Bad breath: what to do?

Halitosis is a common gaps among the population, but to get rid of unpleasant breath is taken, not all, not least because many people think it’s an uncomfortable question that is not necessary with someone to discuss. But talking about it is worth it, though, because often it is a symptom of a serious disease. They need to know they should be treated and they need to pay attention to.

Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?Most people think that the problem lies in the lack of proper oral hygiene or diseases of the teeth, gums, tongue, but it is not. Do not hesitate to contact the experts who will help you understand what the cause of this disease and to get rid of her once and for all. After treatment everything will fall into place.

Postponing the problem for later, you only give yourself time to adapt to that annoyance factor. By nature in our bodies inherent ability to adapt to new things, irritating and annoying, and therefore, the smell ceases to be noticeable. But from this it does not disappear. Halitosis, or unpleasant, bad breath repels people, encountering them on the idea that you – the man is dishonest, even if it is not.

How to determine the presence of halitosis?

People not always can realize that he has this problem and people around you are not always ready to help, suggest, just to say that: «you, my friend, reeks of the mouth.» So if you are suspicious, they should immediately check. There are simple ways and more complex.

Consider something that can handle any of us.

  • To lick part of the body. What could be easier than to lick yourself? Do this and wait until the saliva dries. After the liquid component to evaporate, then smell the spot you licked. If it smells bad, then it’s time to ask a few questions. For example, what if there was a bad smell, stink, strong smell from a mouth, and which may be treated in this situation.
  • Wipe a bit of saliva from the oral tissues. Swipe a small piece of cotton wool in the cheeks, lips, tongue, and then put it to his nose. All will become clear after the first breath.
  • Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?Breathe in the palm, and then smell. But remember that exhaled air tends to be scattered – no need to carry the hand up to your nose for half an hour, do everything very quickly. You can also attach the arm to the face so that the palm covered his mouth and nose together, and then exhale so that the flow went in the nose. Make sure your hands were clean and gave off no odors.
  • To use a special device, but this can only be done by visiting a specialist. With this problem the path of the patient is to the dentist, who will determine further ways of getting rid of the disease or of its manifestations. After a visit to the doctor will be clear treatment.
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    What could be the reason

    Coming to a doctor, you want to figure out what to do and why it happened, as is the treatment. The first item in your list is the dentist.

    An experienced doctor will always cope with the determination of the cause of disease, even if they lie outside its competence.

    It is easy to define an unpleasant or bad smell between your teeth mouth and try to discover what is the reason.

  • The simplest solution is diseases of the oral cavity. If something is not right with the mouth, can result in such phenomena as halitosis. Today all of the known pathology of the mouth and teeth can have such a manifestation, like a bad smell from the mouth. Stomatitis, gingivitis, caries, Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?presence of dental calculus – the list is as long as the list of diseases of the mouth.
  • Infection of the respiratory tract. If the patient has detectable disease of the respiratory tract, they may be accompanied by halitosis. This is because your mouth takes part in respiration, therefore, inflammatory processes, characterized by an unpleasant odor that can seep in there. Remember the smell that exudes purulent wound – there is something similar.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The digestive tube from the first days of its existence in the human embryo until the death of the last remains of the tube, where all the elements are interrelated. If any other problems not, you should think about diseases by way of digestive tract, particularly the stomach.
  • Endocrine disorders. Many diseases in human body arise due to improper actions of the secrets of the endocrine glands. They govern all metabolic processes – it is not surprising that if something goes wrong, people suffer halitosis. Here can help only a qualified endocrinologist he will establish the diagnosis and determine how to treat the disease. Along with the treatment will take place and this symptom.
  • The oral cavity is the source of the stench

    Note that in 90% of cases to look for the pathology it is worth it in my mouth. Let’s look at what to do if out of his mouth came a constant bad smell like to do not to smell the disgusting breath. It is especially important to understand why it stinks after sleep or after a meal.

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  • Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?Contact your dentist. As a rule, the reason lies in the diseases of the mouth, we have noted this above in the article. The doctor will identify the problems and can fix them, prescribe treatment. Let the treatment of some pathologies require material expenses and waste of time, but it is necessary to overall health, not only to eliminate halitosis. After the course you will feel relief.
  • Make sure that your oral hygiene is sufficient. People often complain that: «Brushing my teeth and breath really stinks», but it says that hygiene is improper or insufficient. Particularly relevant question of hygiene for those who wear mouth fixed and removable appliances. Between its parts is often sharpens the food is so fond of foul-smelling bacteria.
  • The problem may lie in the salivary glands. When disturbed their work, the saliva becomes too thick, people have the symptom of «dry mouth». In this case, patients often complain of bad breath. The state of the mouth is very closely related to the condition of the salivary glands, so timely therapy can alleviate the severity of halitosis and also save you from other unpleasant complications.
  • Other reasons

    If bad breath remains even after brushing your teeth and between them, then you need to think what else to do, to go bad breath didn’t stink.

  • Rethink your diet. It can be products, adversely affecting the acidity of the oral cavity. Coffee, soda, lack of sufficient amounts of solid food can cause halitosis people, regardless of disease and the age of the latter.
  • Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?Starvation. Those who engage in this, note that when a long hunger strike, the body begins to exude an odor. This is due to the profuse discharge of metabolic products into the environment by any means. Here will not help the oral hygiene.
  • The use of products that contain tobacco. Tobacco products have not a very pleasant smell and taste, so do not expect that you will have a sweet smile, if you are addicted to Smoking or chewing this plant.
  • Hormonal disruptions during adolescence, and in women at different stages of the menstrual cycle. Sex hormones affect the whole body of women, including the properties of the saliva depends on the oral odor.
  • Stress. Increasing the amount of adrenaline in the blood and products of its metabolism affect the quality of saliva. After changes in the external environment all pass without treatment.
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    Prevention of halitosis

    So, we learned what to do if you smell horrible from his mouth, that didn’t stink from the mouth and remove the smell between your teeth. Should talk about how to avoid it.

  • Неприятный запах изо рта: что делать?Pay the utmost attention to oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day will improve the quality of the exhaled air, it is better to perform this ritual after every meal.
  • No need to make snacks, and if you do them, then let it be not the hydrocarbons that are so loved unicellular in our mouth and the vegetables and fruits with a solid fiber, which will not only be useful but also will clean the teeth from plaque.
  • Not only clean teeth but the whole mouth, especially the tongue. This muscular organ is an active participant in the act of chewing, so it also stuck pieces of food, which will eventually begin to smell bad.
  • Use of therapeutic rinses, additional means of oral hygiene that will help to remove the stench from the oral cavity.
  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year, attend sessions of professional tooth cleaning to remove accumulated sediments and stones.
  • In this article we looked at popular questions about why there is a bad and unpleasant breath, what to do to breath didn’t smell so bad, how to act and what to do if the mouth has a bad smell or disgusting, bad smell from the mouth. Treatment of any halitosis is the duty of a doctor not to do it yourself. Remember, the answers to the question of what to do to not so much stank breath is just a theory. The treatment must appoint a physician after a detailed examination.