Cough without mucus and temperature: what it says Komorowski

Doctor Komarovskiy – how to treat cough without mucus and temperature?

The cough in children and the phenomenon is often not always it is associated with the disease. A healthy child during the day can cough within twenty-five times that is not an indicator of disease. But if the frequency exceeds the norm, is the reason for going to the pediatrician. Dr. Komarovsky in their practice pays special attention to the cough and the nature of its occurrence.

Often it is the result of a viral infection and is not always accompanied by fever and discharge from the sinuses. Recalling the recommendations of Komarovsky’s parents at the first sign of a cough does not need to start a fight with him. It is not an independent disease, but merely a defensive reaction of the immune system to a stimulus.

The pathogenesis of the disease

Irritant causing cough in a child can be a microscopic foreign body trapped in the lungs or in the respiratory tract from dust. The body with phlegm gets rid of them. If the frequency of the cough does not exceed the norm, the child is active, behavior is not different from the usual, eats well, no cause for concern.

But the cough without mucus and temperature, can be frequent, and cause disease that requires immediate treatment. These include:

  1. Viral diseases in which infection gets into the respiratory tract and affects the mucous membrane. Immune system through the mucus, gets rid of the virus.
  2. Tracheitis, pharyngitis, residual effects of whooping cough can cause a cough with thick sputum.
  3. Allergic reactions when the child is near the allergen. It could be pet dander, dust, fillers, bedding, cleaning supplies.
  4. Cystic fibrosis is accompanied by severe coughing, radiating pain in the chest. It is caused by a lesion of the glands of internal secretion. Diseases belong to the category of congenital abnormalities.
  5. Tuberculosis, in which no snot and the cough frequent, dry, without sputum, symptoms of the initial stage of the disease.
  6. Periodic tussiculation, in which the pale skin of the child can be a symptom of heart problems.
  7. Worm infestation will manifest itself by a dry cough, in the time of activity of parasites it’s getting stronger.
  8. Disease of the digestive system, in which the emission of hydrochloric acid from the stomach irritates the respiratory tract. The cough is accompanied by heartburn and belching.
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Komarovsky recommends that you do not ignore the fact that the cough may be neurological in nature. The reason for going to the pediatrician becomes a cough that does not sleep the child and is paroxysmal in nature, lasting often turning into vomiting.

Attention. If after changing the usual situation, fear or stress, which moved the child, he had a dry cough, you must consult a child psychologist.

Methods and recommendations of the treatment of disease

To treat the child, only the pediatrician after the diagnostic events. But to alleviate the condition without resorting to drug treatment, can the parents alone. To do this:

  1. In the absence of a temperature and runny nose, Komorowski drew attention of the parents for their mistake, no need to arrange child home quarantine. On the contrary, it is shown walking on the street. Active behavior plus fresh air, will help to better sputum.
  2. Monitor the humidity in the room where the baby, she should not be below 40-50%. During the heating period and in summer, good to raise the humidity a special spray humidifiers or wet cleaning. Read more here.
  3. To give the child more fluids. It may be warm teas based on medicinal herbs or lemon, warmed milk with honey. It helps excretion of the accumulated, during the disease, toxic substances from the body.

In combination with medications, recommendations Komorowski will give a good result.

Traditional therapy for dry cough

Dry cough treatment methods aimed at addressing the causes of his offending and the change of the status of dry cough to wet. For this purpose they are appointed agents with expectorant action. Dr. Komorowski drew attention to the fact that it is impossible to give the medicines, cupping, and not thinning cough.

The cause of the baby, the so-called «barking» cough, may be:

  1. Laryngitis in the acute form of symptoms or pharyngitis. Laryngitis can cause swelling of the larynx and the state of suffocation. To relieve spasm of the used drugs «loratadine», «Desloratadine». To eliminate strep, a bacterial origin, used a number of antibiotics «Cephalexin», «Augmentin» and spray «Ingalipt», to relieve irritation of the mucosa of the nasopharynx.
  2. To liquefy phlegm well suited syrups, extracts from plantain or marshmallow. When the diagnosis of bronchitis is recommended to use mucolytics: «Bromhexine», «Ambrobene», «Mucosolvan».
  3. Well helps to prevent coughing during sleep, when the baby is lying, the drugs «Mukaltin», «Codelac».
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Several recommendations on the use of the main drugs prescribed for allergic cough. Shown here is an antihistamine that neutralizes the reaction products:

  1. «Suprastin» approved for use children from 1 month to 6 years, three times a day 0.25 tablets, contraindication is asthma. From 6 to 12 years, take 0.5 tablets three times a day;
  2. «Diphenhydramine» is allowed from 7 months to 1 year, 2-5 milligrams four times a day. From 1 year to 6 years-12.5 to 25 milligrams. From 6 years to 12 years: 25-50 milligrams. Contraindication epilepsy, asthma.
  3. «Tavegil» prescribed to children 6 years of age, without asthma and not taking inhibitors, one tablet twice a day.

Caution. The medication should be administered by a physician and performed under his supervision.

With timely identification and elimination of the reasons caused the cough in children, that goes without consequences.

The treatment of wet cough

According to Dr. Komarovsky, the treatment of wet cough in most cases is not required. With him out sputum from the bronchi and lungs. Sputum allocated microorganisms are able to infect others, so you need to protect the child during cough, from communication with other children.

Often the child gets a cough from mucus due to the inflammatory process associated with rhinitis. Flowing down the back wall of the pharynx, they form a slimy clot, causing the manifestation of cough.

The main objective in this disease the excretion of sputum. Would be great the following medications:

  • «Akoben», «Mukomist», ACC occurring amino acid cysteine that is part of their composition contributes to a better removal of sputum;
  • «Carbocisteine», «syrup Inspiron», «Muradin», used for a productive cough with a large selection of bronchial secretions;
  • «Blueport», the active substance included in the composition of the drug is carbocisteine, has expectorant properties, available in the form of syrup;
  • widely used drugs removing phlegm «Bromhexine», Ambroxol», «Bisolvon».

No matter what is the nature of cough, and that was his reason, it is impossible to self-medicate especially if the children are infants. Dr. Komorowski to address pathology associated with increased sputum, and dry cough, does not reject the methods of traditional medicine. It is also considered effective if the snot has moved to cough, pulmonary on the basis of medicinal herbs (for older children).

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Traditional medicine

To use folk recipes for the treatment of a child must, after consultation with the pediatrician. Perhaps the reason was an Allergy, but the effects of the tools, plant-based, it can grow.

Attention! Before applying any remedies, make sure that no allergic reactions

If the cough of the baby due to a cold or hypothermia, he doesn’t have a runny nose and temperature, the use of traditional recipes to enhance the effect of traditional therapy and speed up the recovery. Several recipes in the fight against cough:

  1. Recommended increased drinking. Here come to the aid of decoctions of twigs of black currant and raspberry, taken in equal parts (2 tablespoons) brewed in a liter of boiling water.
  2. Expectorant effect is achieved from the intake of warm milk with dissolved butter and honey (0.200 grams of milk, tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of butter).
  3. One of the conventional popular recipes is the use of black radish with honey. This vegetable is selected from the middle, mixed with honey (two-part radish, part honey), then the mixture is placed back. Infused day, gives the child a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

Very small, can be rubbed chest badger or bear fat. Socks can pour the dry mustard.

All treatments based on traditional therapies and with the use of traditional methods should be under the strict supervision of a pediatrician, after careful examination of the child patient.