A dark plaque on the teeth in a child: causes

Young children on primary teeth may appear dark film, which is difficult to correct yourself. In fact, it is the accumulation of bacteria and food debris that has settled in the tooth enamel. Its color is from light yellow to black. Why it appears and how to fix it?

The reasons for the formation

  • Unsatisfactory oral hygiene. Need to brush your teeth in the morning and evening. If the child is less than one year hygiene performs mother wearing on my finger a special Темный налет на зубах у ребенка: причиныcloth or brush. Such devices are sold in pharmacies, also use special toothpaste without fluoride. It can be swallowed.
  • Eating mostly soft foods. Hard vegetables and fruits to help eliminate plaque.
  • Disorders in the endocrine or digestive system.
  • Using the wrong toothpaste and brushes.
  • Chewing food with one hand. The teeth on the opposite side quickly covered with bloom.
  • Malocclusion.
  • Violation of metabolism in the body of a baby.
  • Insufficient salivation. This happens if the air is too dry or the child has a stuffy nose and he has to breathe through the mouth.
  • Deposits on the teeth are hard and soft.

    White and yellow

    White patches on milk teeth in a child is not dangerous. These deposits are formed each person per night. They can be easily removed with a toothbrush and do not require additional treatment. It is not necessary to run the mouth, you need to carefully monitor the hygiene of the baby’s mouth, otherwise soft sediment can harden and form Tartar.

    Yellow plaque on time teeth the child says about the dishonest practice of good hygiene. Soft sediments accumulate at the roots of the teeth.

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    Brown patina

    Темный налет на зубах у ребенка: причиныDark brown plaque on the teeth of your child can be the cause of metabolic disorders. Together with saliva and iron is deposited in tooth enamel. These deposits can be the beginning of caries development. To remove them is quite difficult.

    A dark plaque on primary teeth in a child who is 1 year or less can be a sign of bottle tooth decay, its causes: my mouth is always sweet Wednesday from juices, baby food. The disease develops in children who suck long nipples and bottles, especially at night.

    Brown teeth can be in a child after eating staining foods and juices. It berries, tea, cocoa, carrots, beets. This pigmentation is eliminated routine dental cleaning.

    Green patina

    Plaque that color on the teeth of the child provoke chromogenic bacteria that produce chlorophyll, it affects kids aged 2 to 4 years. Destroys the protective layer of the tooth (this), then you can develop tooth decay.

    Eliminate deposits can only dentist.

    Gray powder

    Grey plaque on the primary teeth of a child is hypoplasia of tooth enamel. The disease is characterized by destruction of enamel matrix. When not treated happens aplasia (lack of enamel). Suffer more often than children with disturbed mineral metabolism in the age of 9 months.

    Causes of hypoplasia:

    • Темный налет на зубах у ребенка: причиныA deficiency of vitamin D.
    • Associated systemic diseases.
    • Transferred by the mother’s rubella during pregnancy.
    • Improper nutrition of the expectant mother: the lack of calcium, excess of fluoride, iron.
    • Premature infants.
    • Violation of metabolic processes in the body of a baby.

    Hypoplasia develops in the child inside the womb of the mother, when any communicable diseases. How will be colored dental crown depends on the duration of the disease. Can be small spots or it affected the entire tooth.

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    First, the child gets a plaque in the form of white spots or striations on the teeth antagonists (the opposite). Later they can be painted. Increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Subsequently hypoplasia leads to tooth decay, pulpitis, can disrupt the bite.

    At a superficial lesion of the enamel treatment is not carried out. Dentists recommend to pay special attention to hygiene procedures. In case of deeper defects perform sealing with composite materials, the remineralization of enamel calcium gluconate.

    Orange plaque

    Темный налет на зубах у ребенка: причиныOrange plaque on primary teeth in a child can be caused by taking Tetracycline for a toddler or pregnant woman. The drug is deposited in the enamel, dentin dental germs. The color intensity depends on the dose and duration of treatment.

    If the tetracycline has taken the expectant mother, turns a third part of the crown temporary teeth. In the treatment of antibiotic baby older than 6 months to change the color of the enamel can and permanent one.

    Black plaque

    To the emergence of the black plaque cause disturbance of the digestion, worm infestation, the presence of fungi in the oral cavity, taking certain antibiotics, a weakened immune system.

    When dysbacteriosis is disturbed acid-alkaline balance in baby’s mouth. It creates a convenient environment for reproduction of fungi, which are painted enamel black. Ordinary toothbrush such deposits are not removed, requires complex therapy, the pediatrician and dentist. When normal microflora in the gut, oral cavity plaque will go myself. If stains continue, after the loss of the dairy units will produce healthy white tooth.


    • Regular oral hygiene.
    • The correct diet. To cleanse the plaque let your child carrots, apples, pears.
    • Regular visits to a pediatrician and dentist. Timely treatment of comorbidities will help to keep teeth healthy.