Cream for yeast infection: tips and advice

Candidiasis – an unpleasant disease that is often found in women. There are many different means of yeast, the task of which is to eliminate unpleasant, annoying symptoms of a fungal disease. Often used cream thrush, which is capable of a few hours to eliminate primary signs of inflammation. Release form — comfortable in the use of funds is usually no problem.

Cream for yeast infection: the principle of operation of fungus

These pharmaceutical compositions are used to treat candidiasis in women. They are drugs local therapy. Medicinal weight applied to the mucosa, which is affected by fungus, and kills pathogenic fungi of the Candida family, whose active reproduction and provoking the candidiasis in women. Of course, the ointment is able to penetrate the bloodstream and affect the liver, but the pills in this case more dangerous. Such negative consequences are not all ointments against candidiasis.

When prescribed an ointment for thrush?

An ointment for thrush in women can be used as a single drug for treatment and also in combination with other antifungal agents that are assigned with the defeat of the genitals, the vaginal mucosa or skin. Local therapy is carried out only when the candidiasis manifested itself for the first time and is mild or occurs during pregnancy, breast-feeding. Another advantage of ointments is that they are non-toxic – this allows you to use the medicine even women who have liver problems. Modern drugs against candidiasis in women can take the primary symptoms within a few days, the means of the past generation had to use much longer.

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Cream for yeast infection: advantages and disadvantages

There is one, perhaps the most unpleasant drawback of all drugs with chemical additives – is the increased toxicity, which has a negative impact on the liver. A minor drawback is that ointments leave a greasy stain on underwear. But many antifungal suppositories for women can also stain your underwear.

The benefits are much greater than the disadvantages:

  • if a drug is chosen correctly, it acts fairly quickly, relieving symptoms in just a few days;
  • comparing healing composition with other antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs, it is possible to note that in this case side reactions are minimized (maybe only a slight itching or burning sensation at the place where it was used ointment or cream);
  • available medicines in the form of creams not only for women but also for men (recommended to treat both sexual partners);
  • in some cases, the ointment can be used for the treatment of thrush in infants;
  • the means of production are reasonable cost;
  • rules for the use of medicinal ointments are fairly simple, so apply the cream for candidiasis, read enclosed instructions.

How to treat thrush with creams?

If the yeast infection is acute and recurrent form, which is a strong inflammatory process in the genital area, you should as soon as possible to eliminate irritation, which is accompanied by unbearable burning and itching.It is necessary to clean the skin using a solution of water and manganese (soda). After cleansing the affected areas need to lubricate the sore place with cream (Clotrimazole, Candide, Nizoral, Travocort, etc.). In the treatment of both partners each need to carry out the procedure 2 times a day: morning and before bed. If the ointment is used for the infant, and also used by women who have liver problems, you should pay attention to the cream Pimafucin. It is considered non-toxic agent and does not cause harm to the body. The disadvantage is that it must be applied much longer than other drugs.

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In nursing mothers candidiasis often occurs around the nipples. Treatment should start with applying the cream, the Candida. The drug should apply a thin layer to the affected areas of the skin (before feeding the child needs to wash off the cream). Lubricate places affected by fungus should be not less than 6 times per day after breastfeeding. Candidiasis in pregnant women is a disease that requires specialist advice. Drugs not so much, and they should be used strictly under medical supervision so as not to harm the expectant mother and baby. Only a specialist is able to prescribe the best treatment that will help to cure candidiasis without harming the child.

Effective drugs

Modern ointments that are able to deal with fungi of the Candida family, of different value, principle effects and contraindications. There are drugs that are less toxic and safe. They can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

The most popular tools that are popular among the women for the treatment of thrush:

  • Gynofort;
  • Candide;
  • Pimafucin;
  • Fluconazole;
  • Nizoral;
  • Miconazole;
  • Nystatin;
  • Clotrimazole.

Do not forget that yeast infection is a dangerous disease. So to the question: «What cream to use for women?» you can answer only by a qualified specialist. One should consider the ability of money to affect the fetus during pregnancy. You need to realistically assess the effects of the drug, its adverse reactions and toxicity.

No need to self-medicate, using the most popular medicines if you have candidiasis. Treatment involves many aspects that you can not even guess. Consult your doctor and then you can be sure that the candidiasis will disappear once and for all.

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