Dangerous than a severe cough during pregnancy: effect on fetus

How does the cough in pregnancy?

During gestation, a woman’s body is exposed to numerous viral and infectious diseases. The fact that the immune system of the pregnant woman is severely weakened and various pathogenic microorganisms in the cavity of the respiratory tract without much difficulty. For this reason, for the nine months of pregnancy, women more often suffer from flu, colds, suffering from cough and cold.

All these diseases and symptoms are dangerous for the expectant mother, and their treatment depends on the underlying cause. In such processes the first thing you need to pay attention to cough, as it is formed in the first place. The reflex process can induce premature labour, miscarriage and greatly affect the fetus. However, not every kind of cough is so dangerous. To understand the impact of cough during pregnancy on the fetus, read the material.

Cough and pregnancy

Coughing is a reflex process in which the patient is reduced of the abdominal, pectoral and dorsal muscles. When you cough there is a sharp burst of air. With him is derived from the body of the sputum. This process is necessary to cleanse the upper respiratory tract, larynx, trachea and bronchi.

During a cough is the removal of all toxic substances, pathogenic organisms and accumulated mucus. However, perota throat is the result of irritable process. It can occur in the following cases:

  • in case of allergic reactions to animal hair, blooming, certain foods;
  • with a long stay in a room with overly dry air;
  • in the case of the inflammatory process on the mucous membrane of the nose;
  • when penetration of an infection into organism.

The throat cough during pregnancy may cause improper development of the baby, so it is important to know how to cough. The reflex process is performed on the background of the inflamed and highly irritated surface, in the mucosa of the throat. This kind of cough does not cause contraction of the abdominal muscles and is therefore considered non-hazardous for the expectant mother. However, the throat cough delivers a strong discomfort, throat irritation, pain education headaches.

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When an issue of whether coughing during pregnancy, it is important to establish a kind of reflex process.

If the infection has moved into the deeper parts of the respiratory tract, pregnant women may be bronchitis or pleurisy. In this disease, the expectant mother formed a strong and deep cough, which is dangerous contraction of the muscles. This cough may be accompanied by reflex uterine contractions.

Important! During prolonged inflammatory process and the absence of treatment, a pregnant woman can form the tone of the uterus, causing premature birth.

The impact of cough

Of course, perata in the throat when gestation can cause many negative processes. Find out exactly what dangerous severe cough during pregnancy for the child after diagnosing all the related factors.

During mild dry cough the danger lies not much in the actual process, and accompanied by symptoms. Often with inflammation of the respiratory tract the patient has fever, a respiratory disorder, nasal congestion, lack of oxygen and other signs.

The main risk processes include:

  • the infection;
  • inflammation;
  • signs of intoxication;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • hypoxia of the fetus.

Additionally, cough during pregnancy dangerous stress.


Every expectant mother worries about the baby’s development, so when the cough is stress. Any nervous feelings provoke the formation of the stress hormone cortisol. He’s dangerous education tension of blood vessels, hormonal changes and excessive release of toxins.

Important! With prolonged stress there is a risk of vasospasm, which will cause the malnutrition of the child.

In addition, strong fear or strong emotions can cause premature birth.

The effects of high temperature

If the cough is accompanied by fever above 37 degrees Celsius and lasts for several days, pregnant women is a violation of the blood supply. Such a process forms the fetal hypoxia. In addition, the temperature accompanied by signs of severe intoxication, which in the course of gestation are transferred lot harder.

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Produced toxic substances due to the increase in temperature can cause fading of the embryo to twelve weeks. But after this period, the fetus is under strong protection of the placenta and the high temperature can cause the development of pathological processes. However, this does not mean that the expectant mother can bring disease to chance. Any viral or infectious disease needs to be cured as soon as possible.

The risk of complications increases if the temperature appeared in the last months. On the eighth and ninth month the temperature can cause aging of the placenta that often become the cause of premature birth and detachment of child seats.

Infectious processes

The main cause of cough is infection. Even if the reflex process is not accompanied by fever, cough can be dangerous for the health of future moms. Ensure that the cough was not signs of rubella. In this case, eighty percent of cases of pregnancy the baby will be born with disabilities.

In addition, perata and other unpleasant sensations in the throat can occur due to SARS. Acute respiratory inflammation cause disorders in the formation of the child.

Hypoxia or asphyxia

In certain cases, the cough becomes a cause of hypoxia. Suffocation is formed due to the tension of the abdominal wall. When muscle tension in this area is the compression of blood vessels, which affects the General circulation. In this case, the child is not receiving enough oxygen.

It should be noted that short-term hypoxia is not dangerous for embryo development. However, if the baby will not receive oxygen for more than a few minutes or even hours, there is a risk of congenital anomalies of the brain and nervous system.

Insufficient amount of nutrients

Long-lasting dry cough can cause malnutrition of the embryo.

The baby receives all nutrients through the blood of the mother. At a constant cough is severe narrowing of blood vessels and muscle tension in the abdominal part. This process causes the reduction of nutrients in the placenta.

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Cough that lasts more than five days, there is a risk of obstruction of metabolic processes between the mother and the embryo. The result of such violation the child is born weak and sickly.

Increased tone of the uterus

With frequent and exhausting cough the expectant mother can trigger a strong contraction and tightening of the abdominal muscles, which will cause the tone of the uterus. From the seventh month onwards, this process may provoke a miscarriage.

The most common placental abruption. Typically such a process occurs in patients of low placenta previa.


Cough during pregnancy can be dry or wet. If perota in the throat is accompanied by expectoration, it is not dangerous for the expectant mom and her child. In the case of a dry and barking process, the pregnant woman should seek medical help.

Often the coughing causes vomiting, increase in uterine tone and other unwanted processes. Find out how does cough pregnancy, take measures to protect your body. To cure cough the pregnant woman is prescribed topical treatment using gentle and safe drugs, lozenges and syrups.