage. Older children, the daily rate is equivalent to 10-15 ml (2-3 x 5 ml).
  • «Gerbion syrup primrose». The preparation of combined action, with secretolytic and antitussive action. Suppress the cough reflex, enveloping the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract with a protective film. Patients from 2 to 7 years – 1 tablespoon three times a day, 7-14 – 3 R/day for 1-2 scoops. Because of the sweet sugary taste, it is recommended to wash down the drug with plenty of liquid.
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Funds from dry cough

Representatives of drugs inhibiting the cough reflex and stimulating the discharge of pathological secretion submitted:

  • «Sinekoda». Anti-inflammatory, bronchodilatory, antitussive effect is achieved by the main component of the drug – butamirat. Prescribed for dry cough of various nature manifestations. Is implemented in the form of drops and syrup. The duration of treatment and the required amount of slurry is calculated individually. Allowed to be used for achieving three years of age in the form of syrup, drops can be used by children from 2 months. A similar effect at a lower cost have funds «Bronhoton», «Bronholitin», «Codelac NEO».
  • «The other». Is indicated for irritation of the upper, lower respiratory tract, spastic cough, bronchitis, strictly observing the instructions of the attending specialist. Main active components – an extract of plantain, thyme, oil of eucalyptus and pine needles. Therapeutic effect of anti-inflammatory and expectorant.
  • «The pharmacy was». Helps to activate the secretory function of the mucosa, thinning the pathological secretion, its excretion. Antitussive effect is achieved by the action of active substances on the cough center, while not inhibiting it. Also has a sedative effect, but at higher recommended dosage may cause over-stimulation. The therapeutic effect develops after ingestion, lasts for 5-6 hours. Patients under 3 years of age, dosing is determined individually. With 4-6 years of taking the drug 3 R/day ¼ tsp, 6-12 years – ½ tsp three times a day.
  • Mucosolvan. Effectively suppresses cough, while not inhibiting the respiratory center. Quickly eliminates bronchospasm and restores full breath. Has a wide list of contraindications not administered to children up to 3 years. After treatment the maximum effect after 1.5 hours. Contains ethanol, so be wary prescribed to patients with epilepsy, liver diseases and disorders of the brain. For complete recovery it is necessary to pass a seven-day course of treatment. The daily rate for children from 3 years – three times a day reception of 5 ml., for older – 10 ml.
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Which drug to choose?

When selecting the most effective cough remedies you need to consider several factors – the patient’s age, individual characteristics, type of cough reflex.

Productive cough responds well to treatment, «Propanol», which may be included in the therapeutic regimen from birth. The price range varies from 260 rubles per bottle 20 ml., 380 rubles. per 100 ml. capacity, and 640 rubles for 200 ml.

Similar action have medicines with a more affordable value: «Bronchipret» — 120 roubles, «Pertussin» 45 rubles, «Ambroxol» — 70 rubles.

Unproductive cough reflex effective «Pour» (depending on method of production price ranges from 210 to 380 rubles). Analog – «Bronholitin» value from 95 to 130 RUB Both drugs in the form of syrup are appointed with 3-years of age, «Pour» drops 3 months. 1 year can be used «the pharmacy was» (90-120 rubles).


Effective drugs for children between dry and wet cough should appoint a pediatrician, the contraindications and features of the child’s body. Given the fact that the cough acts as a symptom of the disease, therapy is not limited to funds from cough syndrome.

To achieve positive dynamics of the disease requires complex treatment, in the preparation of which can not do without the help of a doctor.