Bit my tongue — it hurts: what to do?

Most people think it’s a funny situation when someone bit his tongue, but not many know what complications it may cause, and what to do and how to treat, if it hurts for a long time after the incident.

The reasons why there was such an incident can be different from simple negligence, to improperly made prosthesis, but it is better to know them to avoid such a situation in the future.

The factors, which can be a problem:

  • Прикусила язык - болит: что делать?Inattention or reverie while eating;
  • Mental disorder and neurological disorder such as epilepsy;
  • Abnormal bite;
  • Unprofessional made dentures, unsuitable in form or size.
  • The habit of talking during the meal;
  • Not enough time and as a result person eats in a hurry;
  • Anomalies associated with the growth and development of the teeth.

Looking at these reasons you can draw certain conclusions.

If the person is severely bit his tongue, because of which it formed a lump, which means he was doing during chewing something of an outsider or distracted, and the treatment will depend on the severity of their injuries.

If the reason is related to mental, neurological disorders or dental pathology, in addition to treatment of the injuries have to undergo therapy from the experts.

Treatment of injuries

Treatment of the tongue after the bite should be depending on the extent of damage. If there is bleeding, it should stop, and you are experiencing severe pain, try to reduce it, and it can be done in these ways:

  • To stop the bleeding at home, with rinse with ice water. To perform this procedure at least 4-5 times. Its feature is that the cold water constricts blood vessels, which reduces bleeding. If there was a bite to the cheek, it is necessary to attach a piece of ice on the external side opposite the bumps;
  • To relieve pain you can use lidocaine, but you can use no more than 2% concentration. To do this, take a cotton swab and soak it with this drug. Then apply it to the bite. Instead lidocaine I can use regular eye drops with analgesic effect, for example, Alcuin and apply them to the scene of the injury.

If you stop the bleeding and reduce the pain happened, we can go to further steps, namely the treatment of the wound to accelerate further the healing.

It is necessary to follow these recommendation:

  • Прикусила язык - болит: что делать?Immediately after the incident you need to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth to remove food residue;
  • In addition, rinsing and brushing should become a permanent procedure, performed after a meal at the time of wound healing;
  • Suitable for rinsing chamomile, lemon balm and St. John’s wort. It can be prepared together or separately, taking 1 tablespoon of each ingredient and pour a liter of water, then the broth bring to boil and let it cool;
  • You can use antiseptic preparations according to the type of furatsilina or antiangina. In addition, these medicines can be produced in different forms and you can choose the most suitable option. Use antiseptic recommended after a meal and rinse, to the mouth was left with pieces of food;
  • To exclude hot food and drinks, because they will prevent regeneration, especially when injuries are in the language;
  • Cold food is also prevents the healing of wounds and therefore, you should forget about the ice cream and other products at the time of treatment;
  • In the treatment of any pathology doctors in addition to basic procedures and medicines prescribe vitamin complexes and adjuvants to boost the natural defenses and the body’s resistance against infections;
  • In the daily diet should include only healthy food, such as fruits, vegetables and herbs, and to exclude a takeaway food, processed foods and sweets.

Following these recommendations, the wound will quickly heal, and the body will feel much better.

Treatment from a doctor

If, despite the fulfilment of all councils of the wound remains in the same condition or Прикусила язык - болит: что делать?increased in size, it is necessary to visit the hospital. In addition, the appointment with the doctor is needed in such cases:

  • The wound does not heal more than 4-5 days;
  • 2-3 days after the bite the tongue, the wound began to grow;
  • When bruising in the bite area, which is characterized by blue color and swelling;
  • When severe injuries, the type of bit through language, or if was bitten off the tip.

Before the treatment at home need to be familiar with this list and if at least one of the items suitable to a particular case, it is necessary to go to the hospital.

Prohibited actions during treatment

Before you go into the mouth you need to see a list of what not to do, if you had bite the language.

The list of forbidden actions:

  • It is impossible to smear the surface of the tongue antiseptic like iodine or green stuff, so as not to cause burns or irritation;
  • It is forbidden to rinse your mouth with hot solutions of decoctions, fluid temperature should be slightly warm;
  • To put pressure on the wound also banned, in order to strengthen the inflammatory process;
  • It is not necessary to climb in my mouth with unwashed hands, it only adds new bacteria;
  • It is not recommended to take heavy drugs like antibiotics, unless prescribed by a doctor.

Following all the requirements to cope with the bite of the language without any consequences, important to monitor the wound and if necessary to visit a doctor.

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