An ointment for the gums from inflammation and gel forest balm analgesic

Irritation or even bleeding gums is a sign that the cavity is something is clearly not right and enhanced cleaning of the teeth is unlikely to help. Dentists, if you experience such unpleasant symptoms recommend starting to use special creams and gels for the treatment of irritation of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

It is worth noting the fact that the ointment for the inflammation of the gums based on fat is a small effective in treating. It is better to choose the dental treatment gels for the gums and teeth.

The reason for this is that the tool can be quickly swallowed with saliva, and that the tool only works on the upper layers of the gums, while not penetrating deep into. Therefore, to apply ointment to treat inflammation in the mouth is not effective, it is better to use gels. Dosage form of the drug in gel form is a tool that is well fixed on the mucous membrane, besides the medicinal components contained in them, fast enough to penetrate deep into the tissue and provide an analgesic effect.

The advantages of gel

  • Мазь для десен от воспаления и гель лесной бальзам обезболивающийEasy way to apply gel to the gums just apply on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and immediately starts to act;
  • Accessibility — to purchase the creams and gels to the gums can all who need it, however, it is worth remembering that to self-medicate in any case it is impossible, before applying you need to contact your dentist for advice;
  • Safety ointment for gums with the disease and inflammation — as the tool is applied topically, the great danger of penetration of active substances into the blood there, and thus the impact on the General condition of the body is minimal;
  • Quick response — an ointment for the gums from the strong inflammation, as well as gel, is applied directly to the affected area, so that the pain sensation and signs of inflammation quickly removed;
  • Almost absolute absence of side effects. The drug has no adverse impacts in the worst case, the gel simply does not work;
  • The occasional side effect in the form of unpleasant itching or burning sensation, but it passes quickly, in this case, it is better not to apply this soothing gel for sore gums.
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    Basic drugs

    Drugs used in the form of gels for the treatment of gingivitis, venous ulcers and periodontitis. Treatment is performed by means of an application to the inflamed area of gums.


    Мазь для десен от воспаления и гель лесной бальзам обезболивающий“Holisal” preparation containing salicylate and retalation chloride, and due to its high degree of efficiency. Today it is one of the best means of treatment of gingivitis.

    Pharmacological effect:

    • Anti-inflammatory action (reduces bleeding);
    • Antimicrobial effect (improves bacterial environment in the mouth);
    • Anesthetic effect.

    Analgesic effect Holesale is one of its main advantages. Estimated cost for one tube of the drug is approximately 300-350 rubles.

    Metrogyl Denta is an effective ointment for the gums

    Effective ointment for the gums, which reduces inflammation and bleeding. It contains two main active elements: chlorhexidine and metronidazole. Metrogyl Denta although called ointment, the manufacturer indicates that it is a gel to the gums.

    It is used like any other tool with the same way of application:

  • Мазь для десен от воспаления и гель лесной бальзам обезболивающийBrush your teeth;
  • Dry mouth with a cotton swab;
  • Apply the preparation on the gums, locally in the places where they are inflamed;
  • At the time of the action of the drug to be limited from eating and drinking.
  • Prevention is necessary to apply the remedy for one and a half to two weeks, 2 times a day. Do not use the drug to children under 6 years. Average cost of gel 160-200 rubles.

    Forest balm — another effective remedy

    For the treatment of inflammations can be used not only gels, but and forest balsam. This conditioner is not so much as a medical drug as a prophylactic. It should be used after each brushing your teeth with a toothbrush. Forest balsam is produced by classical technology with the use of natural components. Trade a number of products from this manufacturer includes a lot of different tools that have common components. So, in opolaskivanie invariably included:

    • Мазь для десен от воспаления и гель лесной бальзам обезболивающийWater;
    • Alcohol;
    • Glycerin;
    • Antistatic;
    • Retainer;
    • The film-forming material;
    • Moisturizer and softener.
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    This number of components gives the tool not only useful properties, but also the color, which it has, smell, taste, etc. because of the large spectrum of active ingredients, apply the mouthwash on a regular basis is not recommended.

    The main active ingredients, which contains forest balsa is ethanol, triclosan, fluoride, and various natural extracts of various plants, from the most recent and depends on the kind of mouthwash.

    So, wild extract may contain: a decoction of oak bark, yarrow, aloe Vera, extracts of nettle, Echinacea and so on. The solution may be sold in bottles of various sizes — 250, and 400 ml.

    Pharmacological effect:

  • Мазь для десен от воспаления и гель лесной бальзам обезболивающийThe increase in salivary secretion;
  • Improving the protective function of the oral mucosa and teeth;
  • The less bleeding;
  • Reduce inflammation;
  • Analgesic effect
  • Reduction of discomfort when wearing dentures.
  • For each case, and manifestations of the various symptoms are your forest balsam.

    After shampooing, you need some time to wait with a meal that the active ingredients have time to penetrate into the tissues of the oral cavity. In any case it is impossible to apply the balm inside.

    Determining the right tools

    The manufacturer produces chemicals to eliminate each problem. In order to ascertain which of these drugs is required in this case, you need to identify the symptoms and indications. For the purposes of ascertaining the symptoms it is better to consult the dentist so that he gave the recommendations.

    Remember: do Not use the rinse more than the required rate, because the product contains several active substances that with prolonged use addictive the microflora of the oral cavity, thereby reducing the effectiveness of other prophylactic agents, including anti-inflammatory creams and gels for the gums cease to operate.

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    In addition to the means for rinsing the mouth, the manufacturer recently presented a still gel patients gum forest balsam. Consumer reviews indicate that this tool is one of the best in the domestic market.