Decongestant preparations for the nose: means of tablets and nose drops

What are decongestant remedies for nose?

In the development of inflammatory or allergic process in the nose, in all cases there is swelling. In such a situation the swelling of mucous indicates the beginning of the dangerous inflammation which may eventually lead to bacterial rhinitis or inflammation of the maxillary sinuses. In addition, swelling of the nose dangerous to the patient’s own acute symptoms, so this symptom must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

It is known that such a pathological process causes the most unpleasant symptoms. These include nasal congestion and dysfunction of nasal breathing. In addition, swelling causes pain in the sinuses, and prolonged course of the disease provokes the appearance of unpleasant sensations in the head. Other symptoms include fever, the appearance of liquid mucous secretion and redness of the cavity. To eliminate such signs and return to the breath will help decongestant for the nose.

The reasons for the formation of puffiness

Swelling of the nasal mucosa occurs due to excess blood in the cavity of the organ of respiration. As a result of this process the patient feels the swelling of the mucosa, which provokes the formation of edema.

The root causes include exposure to allergens. When the patient’s contact with dust, Pets or active exposure to pollen, the patient appears swelling. Other causes of allergic effects include long-term treatment of respiratory inflammation with medicines and some food.

To set the type of allergen are required as soon as possible, as the success of treatment depends on speed of identifying the root cause.

The effects on the mucous membrane may be due to penetration of viruses and malware infections.

In this process violated the basic functions of the nasal cavity. During inflammation, the formation of copious amounts of mucus that causes swelling.

Vasomotor rhinitis can occur due to respiratory disease. In this period the swelling goes after a few days, but during the activation of the disease the patient is suffering from acute symptoms. If treatment is not received at this stage, the patient there is a risk of acute sinusitis or sinusitis.

Rhinitis can occur due to trauma. Swelling in this case is manifested in the first place and causes severe pain. For this reason, include the curvature of the nasal septum and the formation of tumors, cysts, or the development of polyps and adenoids. Swelling in this situation only tells the patient about the hidden dangers.

The last cause of swelling is considered to be a weak immune system, hypothermia or disease process in the body, due to individual characteristics.

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List of decongestant medications

Select decongestant preparations for the nose, tablets or drops is only possible if the correct diagnosis of inflammation. Unfortunately, there is no universal drug for the treatment of swelling in the nasal cavity, so it is important to undergo a diagnosis and to determine all the factors of formation of inflammation. Only after this procedure, you can select the desired medication.

Decongestant nose drops for kids is to use more carefully. Almost all of these drugs can be used for the treatment of children.


One of the most effective Otrivin drops is considered. It includes Xylometazoline which belongs to the drugs for vasoconstriction. So he has adrenomimetic effects and helps to eliminate puffiness after a short time after injection.

Causing vasoconstriction, Otrivin eliminates swelling and hyperemia of the entire cavity of the nasopharynx.

The active ingredient of the medicament helps to eliminate congestion and to ensure nasal breathing, for which he is especially fond of patients, often suffering from vasomotor rhinitis.

In addition, use of the drug is possible in acute inflammation of respiratory ailments in the manifestation of any form of rhinitis. Otrivin effectively cope with hay fever, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.

When used correctly the drug has an anticholinergic effect. It is not dangerous for the treatment for inflammation of the small children. However, it is important to consult during pregnancy and lactation.

Accessory Otrivine reduces the secretion of mucous secretion in several minutes, apply such a remedy can be no more than two times a day. The course of treatment should not be more than five days. This time is enough to resolve the swelling completely.


Llanos is a powerful drug that has a positive effect in nasal congestion and severe edema. It should be used in the absence of nasal breathing due to the inflammation of rhinitis.

Llanos should be applied intranasally three times daily for five days. During this time, the active ingredient of the drug will reduce the secretion of secretion and stop the discharge from the nasal cavity. This effect is achieved by combining powerful components.

When correctly administered, the remedy does not irritate the membranes of the nose, which is especially important in the treatment of edema. In addition, Dlyanos not cause congestion of the mucous part, so it is allowed to use are six years old.

The effect of the drug occurs later, ten minutes after injection. The effect lasts for eight hours.

Llanos should be used in case of strong swelling, which disrupts breathing and causes pain. Before the introduction, make sure that no allergic reactions to components of the drug, but also pay attention to familiarize with the annotation.

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When severe swelling doctors can prescribe ksimelin. This drug is contraindicated for the treatment of children and pregnant women, as it has some pretty powerful ingredients not intended for use during gestation of the fetus.

Ksimelin cope with the swelling in rhinitis, trauma or as a result of incorrect treatment of previous inflammation. Its action is aimed at improving the functions of respiration, and beneficial effect-three minutes after the injection.

Instructions for use of the drug warns that ksimelin prohibited in arterial hypertension and for the treatment of diabetes, angina or heart disorder. In other cases, it permitted the use of the drug up to three times a day. One application is permitted to enter no more than four drops of the drug.

For best results, before application it is necessary to conduct the reorganization of the nasal cavity.


Combined preparation for eliminates swelling – Xylene. It is known in medical circles as a strong medication to help with vasomotor rhinitis. Before use, read the instructions, as Xylitol has some side effects.

Use caution when treatment in case of high sensitivity to the components of the funds, as well as congenital abnormalities in the structure of the nose. in the treatment of patients suffering from frequent bleeding you need to consult with your doctor.

Xylitol allowed to apply twice a day, morning and evening. At one time, you must enter up to three drops. If swelling is manifested with additional symptoms, the doctor may increase the dose to five drops.

Ensure that the patient did not experience any side effects. These include sleep disturbance, lack of appetite, slight dizziness, change in body temperature. It is important to follow the dosage and not to use a greater number of drops, as there is a risk of high blood pressure and tremor.


Vasoconstrictor medication for getting rid of swelling – Galazolin. He is known in ENT practice as a powerful drug designed for topical administration. When introduced into the nasal cavity, the drops have an effect on blood vessels.

During their contraction, the patient notes a decrease swelling and improve nasal breathing. This effect is achieved by the imidazole derivatives, which are part of the drug.

In addition to narrowing of the blood vessels and reduce swelling, Galazolin provokes a reduction of hyperemia of the mucosa of the nasopharynx and reduces the amount of secretions from the nasal cavity. Due to the use of Galazolin, the patient noted improved breathing and relieve nasal congestion.

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The drug acts not immediately, but within ten minutes after injection. Its effect is not long lasting, but the preliminary rehabilitation of the nasal cavity persists up to six hours.

To use Galazolin can strictly allowed dosage for acute rhinitis, triggered by a viral or bacterial lesion. In addition, the drug effectively cope with the swelling caused by allergic rhinitis or acute sinusitis. In testimony also included the use in hay fever, chronic sinusitis and otitis media.


For getting rid of swelling, the doctor may prescribe – Xylometazoline. To use such a drug must with great care, as it includes the eponymous component.

He’s dangerous in the treatment of pregnant women, and therefore requires prior consultation. In other cases, the medication has a strong effect on the lining of the cavity and helps to get rid of puffiness in record time.

The interaction of active component with the receptors helps to reduce inflammation and improve the health of patients within a few minutes. After the introduction of Xylometazoline noted the immediate improvement of nasal breathing and reduced congestion.

To apply the Xylometazoline should edema caused by acute rhinitis with sinusitis, hay fever or inflammation of the mucous membrane due to exposure to allergens.

At one time permitted the introduction of three drops in each pass. Only allowed to enter a maximum of two times during the whole day. To apply the remedy can be no more than three days.


To get rid of the edema in the mucosa is easy, however, it is important to establish the root cause of this pathology. If the patient was diagnosed with viral or bacterial inflammation, only anti-edema drugs will not have the desired effect. In this case the patient needs complex treatment aimed at the cause of the inflammation.