A sore frenulum under the tongue: causes inflammation

The frenulum under the tongue, performs a connecting function and this language is retained in the desired position. If it is too short, then there is a problem with pronunciation of certain sounds and you must heal her immediately after the detection, because with age make it much harder.

If the frenulum under the tongue sore or very sore, you need to understand what reasons caused these symptoms and then get treatment from the right doctor.


In the bridle, and surrounding tissue are held in a large number of blood vessels and nerves. Besides, the mucosa is localized in this part has delicate surface and worse heals, so the discomfort of her injury persists for a long time. Pain appeared in this place are caused by such reasons:

  • Болит уздечка под языком: причины воспаленияInjury. It can be obtained as a result of damage to third party objects. In addition, possible thermal or chemical burn due to drinking hot liquids or different drugs;
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes. This problem arises due to running inflammatory processes, which are mostly caused by infections or if you have cancer. Pain may be given throughout the oral cavity;
  • Pathology of the salivary glands. The pain may occur due to blockage of bile ducts (calculous sialadenitis);
  • Allergic reaction. It occurs because of intolerance to components of the preparation used or on food;
  • Glossitis. This disease manifests as inflammation on the surface of the tongue and may develop into an abscess and even phlegmon. By itself, the case can not occur and is mainly caused by infection, and of the most common causes you can highlight dental disease and inadequate oral hygiene. Sometimes the disease occurs due to malfunction of the endocrine system, stress, various traumas and disease in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Anemia (anemia). There is this disease while reducing the level of hemoglobin in the blood and sometimes it is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the mouth;
  • Ringworm. It is called by the virus and thus there is severe pain in the oral cavity, which is enhanced during a meal;
  • Bad habits. For example in the frequent use of alcohol can disrupt the gastrointestinal tract, and harmful substances included in cigarettes can cause inflammation, once in the hairline fracture that appeared in my mouth.

The bridle has a large number of nerve endings and therefore arise where the pain is not always related to it, and often the impact of diseases of the teeth or gums.

Initially, you need to come to the dentist or the therapist that he found the cause of the problem, and then prescribed a course of treatment or redirected to a more narrow specialists, such as speech pathologist or hematologist.

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If you experience such symptom, localized for language, you need to consult your doctor, because the tissue in this area is really delicate and hard to be treated at advanced stages.


The frenulum under the tongue can get inflammation and it manifests itself in the form of small lumps, which are actually not visible in the early stages. To discover them can unless the doctor on time of oral examination.

Of reasons can cause inflammation in the bridle quite a lot, but most often they are:

  • Болит уздечка под языком: причины воспаленияSurgery. Such a reason is relevant if operation was performed for the correction of bridles. The area of mucous membrane under the tongue heals quite long and hard, requiring a long rehabilitation;
  • Infection. They are considered the most common cause of the inflammatory process. For the treatment need to understand the type of infection in order to choose the correct medicine;
  • Dental pathology and defects. If the tooth is damaged, its sharp edges can injure the soft tissues in the oral cavity;
  • Allergic reaction. Often the inflammation is caused by hypersensitivity to the medicine or food product and, in consequence, swollen tongue;
  • Enlarged lymph nodes. They may experience discomfort and inflammation in the mouth and causes this phenomenon quite a lot starting from cold and ending with cancer.

When there is inflammation in the mouth you need to rinse it with antiseptic solutions after each meal, for example, hlorgeksidinom. This will allow to deal with the symptoms, but if the problem lies in the fact that you were injured bridle, it will help to remove swelling and pain and accelerate the regeneration process.

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Regardless of whether there is inflammation or only a discomfort, you should consult a doctor after the appearance of the first signs, because they may be the result of a more serious disease.