Crusts in the nose causes and treatment in adults and children: why are

Why nose blood crust formed and how to treat them?

The crust of blood in the nose can cause not only severe discomfort, but to be honest a symptom of a more serious illness. Causes and treatment of crusts in the nose of adults and child are directly dependent from each other.

It is very important to bethink. Only an experienced specialist are able to determine the true causes of bloody crusts and determine the appropriate treatment to avoid more serious consequences.

Possible causes

If the nose is constantly the crust formed, it is often manifested side effects from different drugs (including vasoconstrictor drops) for the treatment of rhinitis. But there are other reasons:

  • The problem may be due to the presence of chronic atrophic rhinitis. As for the nasal discharge in this case they may be poorly expressed or absent. The classic symptom of this disease – increased itching in the nose after sleep.
  • If discovered dried blood in the nose, you should pay attention to the humidity in the room. Because of excessive dryness, blood vessels can burst.
  • The problem may lie in allergic reactions to dust, Pets, etc., which can cause allergic rhinitis.
  • Emotional factors and stress can bring it.
  • In women during menstruation is rebuilt hormones, which can cause crusts in the nose.
  • Can also be congenital membranes of the nose, however it occurs in very rare cases (read this article about the anatomy and structure of nose).

Sometimes the situation with crusts in the nose can be the consequence of age-related changes in the elderly.


How and what to treat should install only the doctor, after a complete and thorough inspection, identify the causes, and diagnosis. In the case where the symptoms indicate the presence of pathology, it is impossible to prevent self-treatment or therapy with the help of folk remedies. Surgery is performed only in the most complex cases.

When the cause of the crusts is some external factor, therapy can mean by a just limitation of contact with the agent. To resolve this problem, it is enough, more frequent wet cleaning and airing.

Drug therapy

Before daub crusts in the nose, know that it is in any case not to tear the peel. This is not the way to get rid of uncomfortable feelings, and will only lead to their strengthening. For getting rid of unpleasant symptoms, moisten nasal mucosa and thus softening the crust.

  1. Many doctors recommend special ointments that have proven good in the treatment crusts. Among the most affordable and effective, the Rescuer, Traumeel s ointment and Flemming. They have no contraindications, are almost instantly and effectively, and their cost is available to everyone.
  2. Always popular are drops and sprays, where the basis is sea salt. The most popular are Aqua Maris and Humer. These funds quickly and effectively strengthen blood vessels, restore the balance of the mucosa and protect it from pathogenic bacteria.

Treatment of folk remedies

In addition to traditional medicine, skin and blood in the nose can also be cured by the old «grandma» methods of folk medicine. Of course we are not talking about the plot photo, and about the recipes based on natural products.

  • Honey with milk is often used in sleep disorders or the common cold, however, not everyone knows about the healing properties of this drink in relation to crusts in nose. The essence of it is that thanks to honey with milk, it improves the natural production of mucus, which helps soften crusts in the nose.
  • If nose peel painful something to rectify the situation will help the vegetable oil. If you don’t have sea buckthorn, or olive oil, even sunflower. Only need to lubricate the mucous membrane and 30 minutes to insert cotton swabs soaked in oil.
  • Sea water has always been held in high esteem for various diseases related to nose and mucous membranes. You can just take from the sea a certain amount of water and, if necessary, to wash the nose. If the opportunity to go to sea with no water, or any season, this water can be done by yourself, having bought at the pharmacy purified sea salt.

The solution is based on 1 liter of water 10 g of salt. All stirred, heated to boiling, filtered, cooled to a comfortable temperature and can be washed.


You now have the full picture about why the nose blood crust formed and how to treat them effectively so they don’t cause discomfort and inconvenience. Despite this, it is best not to self-medicate, and seek help from professionals.

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