Cystitis treatment baking soda at home

The healing properties of baking soda have long been known, and the efficiency of its use for medicinal purposes is confirmed not only by folk healers, and medical research. Sodium bicarbonate is valuable because of the absolute harmlessness for the human body since so many of the recipes contain this element.


The high efficiency of the use of soda solutions and lotions at home is equally applicable to external use and internal. This chemical composition helps in diseases of the mouth, throat, gynecological diseases. There are secret sources that proves that sodium bicarbonate can eliminate even cancer. In the treatment of therapeutic diseases baking soda is effective as first aid for cystitis. It is also essential to women in various cosmetic procedures. Sodium bicarbonate has many unique properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • relieves irritation of the skin;
  • anti-inflammatory and many others.


Cystitis in women – inflammation of the bladder and urinary tract. It has many etiologies and treatment of various forms of different drugs. But no matter what the source of inflammation is a provocateur, first aid for cystitis is baking soda, which is available in the household to all women. Often a relapse of the disease finds the beautiful half of humanity off-guard at the most inopportune moments of their life, so relief of pain symptoms prior to the visit to the pharmacy or to visit a physician – a primary action of martyrs. Speedy effectiveness for pain in the home is achieved by regular soda. There are many recipes for soda based, which not only helps to ease the pain of the disease, but also accelerates the treatment of cystitis in General.

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Specifics of cystitis as the inflammatory process involves the development of bacteria in acidic medium and the alkaline baking soda destroys the acidity, thereby inhibiting proliferation of infectious cells. In addition, the presence of pathogens quite effectively disinfected soda solution. All this proves the importance of drinking soda in a comprehensive way.

Types of admission

The most popular means for taking internally is soda solution: 1 tablespoon of baking soda needs to be diluted in a liter of boiled water and mix thoroughly. Take this infusion thrice a day for 1 tablespoon. Potassium salts, in the sodium bicarbonate, changing the urine pH, which favorably affects the microenvironment of the bladder and accelerates the treatment of inflammation.

Douching and washing away of the external genitalia women can also be done with a weak solution of baking soda in the above recipe. The female body is prone to cystitis it is because of the proximity of the urethra and genitals, so it is obvious that restoring the flora balance of the genital organs effectively helps to accelerate the process of overall recovery. To wash with baking soda you need in the form of heat, with syringing it is necessary to hold the solution inside the vagina for 20 to 40 seconds. This way of dealing with disease is not only a good effect on the walls and flora of the genital organs, but also prevents the development of such adverse effects as the tumor in its various etiologies.

Given that the treatment of cystitis in women is based on three main pillars, soda is able to cope with all the principles of remedial measures.

  1. Getting rid of the infection in the bladder – stage amplified «pasture» bacteria with the help of copious drinking. During this period, first aid for cystitis — soda solution. Take in regularly, it will enhance the quality of the fight against all types of inflammatory infection. In parallel with sodium bicarbonate is recommended to take herbal teas with anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, as well as cranberry juice.
  2. With the death of the bacteria, which is the source of the disease, to successfully cope antibiotics. Soda in this case, oxidizing urine, helps to exclude a beneficial environment for them to than increases the effectiveness of medicines in the region the emergence of new bacteria.
  3. Relief of pain can occur without the help of antispasmodic drugs if treatment soda solution was started in a timely manner. Besides, drinking soda is quite effective and works in tandem with medications, so pain medication will not stop the sodium bicarbonate in the relief of suffering in acute cystitis in women.
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Cystitis is quite a painful disease because of the painful symptoms and frequent urge to visit the toilet. It is not surprising that women are trying to deal with it quickly and at home, because in the conditions of modern life do not always have time for a visit to the doctor, and the incomes of the poor. Soda in relation to cystitis — effective and harmless drug, which is also all available on Finance, but blindly follow the advice of friends or articles found on the Internet, not worth it. Better to your wellbeing, getting help from medical professionals who will prescribe an individual treatment and counsel on the proper use of national resources.