Cuckoo to me: what is that doing to me

How to make «the cuckoo» to me?

The task of the ENT doctors for inflammation of the maxillary sinuses to drain nasal cavity, to remove the pathological secret, to neutralize the pathogen. Method «cuckoo» is fundamental in the complex treatment of maxillary sinusitis.

What caused the wide spread of non-invasive therapy what is the essence of the procedure?

Therapeutic effects and indications for use

The purpose of rehabilitation of patients with inflammatory processes in the maxillary sinuses, leads to the question of what «cuckoo» to me? American otolaryngologist Arthur Proetz in the early 20th century for the first time presented to the society atraumatic bloodless method of irrigation of the paranasal sinuses, which was called «cuckoo». The therapeutic efficacy achieved by creating negative pressure between the nasal cavity and the cranial bone structures.

This difference stimulates the outflow of mucus from the projection of the frontal and maxillary pneumatic channels, latticed labyrinth and sphenoid bones. This allows to rinse the sinuses medicinal solutions, to evacuate the remnants of the nasal secret.

Procedure «cuckoo» – an alternative to surgery, which is effective in lesions of the upper respiratory tract of different etiology. It prevents accumulation of mucus inside sinuses, will accelerate the process of regression, to prevent relapses and complications.

The advantages of the procedure

The vacuum method of cleansing the nasal cavities promotes the positive dynamics through the following forms:

  • reduction properties of fluidity aconselho secretion, neutralization of its projection of upper body;
  • the formation of local immunity;
  • mechanical removal of pathogenic microorganisms, dust and foreign agents deposited on the mucosa;
  • restore the natural message of the nasal cavity with the external environment, the normalization of nasal breathing;
  • increase smooth muscle of the vascular walls, maintaining it in accordance with the external and internal conditions.

Movement of fluid in the Proets prescribed for various forms of rhinitis and localization of inflammation, allergic rhinitis, infectious pathologies of the respiratory system acute tonsillitis. A non-invasive therapy is effective in the growth of the pharyngeal tonsil, the formation of benign elements (polyps and cysts).

Tip! Not recommended «the cuckoo» by lowering the speed of blood clotting.

Atraumatic bloodless cleansing of the maxillary pockets contraindicated in patients with a predisposition to nasal bleeding (due to the weak tone of the capillaries), epileptic disorders, when the mental disorder.

Does «cuckoo» to me?

The accumulation of increased amount of pathological phlegm provokes an inflammatory process that contributes to the activation of vital activity of pathogenic flora. Rehabilitation of lesions provides elimination of pathogenic agents along with nasal secretions, neutralizes purulent exudate, tissue detritus.

The effectiveness of the method for maxillary sinusitis explains the close location of the maxillary sostav to the nasal cavity, which allows enough power to complete the installation of the liquid. The systematic irrigation of the inner lining of the nose, increased tissue reactivity, accelerates the regeneration of the ciliated epithelium.

Delivery of drugs directly to the lesion, reduces the time of recovery.

This method of remediation of the paranasal sinuses has a number of advantages:

  • individual selection of pharmaceutical products based on the characteristics of the course of pathology and physiology of the patient;
  • minimal risk of side effects;
  • the lack of preparatory and rehabilitation period;
  • the integrity of the tissue structure.

Vacuum drainage of paranasal cavities has practically no contraindications, does not cause unwanted effects. In rare cases, deviations may manifest symptoms of intoxication, dizziness, hyperemia of the mucosa of the eyes, feeling of itching and burning in the nose.

Nuance! If not the competence of the doctor there is a risk of violation of the integrity of the inner shell upper body.

How to make «the cuckoo» to me

Vacuum drainage is prescribed for partial blocking of the sinuses, inflammation and edema of soft tissues from being harbingers of disease to manifestations of the. A severe form of pathology requires surgical intervention.

Water-jet irrigation of the mucosa is performed in a hospital special mechanized unit for aspirating a medicinal suspension of the paranasal sinuses (e.g., ENT harvester «azimuth»). Conduct non-invasive therapy, have a qualified technician who was responsible for observance of sequence of actions.

Medicine for nasal irrigation

Therapeutic value has the composition of a solution for «cuckoo». The purpose of sampling material for bacteriological analysis of irrigation carried out with distilled water, and spilled a pathological secret sent for analysis.

The obtained results allow to identify the etiology of the pathogen, to find drugs active against pathogenic microorganisms.

For the destruction of gram-positive and gram-negative agents assign antibacterial and antiseptic preparations with a wide spectrum of action. Anti-microbial active pharmaceutical agent of the first line:

  • «Synthesis»;
  • «Furatsilin»;
  • solution of rock salt;
  • Chlorophyllipt.

For the treatment of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses in the ENT widely used antibiotic «Ceftriaxone» and «Deksan».

Important! Analogous to the «cuckoo» in the home acts as the device «Renolit», «Dolphin», «Humer».

The algorithm of the procedure «cuckoo»

An important condition to perform the nasal irrigation is a calm patient. Small children are not able to control their emotions at the sight of doctors and equipment, so therapeutic manipulation recommended to patients older than 5 years.

For the relief of upper airway obstruction in a quarter of an hour to vacuum drainage is instilled into each nostril 2-3 drops of nasal decongestants («Galazolin»,».», «Naphazoline» Nazol»).

Poor patency of the nasal passages dangerous leaking of fluid in the ear canal. The necessity of using sympathomimetics leads to the fact that the movement of the liquid in the Proets stimulates the dilation of blood vessels.

To decrease the responsiveness of pain receptors by local anesthesia by injecting lidocaine. The preparatory phase is completed, the patient takes a comfortable horizontal position in a chair, head laid back at 45⁰.

Next, in sequence audiologist conducts therapeutic procedure:

  • 20 ml. syringe filled with a drug solution. To reduce discomfort suspension previously adjusted to the optimal temperature of 35-37⁰С.
  • A flexible catheter is gently inserted in the rear-lateral direction of the nasal cavity, supplying an antiseptic under pressure.
  • Using a special device sucks the water from impurities to the pathological secretion in the receptacle. During the session, the patient breathes with the mouth speaks the sounds «ku-ku» in which the upper part of the mouth is raised, preventing the leaking of secret infected in the larynx.
  • For irrigation of a single sine will need an average of 100 ml. of solution.
  • During the formation of a pus tube, the doctor presses the nostril, which works to the nasal septum for a few seconds. Purulent accumulations together with phlegm draws out a working pump, the patient experiences short-lived pain in the projection of the frontal lobe.
  • The same action repeats with the second nasal hole.

After drainage of the sinuses is not recommended to make sudden movements, to take a vertical position. To prevent dizziness or transient loss of consciousness it is necessary to lie down for another 10-15 minutes, his head turning to one side or lower it down to sitting up.

Tip! Within hours after non-invasive therapy to limit physical activity, not to expose the body hypothermia.

It is important to treat both the nasal channel, even if unilateral sinusitis, because there is a risk of transfer of infection across the sinuses. The duration varies from 10 to 15 minutes.

Reviews on the treatment of sinusitis «cuckoo» confirm the effectiveness of the manipulation. Already after the third session normal state of health, decreases the intensity of pain, decreases the viscosity and amount of the pathological secretion.

For full recovery you must take a course for 5 — 7 events.


Olga. «Cuckoo» — an effective method for sinusitis, most importantly, painless. A couple of years ago launched the disease, had the opportunity to experience all the fear and pain of the puncture. Now at the first sign of sinus trouble going through the procedure of vacuum drainage. At the initial stage of inflammation, it is sufficient 5 sessions for full recovery.

Alla. After a visit to the audiologist, had a «cuckoo» in the home within 5 days. Effect in comparison with a stationary conducting mild. In the hospital is enough for me 2-3 sessions to feel relief. The procedure is painless, unpleasant sensations arise when squeezing the nostrils for removal of the purulent tube.


Nasal lavage cuckoo in the sinus are prescribed for the purpose of purification of the paranasal sinuses whose mucus, exudate, reducing the congestion and inflammation of soft tissues, active regeneration of the epithelium.

Irrigate the nasal cavity antiseptic and antibacterial drugs inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. The procedure requires skill and experience, therefore, have only a doctor in a hospital.

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