Cryosurgery of the cervix: what is it? Procedure

Cautery of cervical erosion – one of the available methods of treatment of this pathology. When choosing a suitable option doctor must take into account the fact, has given birth for a woman or her to become a mother.

Recommended treatment of erosion for nulliparous women

Feature of therapy for this category of patients is the difficulty of selecting the most effective method, since moxibustion does not preclude negative consequences in the form of scarring on the cervix that could lead to serious problems with the disclosure in childbirth.

What is the reason for the occurrence of the violation in nulliparous women

Not always the reason for the erosion, for the treatment which is the burning of nitrogen or other alternatives become childbirth. Possible provoking factors for the development of the pathological state of tissues epithelium also include:

  • Injury to the cervix during an abortion;
  • Development in the body of the viral infection under the influence of chlamydia, trichomonads, cocci, whose activity leads to papilloma and herpes;
  • Disruption of the endocrine system;
  • Chronic inflammatory processes in the pelvic area.

Regardless of provoking the disease causes negative consequences are apparent in the formation of cracks, the overgrown cells lining the adjacent epithelium (cells forming, for example, the cervical canal). In medical language, such changes are called ectopia, which is characterized by the penetration into the cervix of the foreign cells capable of forming cancers.

Why it is important to promptly treat erosion?

Almost everyone knows that untreated erosion may become a serious prerequisite for the development of life-threatening uterine cancer. The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that in this pathology is extremely rare, there are painful sensations, so often it flows over a long period of time completely asymptomatic.

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Of course, to assess the condition of the cervix and confirm the need for therapy, one option is cryotherapy of the cervix, can only a qualified gynecologist. In some cases, the woman is shown only when erosion is positioned as a normal physiological phenomenon. If the doctor insists on treatment, we should listen to the recommendations, choosing a suitable option.

What conventional medicine offers?

Without exception, all methods of treatment, including the freezing of cervical erosion cauterization or liquid nitrogen, based on the destruction of pathological eroded tissue. Therefore, provided the physical impact of a laser beam, electric current, or the already mentioned low temperature. Thus there is a kind of burn tissue with involvement in the destructive process as a defeat, and healthy cells. As a consequence, the formation of a scab, healing is accompanied by scar formation.

Of the following techniques is least traumatic cryodestruction cervical erosion, because its consequences nulliparous women minimum.

Features cryoablation

During cryoablation is the destruction of mutated cells under the influence of cold. The result of the influence of sub-zero temperatures starts to freeze the cells, which then die. After this starts the mechanism of their rejection, and then activate the growth of new healthy tissue, which eventually covers the entire treated area.

To achieve effective cooling is possible through the treatment of the cervix with liquid nitrogen, whose main attribute is the instantaneous cooling of the tissue to a temperature of 90-140 degrees. The procedure is performed using a special device, called a cryoprobe, so the defeat of healthy tissue is excluded.

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Moxibustion, in which the freezing of cervical erosion, is done only once. The best time for treatment is between 7 to 10 day cycle. Session duration is a maximum of 10 minutes, minimal pain, so anesthesia is used in extreme cases. As for the process of tissue healing and recovery, it is more extended in time and takes about 3 months.

The benefits of moxibustion

Are the positive sides of the technique:

  1. Quick procedure and no adverse consequences.
  2. The lack of bleeding after treatment, since the tissues are frozen.
  3. Healing without the formation of scarring (statistics show that such effects occur very rarely).
  4. Affordable price (the average price is about 2 thousand rubles).
  5. Minimal risk of complications (the probability of successful therapy without negative consequences is 90%).

However, cryosurgery of the cervix has a number of shortcomings, which include:

  • Slow healing treated with liquid nitrogen tissues;
  • Depending on the individual pain threshold may experience significant discomfort during the procedure and afterwards;
  • The inability to accurately assess the necessary depth of processing which may require a second procedure;
  • Non-uniformity of the damaged areas characteristic of complex erosion, moxibustion can lead to injury of healthy tissue, which could lead to problems with pregnancy or delivery in the future;
  • A ban on the use of tampons until complete healing of the neck;
  • The exclusion of intimacy for a period of about a month.

Preparation for burning nitrogen

To cryodestruction cervical erosion was successful enough to correctly Orient in the days of the cycle and to organize an appropriate moral attitude, except for negative expectations. It is desirable to have a sanitary pad, as from the first minutes after exposure to liquid nitrogen appear watery discharge.

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When the procedure is contraindicated

Should avoid cauterization of erosion by this method in the following situations:

  • If the change of the tissues diagnosed in the period of carrying a child;
  • If at the time of the procedure has not ended with menstruation;
  • In the presence of inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis;
  • If you want to carry out cauterization of erosion, the amount of which exceeds 3 cm;
  • If there is damage to the tissues of the cervix;
  • With a significant depth of the erosive lesion.

Thus, the cauterization of nitrogen can be effective only if you take into account all «pros» and «cons». In the presence of at least one contraindications should refer to other gentler methods, to the ongoing therapy was not the cause of difficulties with the implementation of reproductive function.