Antiseptic for oral anti-inflammatory drugs

The oral cavity requires constant hygienic care. The use of toothpaste, mouthwashes and toothbrushes should become an attribute of your life. But sometimes this is not enough and you need to apply antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. These measures are necessary for the treatment of viral infections and as a preventive measure.

Children may receive a disease, which requires treatment with the use of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you buy your child an antiseptic toothpaste, it might help avoid infections. Any anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of oral cavity it is better to buy at the pharmacy. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. In the store you can buy a fake and the desired result is reached. But if it is bad quality, you can even harm your health.

Prophylactic antisepsis

We list the most used antiseptic for the mouth, many of them have anti-inflammatory action:

  • Антисептик для полости рта: противовоспалительные препараты«After» — the gel, applied the spot, antiseptic;
  • «Kalgel» — a dental gel, antiseptic;
  • «Lakalyut Asset» — a toothpaste that has anti-caries and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • «Lakalyut Asset Forte» — anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action;
  • «Rustle Antiblack» — removes plaque, and antiseptic;
  • «Ointment Sensitiv» to take care of tooth enamel, strengthens it, antiseptic;
  • «Ointment spray for the mouth» — freshens breath, antiseptic;
  • «Lakalyut white» — a toothpaste that strengthens tooth enamel, removes plaque, and antiseptic;
  • «Metrogyl Denta» gel for the gums;
  • «Sabedin» — lozenges;
  • «Tantum Verde» — spray, anti-inflammatory;
  • «Holisal» gel for gums, anti-inflammatory.

These funds can be used every day. In the morning in the care of teeth gels or toothpastes. During the day, suitable sprays and tablets for sucking. They can help you to carry out disinfection of the oral cavity, if you teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay or periodontal disease.

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Try to care for the oral cavity after each meal and the possibility of development of infectious diseases will be virtually eliminated.


But there are times when beauty products do not and requires treatment. The choice of drug must be done by the doctor to prescribe a scheme of its application. For medicinal purposes usually use «Chlorhexidine» or «Triclosan». They are able to influence the microflora.

  • Антисептик для полости рта: противовоспалительные препаратыChlorhexidine, developed on the basis of biguanide. It is used in many toothpastes therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Its use allows to get rid of viruses, fungal diseases, bacteria and reduce their number in saliva. It absorbs the bacteria on the surface of teeth. This drug can anesthetize if you have a sore tooth or gums. But if it’s to long to use in paste form can appear Tartar. Therefore, the duration of application it is better to agree with your doctor. It is virtually the only side effect from this drug.
  • «Triclosan» is able to rid you of fungal diseases of mucous membrane. It can be used as a germicide. When the time came or when experiencing an unpleasant smell from the mouth. But better consult a doctor and find out the reason for it.

In the course of infectious diseases of the oral cavity, together with the use of drugs is recommended to follow a diet. Need to give up salty, fatty and very carefully brush your teeth. After treatment, change your toothbrush or guide of infection. Such measures are necessary to not get povtornoe of infection in the cavity.

Peroxide is a good antiseptic

Антисептик для полости рта: противовоспалительные препаратыMost affordable antibacterial agent for oral cavity can be called a solution of hydrogen peroxide. It is used for prophylactic rinsing and treatment of infectious diseases. This solution has a side effect and is able to whiten your teeth a few shades.

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The peroxide is diluted in the ratio of one to three. But be sure to pay what concentration the peroxide and contact your dentist. When using hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant you can not use it inside. Rinse with this solution it is not necessary to swallow. After use rinse your mouth with water. The taste of hydrogen peroxide is not very pleasant. But in order to avoid discomfort you can add a little mint and rinsing will not be a challenge.

Efficacy cannot be predicted by its value. An experienced dentist will recommend you the tool that will suit you individually and it is necessary to check possible allergic reaction.

«Rotokan» helps in the treatment of inflammatory processes

Антисептик для полости рта: противовоспалительные препаратыPeriodontal disease refers to an inflammatory disease and affects the gums, near the teeth. So you need to use anti-inflammatory drugs. For this purpose, suitable solution «Rotokan». This drug is developed on a natural basis.

In a glass of water, use 10 – 15 drops «of Rotokana» and gargle this solution your mouth. Just after a few applications the swelling goes down. If disease occurs in more complex form, you can wet the cotton in the net «Rotokan» and apply to the gums. The effect will come very fast. But before using any drug visit your doctor. In this case, it will be a periodontist.

If the form of disease is very complex may require more complex treatment, and «Rotokan» can be used as a preventive measure.

Traditional medicine

Disinfectants for treatment of the oral cavity can be prepared at home. For this, you can make a decoction of chamomile, calendula. Herbs can be purchased at the pharmacy or collect in the summer. Procure them very easily. Harvested, dried and then use at the right time. The main thing is to ensure that the grass is not damp and not covered with dust.

From medicinal herbs to make tea and drink it every day. Many plants not only have antiseptic properties, and can become a serious prevention of complex diseases. To choose suitable you will help the doctor. In the presence of chronic diseases necessarily aligned to the adoption of any drugs with him.

Antiseptic mouthwash oral do not need to be long. A maximum of one day, and it is best to use immediately after preparation.

When you maintain immunity in the right tone, the proper care of the oral cavity and nutrition, your body will be able to resist with any diseases. Drugs are likely to help him in this, but only after consultation with your doctor.