Deaf ear: causes and what to do to avoid

What to do if a deaf ear?

Surely most of you at least once in their life faced with a situation where it seemed without any reason-ear begins to stall. The feeling is very unpleasant and brings a lot of discomfort. And if this happens often enough, then these symptoms altogether may be a call to serious health problems and take action to eliminate them you need immediately. Actually, the reasons why the deaf ear can be many.

Possible factors which deaf ear

To determine the source of the reasons due to which deaf ears, it is best to consult a specialist. The health worker quickly and accurately diagnose and suggest suitable methods of treatment. Before you start treatment, it is necessary to identify the causes that led to the blockage of ears.

To put off going to the doctor is not necessary, as running disease can lead to very disastrous consequences. Especially pay attention to purulent inflammation in the ear. If they are, immediately go to a medical facility.

In the case of short nasal one ear, then the other, the cause of this disease may be disruption of the Eustachian tube.

This failure may be caused by bacteria or viruses that have penetrated in the area of the nasopharynx.

Microbes can easily fall into the ear canal. This most often occurs due to the weakening of the immune system.

Also common cause, what deaf ears, may be the pressure drop. Normally strong jumps occur during the flight in the plane, namely during its takeoff or landing.

If you do not pay attention to the basic rules of hygiene, sooner or later you may encounter another problem, leading to deafness of the ear, namely to the formation of cerumen in the ear canal. To avoid this trouble you regularly and thoroughly clean the ear canal with cotton swabs.

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In the summer while swimming in pools or just while taking a shower is often possible to deal with the fact that water enters the ear, thus preparing him. If you do not give it attention and let the water to stagnate there, it can lead to the development of an enabling environment for various microbes and bacteria. So do not let the situation slide, and not hesitate to try to eliminate water from the ear canal.

Continuing to consider reasons why deaf ears, not to mention that there are many diseases and ailments, a symptom of which is the ears.

The most common are colds and runny nose. During these diseases in the sinuses are formed mucus. If they are not promptly get rid of by bismarckiana, they fall in Evstafieva the tube, thereby causing a congestion of the ear.

In this case, you should immediately start treatment, or such symptoms may be followed by complications such as otitis media. If this happens, we must act immediately.

Define otitis media is quite simple. It is characterized by increased body temperature, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and difficult form of ear stuffiness, accompanied by extraneous sounds and noises.

This happens most often in children because of small age it is difficult to identify the symptoms of otitis media at an early stage. In case of revealing of signs of otitis, consult your doctor.

The adult generation is often found in another complications of otitis media, namely hearing loss. In this situation, doctors usually prescribe a hearing aid, but statistics show that it rarely leads to a positive result. To avoid this, you should not avoid measures for the prevention and treatment of otitis in its early stages.

Another factor is congestion of the ears in elderly people is hypertension.

The distinctive symptom of this is high blood pressure, which entails deafness in his ears.

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Not to mention such a cause of deafness of the ears, how to hit small objects or insects in the ear canal.

This symptom is accompanied by loss of hearing and pronounced pain. In this case, to self-medicate is very dangerous and you should not hesitate to go to the hospital.

What to do if a deaf ear?

Having examined the basic and the most common causes of deafness of the ears, you can move on to the methods of eliminating this discomfort. If congestion in the ears, frequent phenomena for you, it is necessary to undergo treatment from a specialist after the preliminary examination. You need to remember that some of the causes of congestion visual inspection can be determined.

One of the reasons that led to the above symptom with which to cope at home, is blockage;

If the discharge in the ear canal do not have a tight form, you can use ear drops such as Remo-Vaks, Okonorm or cerumen And, before that, do not forget to study the instructions for use.

Enter the remedy five drops in each ear, and to improve the effect, close the ear canal with a cotton disk. After that wait fifteen minutes and get your turundas.

If cerumen managed to gain a solid form, some drops will be enough. In this case you need to consult a specialist who will perform the lavage of the ear with a syringe without a needle and a special solution. To do this procedure yourself at home undesirable.

However, if you are not able to go to the doctor soon carry out the procedure with the help of the household.

  1. To do this, fill the syringe with saline solution.
  2. Attach the syringe to the back wall of the ear canal.
  3. Enter in the ear of one milliliter of media.
  4. Your movements should be confident, but careful.
  5. Continue the procedure until the complete elution of sulfur.

Also, you will not do without the help of a specialist if your disease has passed the stage of otitis media. After he klassificeret the stage of the disease, will be prescribed a course of treatment that consists of antibiotics.

In the acute form complications are best suited, Nilofar, Ceftriaxone, Cefuroxime or Augmentin.

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To accept them it is necessary strictly according to the prescription of the doctor to avoid possible side effects.

After a course of antibiotics, followed by introduction of ear drops – Sofradeks, Anuran, Otofa or Garison.

At the stage of recovery data change drops the Drops or Otinum.

After this procedure, are assigned to the overlay packs that should be put under the strict supervision of a qualified professional.

If the ear becomes deaf due to the common cold, the patient is assigned vasoconstrictors.


In conclusion, I want to note that the deafness and congestion of the ears, is the first call that warns of the potential for serious health problems. If you do not miss out on that and eliminate all the symptoms of stuffiness of the ears, then you will be able to avoid serious consequences, and your ears will be healthy.