Bad breath: causes and treatment

Bad breath confuses even the most persistent people because to communicate, to reach people with this «gift» sometimes even ashamed. But to avoid people just because of the foul-smelling aromas the mouth is impossible, therefore, to search for warrants elimination of this disease. Bad breath is only a symptom, a manifestation of certain disorders in the human body, so to eliminate it, you need to find the causes of bad breath.

How to understand that there is a problem

Before you run to the pharmacy with multipage homemade drug list, you must narrow down potential causes of the pathology, and it is best to consult a sensible doctor. With such a task handled by the experienced dentist, which problems in the oral cavity will understand what needs to be treated and what specialist should continue to apply.

But first you need to understand whether you have an unpleasant odor from the mouth. The easiest way to ask someone close to you to admit it honestly, but it doesn’t always work, and if you’re shy, it won’t help. Then left to diagnose yourself halitosis (the so-called this pathology in medicine) alone. How to do it?

  • Неприятный запах изо рта: причины и лечениеFold the palm cupped and breathe into it, and then quickly put it to his nose. I hear the stench? Gather your thoughts and prepare to treat the latter-day illness.
  • Use dental floss. Wiping between his teeth and sniffing it, can definitely tell you have bad breath or not.
  • You can also «sniff» the surface of the tongue and cheeks. For this you need to wipe them with a cotton pad, lightly, and then smell it.
  • There are other ways to determine the presence of halitosis, but we have tried to mention the most simple and affordable options that do not require any special skills.

    Why there is this anomaly

    The causes of strong and unpleasant breath are rooted in various features of the oral cavity, digestive system, oral hygiene. Let’s look at why do I get bad breath. Consider halitosis causes.

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  • Incorrect selection of means of hygiene of the oral cavity. If you think you may fit any toothbrush, it is not so, because this unit is required to cope with specific tasks and not just to wash the tooth enamel. The brush should be moderately hard and fairly maneuverable. This is to ensure that it was easy to clean off even the most hard-to-reach plaque.
  • The lack of proper oral hygiene
  • Be sure to brush your teeth at least two times a day, and ideally this should be done every time after a meal.

    Especially at risk of developing halitosis those who ignore brushing your teeth at night, because during the rest of the human oral cavity is a perfect reservoir for bacteria. Night changes the consistency of saliva and it makes your mouth an ideal place for the life of the parasites.

  • Bad habits
  • Неприятный запах изо рта: причины и лечениеExcessive addiction towards Smoking can lead to chronic halitosis. Also, this habit increases the chances of lesions of the oral cavity organs various diseases.

  • The presence of carious cavities in the teeth
  • A cavity is a local collection of germs on the teeth, therefore, these morbid formations can Deplete odor. The doctors still have no accurate tactics of fight against tooth decay, but if you suspect it, you should contact the dentist.

  • Systemic diseases
  • Some diseases manifest themselves with an unpleasant smell from the mouth. If you have any symptoms, except for the halitosis, hurry to the doctor. They often lead to changes in the composition of the saliva, which affects the flavor from the oral cavity.

  • A wrong diet
  • With halitosis may face people who eat too much fast food, fizzy drinks, sweets, simple carbohydrates. In the case when for no other reason, should review your diet and make changes to it.

    In any case, faced with the fact that there is bad breath, you should pay maximum attention to hygiene and General health.

    Risk group

  • People with endocrine disorders and hormonal disruptions – they are intended the therapist.
  • Patients with disorders of the salivary glands, are prone to flatulence in the body.
  • Patients immune disease people who need specific treatment.
  • Those who are persistent inflammation in the oral cavity or surrounding organs.
  • Patients with dysbacteriosis and other disorders associated with the microflora of the digestive tract.
  • Fat people, which is clearly expressed in the presence of excess weight.
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    Hope you increasingly have become apparent cause persistent bad breath and saliva. Next, we touch on issues of treatment strong unpleasant odor from the mouth.


    Неприятный запах изо рта: причины и лечениеIf you have done everything possible to resolve the «flavors», it is necessary to consult a doctor, and it’s not just a dentist, but a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist. To determine the cause of halitosis, you may want to take a urine sample and blood.

    The dentist will conduct a test using a special device and will analyze the testimony of the other doctors and decide what the problem is. It is worth noting that the reason may lie in ENT diseases, because all the organs studied this science, connected with the oral cavity.

    How to get rid of halitosis

    As we noted earlier, the reason often lies in the improper hygiene, so you should start with her. Start to take proper care of your oral cavity, do not spare money on quality used and recommended by professional dental tools. It is not only toothpaste, but also gels, mouth rinses.

    If you really want to thoroughly take up the oral hygiene will have to pay a certain amount for the acquisition of ultrasonic toothbrush, which will efficiently clean plaque. Such devices are equipped with timer that helps to discipline the person in terms of hygiene.

    Неприятный запах изо рта: причины и лечениеUse the thread called floss. Swiping between the teeth this device, you can reduce the intensity of aroma, but at the same time remove pathogenic leftovers.

    Revise your diet, be sure to have more solid food, such as apples, carrots and so on. These products can easily remove plaque on the teeth, so the smell of the mouth disappears, and saliva, acquires new properties.

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    Consume more broccoli and other fruits that are full of chlorophyll and also drink carrot juice, which has a beneficial effect on the microflora of saliva and mouth of a person.

    All of these funds are not related to the treatment of disease – it is required to take a doctor. The smell from the mouth has its reasons, which sometimes must be amenable to the treatment of narrow specialists.

    General tips

    The problem may get you a party this time, but in the future you should learn a few simple rules on how not to make bad breath and to avoid treatment:

  • Avoid means to care for the bodies of the anterior digestive system, in which there are aggressive antiseptics. They can provoke the appearance of ulcers and inflammation of a local character.
  • To yourself use appropriate brushes for teeth do not need to take a very rigid base, because the inflammatory process in this case in damaged areas of soft tissue provided.
  • Choose a toothpaste that has components that protect the teeth from parasites and give a breath of new nice shades instead of stinking.
  • Follow the diet and follow the instructions of your doctor about treatment, if any.
  • In this article, we discussed about what are the causes of strong bad breath and what can be treatment strong unpleasant smell from a mouth, how to safely treat bad breath and what to do if he appeared. Remember that in some situations, halitosis requires treatment.