Crack on labia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Crack on labia – this is a very unpleasant and painful condition that bothers many women. It brings discomfort as the integrity of the mucosa is broken and anytime even a light touch of underwear can bring pain. In addition, constant burning sensation, pruritus, rash, and profuse discharge can also be symptoms depending on the cause of the cracks.

Cracked is not a single pathology but only individual symptom. They appear in case if the body has experienced a failure or infection is present. As soon as the first cracks have to go to the doctor and undergo a thorough examination to determine the cause and to choose the right treatment. Timely begun treatment all the unpleasant symptoms quickly disappear. If the therapy delay, then eventually the body will include protection, and the wound can become calloused when the disease enters a phase of that curing it will be very difficult.

The reasons leading to the cracks

Cracks can be the consequence of different kinds of pathologies or external factors. Lead to the appearance of microcracks can:

  1. Infection. While women have dryness in the crotch area and discomfort. Sometimes on the affected organs appears redness and scratches on small and large labia. There is also pallor of the skin.
  2. The lack of estrogen. Disruptions in the hormonal background is the first enemy of any woman. Since insufficient production of hormones can cause decrease in vitamin E and moisture loss in the cells of the epidermis and as a consequence there are wounds of the labia and large.
  3. Overabundance or lack of hygiene. Frequent cleaning or rather the lack of them can lead to the fact that underwear will breed bacteria, which will lead to fungal diseases. And pathogenic microorganisms in the sebaceous glands and cause inflammation and soft tissue damage, such as cracks.
  4. Worm infestation. Are parasites breeding on the female genital organs, secrete products of metabolism, they corrode the skin and lead to dryness of the skin and this condition in women, there are wounds that cause severe pain.
  5. Allergies. Very often it is allergens cause discomfort in the perineum, often cause allergens, they can be tight underwear made from synthetic, hydrating, cosmetic products, medications.
  6. Diabetes. Women who suffer from this disease are often faced with the fact that they have dry mucosa due to changes in the endocrine system, and this leads to the fact that cracks appear on the labia.
  7. Candidiasis (thrush). If not treated in time the disease, in its advanced form it can cause oozing, delayed the labia, can damage the delicate skin and lead to sores.
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But not only the above-described reasons can lead to cracking, dryness and redness – this could also be due to other reasons, which can be very banal:

  • the use of shims;
  • means for intimate hygiene;
  • wet wipes;
  • a large production of sweat;
  • the remnants of the urine on the underwear;
  • drugs topical application such as ointments or creams.

But it is not necessary to treat the cracks that have appeared on the labia, it is better to seek help from a doctor that will carry out the necessary researches and find the cause of their appearance.

What are the diagnostic methods?

To find the cause of what has caused the appearance of cracks on labia women need not only to conduct an external inspection, but also to make a number of laboratory studies:

  • examination for urogenital infection;
  • vaginal culture;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • a blood test for hepatitis;
  • blood sugar;
  • blood on HIV;
  • examination of feces for the presence of worms and other.

Only after a thorough examination and diagnosis, the doctor will be able to find the factor that provoked the appearance of cracks, and select an effective therapy.

Drug therapy

Treatment with drugs aimed to arrest the symptoms and on elimination of the main disease. Often conservative methods is enough to cure the wounds in small and large labia. Comprehensive treatment includes:

  • taking medications to bring the immune system back to normal;
  • the use of drugs to help get rid of odor;
  • lubrication with ointment affected by the pathology areas;
  • hygiene.
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In serious cases, the doctor may prescribe surgery, but such cases are rare mainly drugs to cope with any disease, you can also add folk medicine. The treatment prescribed by the doctor, but there are cases when to get an appointment with him immediately after the first symptoms have appeared it is impossible, in this case, you can take several methods that will help to ease the pain and burning sensation:

  • ointment to soften will help to numb and besides have antiseptic effect;
  • baths with medicinal herbs such as chamomile or series;
  • compresses, lotions, and lapping, which will give the anesthetic effect, you can use either novocaine or herbs such as chamomile or calendula;
  • tincture or decoction of calendula is an effective tool that quickly cope with any cracks in the vagina;
  • infusion of the root, yarrow and dandelion are recommended to be taken orally;
  • diet: any disease can be cured, adhering to a certain diet, this includes cracks in the vagina, the food should be rational and balanced, the body must be adequate amounts of vitamins and other useful substances;
  • to prevent infection in the cracks, affected areas should be treated with a solution of 2% chlorhexidine. Then, after processing the wound, you can grease hypoallergenic cream.

Any disease is treated, if correctly diagnosed and find the right products, so every day of delay can cause the disease will become chronic and eventually therapy may be delayed. And in some cases it will have been ineffective.