Cough tablets with thermopsis: instructions for use, reviews and how to take

How to take cough tablets with thermopsis?

Cough tablets with thermopsis herb known since the days of the Soviet Union. Preparations based on plants has gained wide popularity due to fast action and a pronounced effectiveness. They help to eliminate inflammation in the upper respiratory tract and to restore the function of the throat. In the treatment of cough the drug improves the flow of phlegm, which was the result of infectious or catarrhal inflammation. In addition, pills based on thermopsis can be used in the treatment of cough in the case of tracheitis or bronchitis.

But is it not dangerous drugs based on plants, as they say? Before treatment, each patient must undergo a consultation with an experienced doctor to determine the cause of the formation of the reflex process in the throat. To treat cough should be in accordance with the nature of the disease, as well as knowing all contraindications and side effects of selected medicines. Therefore, we analyze how to take tablets cough with thermopsis and all contributing factors.

Of the medication

Drugs for the treatment of cough, based on thermopsis known for decades. The healing properties of plants has been studied by Soviet scientists and over the years they have not lost their properties. Typically, products based on this ingredient are prescribed for the treatment of influenza, colds, inflammation of the trachea or bronchi. In addition, to apply the tool in the complex treatment of laryngitis or nasopharyngitis.

The composition of the drugs based on herbs are not numerous. As a rule, the structure of the drug includes only the grass of thermopsis and sodium, which is prescribed as the bicarbonate of sodium.

Important! Cough drops do not contain alcohol, dyes and other aggressive compliments, so it can be prescribed for the treatment of children.

Apply the medication should be one week. In the process of treatment, the patient noted improved function of the respiratory system and the elimination of accumulated mucus in the bronchi or lungs. Do not use this remedy more than seven days, as the tool can cause the formation of allergic reactions.

Children used tablets cough with thermopsis and soda perfectly. The drug has a little sour, but not annoying taste, so kids are being treated without negative emotions.

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To apply for the treatment of cough should with nonproductive process when you want to change it in the wet. In the case of wet process reflex in the throat, tablets with termopsisa increase the secretion of secretions in the bronchial tree, as well as improves the function of the ciliated epithelium. The combination action allows for the minimum time to bring the phlegm from the upper respiratory system, and significantly improve the patient’s condition.

In addition, the tablet form of the drug helps to normalize tone in muscles of the bronchi and improve breathing. Such exposure helps clear up phlegm.

Important! Be prepared for the fact that immediately after applying the medication noted increase in the number of mucous secretion in the bronchi. The process causes the formation of severe coughing.

Due to this operation is the removal of mucus from the lungs and bronchi that only promotes a speedy recovery.

Instructions for use of tablets cough with thermopsis

Before starting treatment together with your doctor to determine the required dosage is in your case. Often tablets with thermopsis cause the formation of nausea, vomiting and other side effects. To avoid sickness it is important to know the allowable number of pills a day and the duration of therapy.

Important! One tablet contains 6.7 milligrams of bicarbonate of sodium and 260 milligrams of thermopsis.

Use the product every day should be for one week. In the course of treatment not to miss any doses of medication. If you forget to use the pill, she should drink as quickly as possible, but not per hour before applying the next dose.

As a rule, for the treatment of adults is assigned to one tablet, which should be applied three times a day. In the formation of cough in children, the drug should be replaced by the infusion of the grass of thermopsis, or use methods of alternative medicine.

How to cure cough in children traditional methods can be found in this article.

The infusion of the drug should be given three times a day for half a teaspoon of medicine. This dose is suitable for the treatment of children up to three years. If the baby is older, you are prescribed one teaspoon of medicine. At the age of ten years, the dosage is increased to one tablespoon.

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In the treatment process, it is important to drink plenty of clean water. It will help to improve the liquefaction of mucus and eliminate it from the respiratory tract.

Keep in mind that the drug should not be used in conjunction with other overlying or astringent medicines. It’s dangerous decrease in productivity preparations, as well as a violation of the gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, tablets with termopsisa can not be used with medicines that have codeine. This combination impairs the excretion of sputum.

Side effects

Do not assume that plant composition of the drug can cause the formation of by symptoms. Tannic components, which are part of medicine, in permitted doses have a beneficial expectorant effect and stimulate the respiratory center.

In addition, tablets with termopsisa can have a blocking effect on the impulses in the vegetative ganglia. In violation of dosing, the drug improves the muscle tone of the uterus, causes increase in blood pressure and affects the vomiting center.

Thus, the drug may cause a number of unwanted symptoms.

Other side effects include the formation of the following processes:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • the inability to othersnot phlegm in the treatment of young children leads to disruption of breathing;
  • if you violate the rules of treatment may be formed of phlegm in the lungs;
  • the disruption of the digestive tract;
  • dizziness;
  • impaired coordination.

The education of adverse symptoms evidence of misuse of funds. Therefore, in this case, it is important to immediately seek the advice of a specialist.


These tablets should not be used in a few cases.

  • they are strictly prohibited in the case of peptic ulcer disease;
  • do not use this medication during hypersensitivity to the active components;
  • it is strictly forbidden to use throughout pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby breast milk;
  • the drug is not prescribed for the treatment of infants. In this case, it is best to take complete treatment with the use of these drugs.
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The opinion of patients

Before using this product, pay attention to the reviews:

Irina Shaykhutdinova: «When there was a severe dry cough, bought tablets with termopsisa. At first nothing happened, but on the third day have noticed much better. The cough became milder, and on the fourth day improved the outflow of mucus. After one week the inflammation has totally gone».

Valeria Egorochkin: «I started to use tablets with thermopsis cough after inflammation flu. The drug is prescribed by a doctor, so I do not violate dosage and used one tablet three times a day. The effect of the drug began on the second day of therapy, but at first, the cough got worse. According to the doctor, this effect is considered normal, so I continued treatment. On the third day, the seizures are milder, the outflow of mucus. Cured the cough completely in six days.»

Igor Lavrov: «When a child has a cough, the doctor advised to acquire a tincture of the herb thermopsis. We combined the tincture and the ordinary pills, as the age of the child allowed, at the time he was fourteen years old. The course of treatment lasted exactly six days. During this time, the cough became noticeably softer, and then completely passed.»


Cough is not an independent process, but only a consequence of any inflammation of the respiratory system. Therefore, the treatment of the disease should begin with a visit to the doctor. Wrong started therapy can cause serious deterioration of health as well as education allergic or chronic cough.