Are bleeding gums in pregnancy: treatment

During pregnancy a woman’s body occurs hormonal changes. As a result of disturbed mineral metabolism that may lead to the development of caries and inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Bleeding gums during pregnancy occurs due to gingivitis or periodontitis.

Causes and symptoms of gum disease

If pregnancy bleeding gums one day, then the cause may be hormonal failure. Such a state passes quickly and does not cause much discomfort. If this symptom is present continuously, there is a painful, burning sensation in mucous membranes, it is necessary to visit a doctor for treatment. The reason for the development of gingivitis in pregnant women is:

  • Кровоточат десна при беременности: лечениеdisruption of the normal microflora of the mouth;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • Tartar deposits;
  • disorders of mineral metabolism and blood circulation in the tissues of the alveolar process;
  • a weakened immune system;
  • infectious disease;
  • pathology of the digestive system.

Gingivitis affects the marginal part of the gums and interdental papillae. While the mucous membranes are sore, swollen, bleed during brushing the teeth and palpation, becoming dark red or bluish hue, there is unpleasant smell from the mouth, the teeth are covered by the dense bacterial plaque. The disease has several stages, can affect a different area. The acute form is characterized by pronounced signs and the one most easily treated. In the initial stages affects only the gum at the base of the crowns, the area between the teeth, then the inflammatory process gradually covers the entire mucous membrane of the alveolar process.

Bleed and very sore gums during pregnancy, it is dangerous to the fetus, what to do? If time does not seek medical acute gingivitis becomes chronic, threatening complications to women’s health and the unborn baby. Significantly increases the risk of premature birth. Newborn babies are underweight, they used Кровоточат десна при беременности: лечениеspoiled milk teeth.

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If you do not spend a timely treatment of bleeding gums in pregnancy, the disease can infect the deeper tissues of the alveolar bone, the ligaments that hold the teeth in the hole. Developing periodontitis. This disease is accompanied by acute inflammatory process, increase in body temperature, which is especially dangerous for the expectant mother and her child. Formation of deep periodontal pockets, which may release pus. In severe stages loose teeth.

When is the best time to treat

It is recommended to avoid dental treatment during the first trimester of pregnancy. During this period it is dangerous to take medications, as the formation of vital systems and organs of the fetus. If a strong exacerbation of gingivitis supportive therapy gentle ways.

The most appropriate time for treatment is accounted for 13-24 weeks of pregnancy. In the third trimester increases the risk of premature birth, therefore, therapeutic treatments is better to postpone the birth of a child. At this period women the hardest, increased blood pressure, quickens the heartbeat, any stress is contraindicated.

When visiting the dentist it is necessary to inform him about the situation. The doctor will select an appropriate course of treatment.

Methods of treatment

Hard Tartar is a place where a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the treatment begins with the removal of mineral deposits. For pregnant women do not use modern methods of cleaning teeth with ultrasound or laser. Remove dental plaque, stone by hand.

Assigned regular antiseptic rinse mouth 5-6 times a day. Do this solution of baking soda or a decoction of medicinal herbs. From healing herbs you can use chamomile, calendula flowers, aloe Vera. Not to brew sage, as it increases the tone of the uterus and can cause spontaneous abortion.

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Кровоточат десна при беременности: лечениеUseful to wipe the inflamed areas of the gums and natural essential oils of clove, tea tree, fir or birch. Tools speed the healing of tissue repair, reduce inflammation, swelling, reduce bleeding. Help of application of aloe Vera pulp, fresh plantain to swollen mucous.

During treatment, appointed by the diet, eliminating foods that irritate and may injure inflamed gums. You must add in your daily diet more fresh fruits and vegetables. Such foods are rich in vitamins E, C, A, minerals, natural amino acids.

If bleeding and swollen gums during pregnancy, it is useful to massage the mucous membranes. Procedure is made by the thumb and index finger, carefully stretching the entire alveolar process of both jaws. Natural massage is by eating solid foods: apples, pears, carrots. This will help to strengthen the gums, to normalize mineral metabolism, improve blood circulation.

At the first symptoms of gum disease, you must consult a doctor. He will prescribe a suitable treatment, taking account of pregnancy prescribe medicines which do not harm the unborn baby. Don’t forget about regular visits to the dentist in order to treat dental caries, to prevent the development of inflammation. It is impossible to self-medicate with folk remedies without first consulting a specialist.