A growth on the gums white

It is impossible for man not to notice at such a problem as a growth on the gums. All dentists in the world say that the majority of diseases of the oral cavity occur due to the lack of hygienic measures. However, the growth on the gum can take away the feeling of comfort and the one who a few times a day makes the cleaning of teeth, using the «full set» of mouthwash, dental floss, scrapers, and periodically consulted and observed by the dentist.

The epulis

If there is a growth on the gums, does not cause sharp pain when chewing and a small pressure on him, this pathology is called epulis or nadesalingam, if literally translated from Greek. It can occur due to the fact that Desna was injured. By visual inspection the gums as if has grown over its border, very similar to sheshorsky growth of a healthy tooth. Is considered a benign neoplasm.


The cause Нарост на десне белого цвета can be due to poorly installed prosthesis or fillings damaging the gums, presence of Tartar, the tooth can also bring this problem. Most often in patients with malocclusion, altered hormonal background during pregnancy.

How to treat?

Treatment is only surgical. Periosteal share, together with the epulis is removed with the scraping of his capsule.

For the prevention of relapse requires addressing the causes of emerging growth. For example, pereplanirovat tooth or reinstall the prosthesis. Remove teeth where there is a small process on the swollen gums, to prevent their giperpoverkhnosti and bare roots. In the future, restoring the gums to the bone, you need to install the prostheses, thereby replacing missing teeth.

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For the accelerated healing of the gingival tissue can be used St. John’s wort, chamomile, Calendulae broths.


Нарост на десне белого цветаWhen the gums have already appeared a painful tumor of white color, the reason that triggered this issue is of substandard events of hygiene of the oral cavity or in their absence. Disease called cyst of the gums.

A growth on the gums unlike the cysts are painless. And when the cyst during chewing the patient feels acute pain.

Also the pain is called when the touch Chistopolskogo growth.

The patient has:

  • deterioration of General health, it is weakened, it bothers headache;
  • body temperature increased, enlarged lymph nodes;
  • a sore mouth may worsen at night. Color build-up near the red.

Visually, the cyst has the appearance of a compacted formation, the insides of which are filled with pus, having a gray or white color.

Even the appearance of the cyst possibly due to untreated caries, pulpitis, chronic form of periodontitis, poor fillings root canal.

Injury to the gums also leads to the formation of cysts. But, unlike epulis, occurs in chronic trauma to the gum tissue, a cyst occurs when the accession of infection.

After a certain time period after the lump has formed, the patient noted reduction in pain, up to complete her absence. It is a sign of a fistula formed ─ the channel through which the liquid with pus cyst erupts into the oral cavity. That formed a fistula is the sign that appears on the build-up small red dot, which will seep purulent contents.


According to x-ray, the attending doctor will choose the treatment method. The doctor can clean the canals and to install a new seal. Any operational method will remove the lump and the root of the tooth in which it was formed. In the absence on an x-ray of the inflamed tooth tops, using local anesthesia, the cyst is cut, the entire contents shall be removed. Treatment of wounds and Нарост на десне белого цветаsuturing.

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In open surgeries, the removal of the growth is carried out with a laser. It lasts up to 3 hours.

The rehabilitation process can take from 2 weeks to 1 month. Thus there is complete wound healing, the inflammatory process is subsiding. In the postoperative period to the patient spend antibiotics, thereby notifying a secondary infection. It is also necessary to apply a rinsing treatment with herbal decoctions.

Reminder of the rules after removal of the growth:

  • accept food should be soft, not hot, not to injure the mouth;
  • eliminate harmful habits. Smoking reduces regenerative processes, alcohol irritated the mucous membrane;
  • not to make any sudden movements with his head to rip out your stitches.

Appeared a growth in the gums, regardless of whether it causes pain, discomfort, or not felt at all, is considered a valid reason for urgent treatment for dental care.