An abscess on the gums and its treatment at home

Abscess of the gums is inflammation, in which pus accumulates in one place. At the same time begin to melt the surrounding tissue, and around him formed a kind of cavity. In people, this pathology is called an abscess or a boil.

Нарыв на десне и его лечение в домашних условияхReasons are pathogens, for example Staphylococcus or Streptococcus, which penetrate into the body due to weakened immunity, poor hygiene and in endocrine disorders (diabetes). In addition, doctors claim that these microbes gradually accumulate in meedeniya pockets, so the gum abscess can be completely avoided if the time to begin to monitor the cleanliness in the oral cavity. In addition, dentists often diagnosed an abscess on the gums after goes untreated gingivitis or other periodontal diseases.

Also announced, there are those factors that cause the gum abscess:

  • Mechanical damage due to shock;
  • Incorrect treatment, for example, poorly machined or the wrong size the seal not adapted to oral cavity prostheses;
  • Damage gums or enamel of tooth is dirty subject.

Regardless of the reasons that caused the problem, you need to know what to do when the gums over the tooth festers and there is no possibility to get to the doctor to alleviate the condition in the home.

Home therapy

When gum festers, it is urgent to begin treatment, or soon you can lose a healthy tooth, and to know what to do to avoid such complications you need a doctor, but if not yet, you should start with rinsing the mouth. For this purpose, suitable disinfecting solutions according to the type of dilute potassium permanganate, and soda-saline with the addition of 2-3 drops of iodine. In addition, for treatment at home abscess on the gums suited decoctions of herbs with antiseptic properties (camomile, Melissa).

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Нарыв на десне и его лечение в домашних условияхMedication to reduce pain from abscess on the gums, as in the case of other pathologies, namely using analgesics according to the type tempalgin and kitanova, but keep in mind that the problem so you treat it will fail, and will only remove the symptoms.

In addition to tablets and rinses, treat abscess, located on the gums need gentle care, which will require to buy a brush with soft bristles during the brushing motion near the nidus should be softer and not to forget carefully with floss to get remnants of food stuck.

It is important to note contraindications, doctors are prohibited during the course of treatment to make a hot compress on the location of the abscess on the gums because such action will exacerbate the problem and accelerate the growth of microbes. To slow down this process, maybe the heat, applied at the site of inflammation.

Making infusions

To prepare a mouthwash is not as difficult if you know how to do it, but need to strictly follow the policy not to cause complications wrong with the mixture.

Cooking instructions:

  • A solution of soda and salt. This mixture is a good antiseptic, and the components for it will are actually in any apartment. To prepare the solution you will need to take a tablespoon of salt and baking soda in a pint of water, and then, to improve the effect is to add 2 drops of iodine all together and mix thoroughly. Apply the finished mixture can then cool down and recommended to do it after each meal;
  • Нарыв на десне и его лечение в домашних условияхCold. In inflammatory processes has long been customary to attach a piece of ice to the site of injury, and if not, the frozen meat or water. In addition, the well will act rinse cold liquid or a solution, if there is no hypersensitivity in teeth and gums. This method has received a lot of good reviews due to the fact that the cooling of soft tissues, inflammation in them slows down and it becomes less swelling and discomfort subside;
  • A solution of peroxide. The mixture made from this drug, well disinfects the oral cavity and slows down the inflammatory process. To prepare it you will need to take an ordinary drugstore 3% hydrogen peroxide and mix with the same amount of water. To use this tool better not more often than 1 time a day, for example, after sleep, and it may appoint a physician after opening the abscess;
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Such methods will be able to answer the question how to treat an abscess on the gum at home, but it is possible to use and folk ways.

Traditional methods of treatment

Age many people believe that there is no method better than the national and to treat an abscess on the gum, you can use those tools:

  • Нарыв на десне и его лечение в домашних условияхGreen tea has always been considered a rich source of antioxidants that can reduce inflammation. For treatment will need to rinse your mouth with strong brewed beverage, preferably loose leaf varieties, and to do the procedure many times, the main thing that after eating it is necessarily carried out;
  • Decoction of chamomile. The flower leaves are considered a good antiseptic, not causing allergic reactions. For cooking it is advisable to buy at the pharmacy picking daisies, then take 3-4 tablespoons of the component and to fill them in a half litre container of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. Before rinsing well the broth should drain and wait until it cools down;
  • Al. For some it is the subject of the scenery, but many people know about its medicinal properties. A three-year al is able to disinfect wounds and reduce inflammation, but this age effect is rather weak and it is better to wait. To use this tool you need to cut off the leaf and cut it in half, then you can either squeeze the juice out of it for application on the gums, or applying the pulp to the damage.

After studying these techniques the question of what to do if the gum has formed, the abscess is more relevant, but you need to understand that they are all designed to reduce inflammation and slow it down, but not cured completely and the treatment at the dentist anyway need.

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