Cough syrup Geelix for kids: instructions for use, at which cough take

How to take syrup «Geelix»?

Medical practice shows that the cough reflex is a leader among the clinical manifestations provoked by the pathological diseases of the respiratory tract. At the same time, this symptom ranks fifth among the reasons for the recourse to the pediatricians.

Almost all respiratory diseases, in particular SARS, accompanied by dry cough. Treatment of this type of cough syndrome in children involves the use of drugs of plant origin. These include syrup «Geelix» pharmacological action mucolytic, secretolytic and antispasmodic.

What cough justified by the purpose of the tool?

Lack of timely treatment cough reflex is dangerous to the progression of inflammation, desquamation of the ciliated epithelium and the development of complications (pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, otitis) on the accession of pathological microflora. Differential diagnosis with the participation of the attending physician will help to determine the etiology of the cough and prescribe the correct therapy.

When the diagnosis unproductive cough syndrome in children, pediatricians prefer herbal medicine «Geelix» in the form of syrup. The dosage form is authorized for use from the first days of baby’s life, has a minimum list of contraindications and side effects.

For reference! German manufacturer Krewel Meuselbach GmbH implements drug «Geelix» in the form of drops. This form of the drug has no age restrictions and Pets when treating children older than two years.

The main active ingredient of the medicine presented in the form of extract of ivy leaves, the content of which there is a sufficient number of physiologically active components (flavonoids, saponins, triterpenoids).

Representatives of polycyclic organic acids, triterpenoids, featuring a wide range of biological effects on the human body, inhibit the proliferative phase of inflammation and inactivate the activity of the pathological agents.

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Saponine glycosides contribute to the increased secretion of bronchial glands, while providing a secretolytic and expectorant effect – decrease viscosity of the pathological detachable and allows for the removal (coughing up) from the respiratory tract.

Flavonoids help to reduce the frequency of cough attacks, to treat spasmodic cough, preventing the occurrence of bronchospasm. Also strengthen the immune system, prevent the insight of blood vessels, helping to strengthen the walls of the latter.

Having studied the pharmacological properties of the drug, it can be summarized that justified the use of «Gadelica» dry cough.

Important! In order to avoid stagnation of bronchial secretions prohibits the simultaneous use of «Gadelica» with protivokashlevami drugs («Pour», «Libeksin», Mucosolvan, etc.)

Pharmaprodukte supports the migration of the cough reflex in the productive phase, so it is more rational to replace the «Geelix» from wet cough for medicines destined for the treatment of productive cough («Gerbion» plantain extract, «Ambrobene», «Mucosolvan»).

Instructions for use syrup «Geelix» cough for children and adults

The drug in a fairly quick time relieves the main symptoms of unproductive cough, you’ll be good tolerability with absence of adverse events. But as any other pharmacological agents, still has a number of contraindications and side effects.

In rare cases, children taking the drug were detected: the sensitivity of the immune system on the composition, retching and too rapid defecation liquid stools. The reactions of the body are a prerequisite to conversion to the pediatrician to replace a drug. Most likely, the side effects if you exceed the recommended daily intake of pharmaprodukte.

At presence in the anamnesis the patient’s predisposition to involuntary spasm of the larynx (laryngospasm), bronchial asthma, deficiency of enzymes of urea cycle (arginine succinate synthetase), hypersensitivity of the organism to components of the medication, «Geelix» is not assigned.

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The number of medications is assigned individually after the classification of the causal factor of cough attacks.

According to the annotation, the syrup is used after meals in the following pattern:

  • children from birth to 12 months – 2,5 ml suspension once.
  • children from 12 months to 4 years – three times a day application of 2.5 ml.;
  • children 4 to 10 years – frequency of use increases up to 4 p/day for the same norm, and young children;
  • on achievement of ten years of age and older – three times a day for 5 ml.

Positive dynamics of the disease is observed in 3-4 days of therapy, but after improvement it is recommended not to interrupt the treatment for another 2-3 days. The maximum period of use is no more than a week, but in some clinical cases may be considered on the extension of the therapeutic course.

For reference! In small children the syrup can be diluted in a small amount of warm water. Adults take the slurry in undiluted form.



Acquaintance with the «Geelix» we started after a cold husband. Attacks of dry cough are not allowed to live peacefully, went to the pharmacy and bought my girlfriend a syrup. The tool has been tested to cheer. On the 4th day of treatment the cough became wet, and the coughing spells become less severe after the first dose. Treated medium and my daughter as a syrup the plant components. Of course, the daughter was taking medication without much enthusiasm because of the sugary taste, but the efficiency I noted on the second day of treatment the cough is simply passed. No side effects were not.

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Started treatment «Geelix» on the advice of the pediatrician, and he noted that it is better to apply the syrup, and drop. Noted advantages – natural composition, no alcohol and sugar, only not very pleasant taste, but the child drank without problems. Treated for weeks, 2.5 ml. three times a day (son is 3.5 years). Literally on the second day the dry cough went in wet. Medicine excellently copes with its purpose, helped us a lot. But a friend was treating his eight-month-old daughter – they syrup did not fit, had to choose a different tool.


Only the attending physician determines at what cough take «Geelix», after a differentiated approach to the identification of the mechanism of development of cough attacks. Abstract evidence of the use of the drug only when dry the cough reflex, but in practice, pediatricians can include in the regimen a drug for productive cough.

Patient testimonials confirm the effectiveness of naturopathic remedies «Geelix». In order to avoid side effects it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.