Cuckoo for nasal lavage at home

How to make a cuckoo for the nose?

Pathological inflammation of the upper respiratory tract often leads to the formation of large amounts of mucous secretion. With the progression of the disease highlight can have a different hue, to have an unpleasant and nauseating smell, accumulate in the cavity of the maxillary sinus. In such a situation need to wash nasal passages and as a tool it is best to use «the cuckoo.»

Today, nose lavage by the method of displacement with the help of special devices can be done at home. In performing this procedure, it is important to monitor the correct application of tools and the General feeling sick. But in some cases, patients cannot afford to purchase expensive machines for washing. In this case, you can make a cuckoo at home for nasal irrigation.

What is «cuckoo»

There are many ways to maintain the hygiene of the nasal cavity, but the method of washing using «cuckoo» has become the most popular. It is simple to use and allowed for treatment, even for children.

Simply, this method consists of washing each nostril by feeding the drug solution.

With the introduction of the cavity, it follows from the second nostril together with its contents.

The procedure is performed under a pressure within the nasal cavity.

Special popularity of this method gained because of security. When flushing the passages, the solution can’t get into the cavity of the throat, trachea or bronchi.

The name of the method of washing acquired due to the fact that the cleansing of the nose the patient must repeat the expression «ku-ku». In medical practice this is called washing in the Proets. Water-jet cleaning of the nasal cavity is used not only as a treatment of acute or chronic inflammation, but also for prevention.

Vacuum cleansing was invented by the American expert Arthur Proetz. For the first time this procedure was used in the XIX century.

Nasal lavage for Proets it is best to use in case of acute rhinitis. With this inflammation causes its formation is not so important. In addition, the lavage can be administered in case of infectious inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, as well as the following ailments:

  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • etmoidit;
  • adenoiditis.

This method helps to improve health and to normalize the function of the nasal cavity. «Cuckoo» from the common cold helps to eliminate not only the characteristic symptoms of rhinitis, but also to remove the swelling of the sinus mucosa, eliminate itching, sneezing, and to return the sense of smell and reduce inflammation.

In addition, the device for nasal lavage can help prevent punctures in the sinus or sinusitis. As the unit removes all the accumulations of mucous secretion mixed with pus, and used the saline solution penetrates into the deep region of the maxillary sinus.

How to make a cuckoo for the nose

The effectiveness of washing the nose ENT proved, because an experienced doctor will quickly determine the cause of the inflammation and uses the required solutions for the procedure.

Therefore, it is best to carry out reorganization of the nasal passages of a qualified physician.

But if possible consult with a specialist in the near future, offers to learn the techniques of performing «cuckoo» on their own.

Keep in mind that improper procedure can cause the formation of serious complications. It is therefore important to be overly neat.

Selects the saline

Lavage by the method Proetta home easy. For this you will need to buy medical syringe twentieth size, the wash irrigation solution, antiseptic solution, and vasoconstrictor drops.

For twenty minutes before rinsing enter to vasoconstrictor nose drops.

Adult care is best to use Nazivin, Sanorin, Nazol, Taufon or other appropriate medication.

In the treatment in children use baby drops Nazol Bebi, Nazol kids, saline nasal spray, and others.

Vasoconstrictor drugs will provide greater penetration of saline solution and the outflow of mucous secretion. If these drugs do not apply at all, the feeling in the rehabilitation of the nose can be painful and not as effective.

As for saline washing using the «cuckoo», the doctor may prescribe antibacterial agents: Chlorhexidine or Miramistin. If the inflammation is complicated by the purulent secretions, you can use a solution of Furacillin, Cefotaxim or Deksan.

As lavage

Lavage by the method Proetta painless, so if the patient feels pain, the procedure must terminate. Likely, not all your movements are correct.

However, the procedure itself is unpleasant, and therefore often causes discomfort, dizziness, and nausea. The therapeutic effect of the procedure comes immediately after the washing, so the patient stands to suffer for some time.

  1. For washing the «cuckoo» is necessary to lay the patient on the bed.
  2. The head should tilt to 45 degrees.
  3. Then fill the syringe selected solution and remove the needle.
  4. Enter the syringe into the nasal cavity and gently spread the saline.
  5. With proper implementation of the other nostril of the patient will flow out all the liquid along with a mixture of pus and accumulated mucus.

Throughout the procedure the patient must repeat the expression «ku-ku». The only way the tool will not penetrate into the cavity of the mouth, throat or ear. Keep in mind that failure to comply with these rules, the patient could be infection of the pharynx or ears.

Spend washing the nose slowly and very carefully. The entire procedure usually takes about fifteen minutes.

After washing by this method can not immediately get up, and go outside within the hour.

It is best to maintain the supine position for ten minutes.

If these rules are followed, the patient can be formed epistaxis. In addition, the effectiveness of rehabilitation will be broken at any cooling of the sinuses.

For the same wash procedure can not enter more than 350 milliliters of solution, but the required dosage of Antibacterials prescribed by a doctor. «Cuckoo» for the nose of children is granted only after personal consultation.

Lavage every day for one week to ten days.


Reviews about this method of washing is very positive.

Irina Lavrenteva: «Method «cuckoo» was used by my grandmother and from her I learned. When the child got sick and complained of incessant runny nose, I’ve spent rinsing. As a harmless solution used Chlorhexidine. Son like procedure, and all treatment was without whims.»

Ivan Gavrilov: «Washed the baby’s nose by the old method Proetta. The son took the procedure with interest. Nasal congestion and runny nose were just after cleansing the nose, but to prevent washed for three days morning and evening.»


This method has no side effects only with the correct procedure. If, immediately after the lavage, the patient complains of discomfort, you must end the reorganization of the nasal cavity. Other side effects include a feeling of pressure in the cavity of the nose, redness of eyes, burning sensation in the mucous parts as well as some bleeding. In these cases stop treatment is not necessary, as they are not hazardous to health and there are anatomical features.

However, if such symptoms continue after each washing it is best to consult with your doctor.

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