A rash on the language of the adult and child

A rash on the tongue causes great discomfort, especially while talking and eating and found this problem as an adult and a toddler. As for treatment, eliminate unpleasant sensations, using herbal teas and antiseptic solutions, but if the disease is only a symptom of a serious disease, such action will not result in 1-2 days all will return into place.

First you need to figure out the cause based on the results of the survey and type of lesions, because they can manifest in the form of bubbles with the liquid and in the form of sores and abscesses. In addition, the language can be covered with bloom, and red spots, and when dry, for example, a diabetic condition, cracks appear on its surface.

Causes of

Why rash on the tongue are different, but the main include:

  • Сыпь на языке у взрослого и ребенкаGlossitis. It occurs as a consequence of poor diet and bad habits e.g. Smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Because of these factors, the taste buds are damaged and the tongue becomes inflamed, and this is manifested with red spots on its surface. If you do not remove the causes of pathology, then it may pass into the chronic stage and to emerge with the decline in immunity;
  • Mechanical trauma. Most often it occurs during a meal due to careless handling of Cutlery may be in the execution of hygienic procedures, if you use a toothpick or a toothbrush with hard bristles. In addition, to receive such injury can be biting his tongue inadvertently or due to shock. To treat the resulting injuries can be decoctions and solutions, and keeping a strict oral hygiene;
  • Chronic and infectious disease. Rashes on the tongue often result from these types of diseases that are more common in adults, but if the underlying disease has been completely cured, the symptoms should go away;
  • Сыпь на языке у взрослого и ребенкаStomatitis. The main reasons for its appearance are considered hands dirty and poorly washed foods and often suffer from this disease are children. Toddlers often something bite and put unclean things in their mouth, from that and a stomatitis and as a consequence there is a rash on the tongue of the child. It manifests in the form of pimples and it is advisable to go to the doctor so he can prescribe a course of treatment;
  • Herpes. Rash when this virus is often appear on the lips, but also it can be and mucous. Pathology manifests itself in the form of small blisters filled with fluid. In most cases, the disease goes away within a week and enough to do gargle with antiseptic solutions or decoction of chamomile, but if it is more severe, you can go to the doctor to prescribe antiviral drugs.
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Each of these reasons deserves separate attention and individual treatment, but to find the culprit of pathology can be and the location of the rash.

The location of the rash

Localization of the rash can tell a lot about the disease, amid which it appeared and is an important detail during the inspection to make a diagnosis. The rash can be on such parts of the language:

  • Сыпь на языке у взрослого и ребенкаOn the tip of my tongue. Basically this place appears glossitis, which formed small bumps, but over time they become white pimples. The whole process is quite painful and while eating there is a strong discomfort, especially when eating hot or cold food;
  • At the base of the tongue. Rashes in this place is characteristic with stomatitis and is shaped like small pimples, which can be white and pink and bright red. Pathology causes severe pain and burning during meals and when swallowing saliva. If the rash is white, then it could be a yeast infection and treat it will have anti-fungal drugs;
  • Under the language. Rash in a place like this often appear, as in the first case of glossitis, and if the body temperature becomes higher than normal, swollen tonsils and lymph nodes, localized under the jaw, it can be the consequences of pharyngitis or tonsillitis. If under the tongue appeared inflamed and a layer of yellow plaque, we can assume that the fault lies in the salivary glands whose ducts were clogged;
  • On the lateral parts of the language. In most cases, the culprit is the disease, which was caused by poor oral hygiene or unwashed products.

Although some pathology and can only occur in certain parts of the language, but many of them are distributed on the entire surface and so it is sometimes difficult to tell exactly what disease caused such symptoms.

The definition of pathology by color

To know the pathology of a place of its localization is quite difficult, because these parts can be other similar diseases. More details to tell about the problem which caused such symptoms can the colour of the rashes, and it is this:

  • Сыпь на языке у взрослого и ребенкаWhite rash. Often seen with a yellowish tinge, and it is characteristic of stomatitis and thrush. For the first variant is characterized by the appearance of bumps on tongue and throat, and for the second characteristic of a thick layer of plaque in white;
  • A red rash. It can be ranging from pink to bright red hue and is found in Allergy, burns and herpes;
  • Black rash. The main cause is trauma and the color of the surface of the tongue becomes due to bleeding vessels in the result of their injuries.
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To find out the cause of a rash can be focusing on her color and appearance, as well as a place to locate, but the diagnosis must deal with the doctor. The man who has a similar symptom, it remains only to rinse your mouth decoctions of herbs and solutions with antiseptic properties, yet will not be able to visit a doctor.