Biting her cheek formed a sore on the inside: how and what to treat?

Biting cheek — this is not a rare phenomenon. This incident can happen at any time, e.g. during Прикусила щеку образовалась язвочка изнутри: как и чем лечить?mealtime or conversation. The question of for what reasons is bite the cheeks, lips or tongue does not have statistical data. But the most common cases are:

  • The bite in the process of chewing food;
  • The combination of talking and chewing food;
  • Chew your food at a fast pace or on the go;
  • Malocclusion or the direction of the growth of the teeth.

From these reasons it follows that it is not necessary to do anything else during the meal, but if you moved here, you probably already managed to get that kind of an injury and talking about the reasons to stop.

What measures should be taken

After soft tissue injuries of the oral cavity, on the site of the bite will be wound. The first thing you need to take care of reduction of pain and bleeding stop. The only method that will help you to reduce the bleeding is to rinse the mouth with cold water, the fact that the cold leads to vasoconstriction, and hence the abundance of bleeding.

From pain can help two-percent lidocaine or drops with anesthetics.

To reduce painful sensations need to take a cotton swab and moisten it cure, apply it on the affected area.

The possible consequences of injury

Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth and tongue can cause the development of various infectious diseases, particularly various forms of stomatitis. The occurrence of these diseases is characterized by the appearance of ulcers in the mouth, and seek help something like those words — he bit his cheek, formed a strange sore, what to do.

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Varieties of diseases after prokusyvanie

  • Прикусила щеку образовалась язвочка изнутри: как и чем лечить?Aphthous stomatitis is a relapsing chronic inflammatory disease. In the course of the disease in the oral cavity of the patient periodically and heal ulcers of small size, called Atami. Centers of development of aft can be any areas of the mouth. A distinctive feature of the disease is a serious pain in the place of occurrence of aft, which prevent a person to carry out a normal life. The development of the disease, in addition to damage of the mucosa that may contribute to emotional distress or menstruate.
  • Herpetic stomatitis is a disease characterized by the appearance of the oral cavity a large number of small ulcers in the form of rashes. In appearance these lesions resemble herpes simplex virus. The most exposed group of people is girls and women up to 30 years. “A favorite place of appearance” area under the tongue, under the lower lip and in the bottom of the mouth. Education does not have clear boundaries, groups of sores can unite into one larger. The healing process takes 7 to 10 days.
  • Bednar’s Aphthae. Another disease, which can lead a normal occlusion of the cheek. Diagnosed only in children and is defined as a traumatic erosion. Organisms include special bacteria, which begin their development if not correctly perform oral hygiene. To determine what’s brewing this disease can be on the mind of the formations, they have a yellowish tint.
  • Traumatic ulcer. The most common consequence of malocclusion. May occur as a consequence of occlusion and damage when brushing your teeth. The appearance of traumatic ulcers may provoke careless treatment by a physician, when he damages his instrument mucosa. The manifestation of this form of the disease, patients complain that after brushing teeth formed sores and they have no idea how to treat it.
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    What to do if an ulcer has formed

    Turning to the doctor, patients often indicate that they bit my cheek from the inside ask than to treat it, or say that bite my cheek from the inside constantly and do not know how to deal with it.

    • First, try not to delay treatment to the doctor if the ulcer was the only consequence of the bite. But there are times when the sores in the mouth — symptoms of serious diseases of internal organs, and to determine the consequence is painful or that education can only be a doctor.
    • Second, the treatment of ulcers in the home is not a guarantee to completely get rid of them, Yes, they will disappear in 1-2 weeks, but that doesn’t mean that they will not appear again. Third, follow the hygiene of the oral cavity, if you comply with all its conditions, the appeal to the dentist is generally not required.