Baby tooth fell out and the root grows

Anomalies in the development of the human body – a fact that is not surprising in its scope and presence in the modern world. Reasons for the presence of pathological changes in the formation of human jaw can be a disease, genetically transmitted disorder of the endocrine system, and diseases caused by various infections.

What is the cause of the appearance of shark teeth in children than it is dangerous for the overall health of the child and what measures should be taken to get rid of the problem? The answers to these and many other questions will try to explain in the article below.

«Shark» teeth in children

Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растет
This name is when a baby tooth has not yet fallen, and the root grows near.

Abnormalities in development of jaws person is enough from the point of view of medical theory. However, in life, these diseases occur much less frequently than described in the specialized directories of dentistry. Surprisingly, in practice there have been cases when babies were born with one, two or multiple teeth formed in the womb.

The first baby teeth are called temporary or milk. As a rule, they grow from 4 — 6 months. However, we should not forget that the growth of the individual and do not give the overall assessment. Some children feel the presence of the future teeth can be in 1.5 months with careful checking of the gums to the touch. But to fully grow teeth in this case, not fast, and finally cut to only 9 months.

There are also cases when the parents saw that tooth, and new and began to grow. To be upset about it not worth it. The teeth one way or another will erupt, which would not have been a delay in the time of their full shift.

The order and timing of replacing the old tooth for a new

In the classical view of the natural process of teething takes place in the order determined by age and individual characteristics of formation of the child’s body. Anybody does not surprise that the tooth of the child during the period of early physiological development, being dairy – drops, and replace the temporary root comes. This change in most cases occurs in children aged 6 years and older. The sequence of deposition is determined by nature.

The order and timing of the replacement of the former teeth to permanent, indigenous, presented in the table below:

Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растет

Following from the information in this figure it can be concluded that the timing of the replacement of one tooth, which is milk, the new is not precisely defined and cover the age interval on average from 6 to 12 years.

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The first change of teeth, as seen, falls on 6-year-old age. Further the process goes in sequence, ahead of deadlines, being formed according to the usual scheme or lingering in its development. No matter how. The result of natural growth become smooth and beautiful teeth, why, own, and seek the parents of both boys and girls.

Causes of «shark» teeth

Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растетIn medical practice there are cases when a molar tooth is growing right over a milk tooth, and the latter also fell and remains in the same place.

In the case when the permanent tooth is parallel to the dairy, doctors diagnose the disease, referred to as «shark» teeth or syndrome «shark» jaws. The name of the disease comes from the anatomical structure of the teeth of the shark, which in this case manifests itself in humans by analogy. Because fish of this species the teeth are arranged in three-row fine.

The main causes of disease in the development of the jaw include the following factors:

  • illness of an infectious nature in the time of active eruption of new teeth;
  • individual peculiarity of the organism, genetically determined;
  • the effects of rickets present in the anamnesis;
  • hypogonadism, or so-called delay in sexual development that is characterized by a pronounced delay of puberty from the General formation of the body. This happens due to abnormal hormonal production, resulting in an infantile state of adolescence.

As soon as the new tooth grows, the root belonging to the old, while still in the gum may be dissolved gradually. Whereby the latter is simply loosened and falls out. To accelerate the process of change often help with the children themselves. Certainly any parent will remember how rocked their baby teeth hands or tongue. And some boldly boast, so he ripped them yourself, than of course, very proud.

You need to understand that normal jaw development is always happy as kids waiting for the tooth fairy, and their parents. What can be said about such pathologies as «shark» teeth, adentia, enamel hypoplasia, diastema, and many others.

Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растетAs for our topic, in practice there is indeed such a situation when the root of baby tooth does not dissolve fast enough and the next tooth comes out parallel to the first. This fact makes the new incisors to erupt where their formation is not necessary, creating a frightening picture of the mouth of the baby.

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The most difficult period, due to the high risk of shark attack is considered the age of 6 years, i.e. the time of the initial cutting of the permanent teeth, and the age of 11 – the penultimate stage of the formation of the jaws.

Experts note that this anomaly is most often found in the eruption of incisors located on the lower jaw. However, in the practice of dentistry the known facts of the growth of the permanent teeth next to the upper incisors and molars.

How serious is it?

In most cases, such an anomaly as «shark’s teeth», poses no danger. However, to assess performance deviations have parents, not avoiding the opinion of a qualified dentist. Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растетBecause cases of the disease are different, respectively, the approach to treatment will be formed on an individual scheme, depending on the degree of development of the disease, the diagnosed patient. As a rule, cases of massive filling of the mouth with extra teeth, relatively rare. Basically, the root of the milk tooth breaks down rapidly and the space for the permanent. Thus, the situation when the molar inexplicably grows without waiting for the loss of milk, is excluded.

Before you begin to seriously panic at the sight of crooked teeth growing parallel, be aware that concerns may not be. «Shark» jaw is rarely a manifestation of a complex disease. Often orthodontists recommends that you wait for the permanent teeth that grow behind the milk that will shift the latter, then you can easily say that they have dropped, and the problem disappeared. In addition, specialists can offer to get rid of these anomalies by using the procedure to remove one or more milk teeth. This solution allows to get rid of unnecessary vestige of the much faster and easier, without forcing the patient to experience prolonged discomfort.

The reason for going to the dentist:

  • if after 3 months from the date of occurrence of superfluous tooth, the situation has not changed. Also, have you noticed that the milk incisor, molar or the canine are placed in the gums are stable and are unlikely on their own fall;
  • if the old tooth is severely loose, but still fell. Expert advice is important if the child is not physically worried about the fact the parallel growth of the series.
  • if the milk tooth was inflamed and causes severe pain. Studies have shown to suffer from severe pain in diseases of the teeth is expressly prohibited. This is due to the possibility of complications, which may lead to problems of the cardiovascular or nervous systems.

IMPORTANT: do not tighten the process of consultation with a specialist. Especially if the change is accompanied by pain, inflammation and weeping of the baby. It’s much worse than the situation when the milk teeth have long fallen out and the permanent teeth are not in a hurry to grow.


Молочный зуб не выпал, а коренной растетMost studies in the field of dentistry confirmed that the syndrome of «shark» jaws, or when a molar tooth is growing right here, mostly does not lead to the future occurrence of dental problems in the future. Although some contemporary scholars continue to argue about this, arguing that other data obtained by scientists of the Soviet period of development of medicine.

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Dentistry usually suggest to wait a certain period of time (not more than 3 months), and to adhere to the following regimen:

  • daily sanitation of the oral cavity of the classical type;
  • gargle with a weak solution of baking soda or sea salt;
  • rinsing the oral cavity with special concoctions of herbs which are anti-inflammatory;
  • the use of homeopathic tablets or dental gels, muted pain syndrome;
  • food only liquid food, for example cereals, mashed potatoes or soups.

If the aforementioned recommendations do not help, then, usually after examination of the expert, the latter advises the only correct method of getting rid of pain and discomfort is a tooth, to make space for molar. Such a method is more than effective, as it gives way to proper growth of new and permanent tooth, which in the case of timely eruption will be displaced to the right place.

The process of establishing the correct position of canines, incisors or molars after removing the extra tooth can take from 2 weeks to 9 months. If after this time the situation does not improve, it is best to enlist the help of an orthodontist. Because early diagnosis and properly treatment plan will help you to avoid a number of dysfunctional consequences and complications.