Antibiotics the flux gums: lincomycin, tsiprolet, doxycycline

The flux (periodontitis) gums doctors prescribe antibiotics to treat at home that reduce swelling of the cheeks and inflammation, and prevent the spread of infection. They affect the entire body, which confirms their effectiveness, but at the same time these drugs have contraindications and side effects.

Although antibiotics are considered to be a cure for the flux on the gums and they are bought in a pharmacy without a prescription, but after a course of these pills can be removed only inflammation, but not treated the root of the tooth, which could melt if the pathology was running. For this reason, after medical therapy at home need to come to the doctor for examination of the oral cavity and further instructions.

A course of antibiotics

To treat the flu, and other infectious diseases of need using antibiotics, because they have a strong antibacterial effect and apply their effects to all tissues of the body, and this can be done while at home. Often they are used after a tooth extraction, despite the processing of holes with a disinfectant solution until it heals Антибиотики при флюсе десны: линкомицин, ципролет, доксициклинa lot of time and these drugs can protect it from pathogens.

If the antibiotics start to take at an early stage of development of the teeth flux, the treatment and it is limited. In this situation, surgical intervention is not required, because an abscess will form and it will not need to open. If treatment was initiated too late, then it will have to be cut to release the accumulated pus, but otherwise you can lose healthy teeth due to the fact that their roots will gradually melt.

As for the drug, it is not recommended to drink without a doctor’s permission, because each type of antibiotic is focused on a specific group of bacteria and only a doctor will be able to tell which one you should choose. It should be noted and the effectiveness of the medication depends on the stage and course of disease, individual tolerance of the composition, patient age and many other details.

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Not to ask what antibiotics you should drink the flux, it is recommended to discuss this with the doctor or to pay attention to this list:

  • Tsifran and tsiprolet. The main active substance ciprofloxacin hydrochloride;
  • Doxycycline. Based on the doxycycline hydrochloride;
  • Lincomycin. Mainly consists of lincomycin hydrochloride.

Such antibiotics will help reduce inflammation your gums the flux, but keep in mind that medications in this group more than 2 weeks is prohibited, because it displays addictive and the bacteria adapt to the medication and it will no longer be able to act.

Treatment under the control of the doctor

The perpetrators of the abscess are the streptococcal and staphylococcal bacteria, and to Антибиотики при флюсе десны: линкомицин, ципролет, доксициклинeffectively deal with them, the doctor must choose an antibiotic that in its composition has the components to fight infections of this type at the same dosage for each case must be individualized. The drug must be taken only under the guidance of a specialist, because inexperienced people are not aware of how much and in what quantity to take such medicines.

In addition, to know the severity of the disease, its course, and to determine whether adverse reactions after taking antibiotics a simple man also can not and this will need to be examined in the hospital at the dentist.

The choice of medication and method of treatment

The choice of antibiotic for the treatment of flux is an important step and first, the doctor identificeret infection caused pathology. When the analysis is done and the bacteria identified is selected type of therapy and medicines. If the case is not severe then it will be enough to drink the right kind of antibiotics and to enhance the effect, like physical therapy. It includes:

  • High-frequency electric field (RF);
  • Ultravista (UHF);
  • Ultra-high (UHF).

Type of exposure is selected individually and the effect of the procedure helps to quickly remove swelling.

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If the disease is started, it will be necessary to open the abscess. This is actually always after surgery must be placed in the cavity drainage for 2-3 days to drain Антибиотики при флюсе десны: линкомицин, ципролет, доксициклинfluid. After surgery you can start taking antibiotics to kill the remnants of the infection and not allow new germs to get into the wound, and also for the speedy healing of the wound is recommended to combine conventional treatment with physiotherapy.

Warm place, where it is localized periostitis is prohibited. Because in heat, the bacteria begin to multiply rapidly and this exposure to enhance blood flow, which can cause the spillage of pus and thereby increase inflammation. Bandages should not be used on the wound, while antibiotics are taken.

Do not take aspirin during treatment with flux, because he might be the culprit of the bleeding.

Antibiotics the flux, must be picked up by the doctor individually according to what the survey results were obtained, but usually doctors advise to take at home such preparations:

  • Tsifran is designed to eliminate the germs that caused the inflammation and is great with the flux. Receiving medication are allowed from the age of 16 and is made in the form of injections for intravenous use;
  • Tsiprolet has long been proved as effective against the pathogens causing the abscess. It cleanses the body from infection and helps to quickly remove swelling of the cheek. In addition, the flux tsiprolet not give bacteria to multiply, which leads them to an early death;
  • Антибиотики при флюсе десны: линкомицин, ципролет, доксициклинLincomycin is an antibacterial medication that penetrates deeply into tissue, which is extremely useful for the flux. Despite this he has a lot of contraindications, so you need to consult with your doctor;
  • Doxycycline prescribed for flux and refers to drugs with a volume range of activities. However, the drug has many side effects, so it is not recommended to apply it without the knowledge of the doctor.

Each of these drugs can fight infection when the abscess, but also they are very hard perceived by the body, so you need to get acquainted with the user manual before use.

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Form release of antibiotics

Choose what form to take an antibiotic need based on individual characteristics, because each of them has its pros and cons, such as:

  • Антибиотики при флюсе десны: линкомицин, ципролет, доксициклинThe drug is in the form of a gel is applied to the inflammation and due to its composition is quite firmly held in one place and quickly relieves pain and inflammation in the early stages. You can use it 3 times a day;
  • The antibiotic pills that are taken internally, and dosage it is recommended to find out from your doctor or from the instruction, but unlike gels, this form of medicines there are contraindications associated with abnormalities of the heart and the stomach;
  • Injection is the fastest way to transport the antibiotic into the blood. To make an injection in a muscle or vein and the treatment results will be visible much earlier than after applying gels and tablets.

Antibiotics is an integral part of the treatment of periodontitis and other dental pathologies that were caused by an infection, but the body’s chemical components in these drugs are also dangerous and should be on prescription and not for longer than the specified period.