Bitter taste in the mouth in the morning after eating: sweet and sour, causes

Feeling of different flavors in your mouth is absolutely normal. The sensation of salt, bitter, acid in your mouth after eating, during pregnancy, in the morning can be caused either by diseases, or the food eaten by the patient. Usually the taste goes, if you drink milk or eat some vegetable. But if these feelings torment the person constantly, then you should think of it as the manifestation of disease.

Features flavors

Горечь во рту по утрам после еды: сладкий и кислый привкус, причины If there is a feeling of salt in his mouth, the reasons are typically rooted in the gastrointestinal tract with gastritis or ulcers. Also mouth can appear sweet taste.

Bitter taste in the mouth after eating usually indicates disease involving the liver and gallbladder, sometimes in combination with stomach problems.

The reasons the sensation of acid in your mouth and how to get rid of them? First of all you need to pass the examination of the gastric mucosa to determine the presence of pathologies. Also conducted x-rays and ultrasound of the digestive system. Cure this by using medicines that reduce the acidity, but also need to balance your diet.

During pregnancy you need to carefully monitor your health and do what is recommended by the physician. All recommendations will save a woman from serious complications and unpleasant diseases.

Causes of sour taste

Why does sour and salty taste in mouth after meals or during pregnancy? Sour taste of saliva in the mouth can be caused by the following reasons:

  • increase the acidic environment in the stomach;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • disease affecting the mucosa, tongue and teeth;
  • taking medications that cause the sour taste of the saliva in the mouth.

Горечь во рту по утрам после еды: сладкий и кислый привкус, причины Reasons why you receive acid in your mouth after a meal can be varied, but most often increased acidity of saliva in the mouth suggests that the pancreas is not working properly. If there is taste in the mouth acid along with heartburn, the problem, obviously, in the presence of gastric juice in the cavity of the esophagus.

Sour during pregnancy in the mouth is caused by the fact, that the gastric juice is thrown in the mouth due to the enlarged uterus on the digestive organs. There is another reason why the sourness prevails in the mouth all the time – due to hormonal changes stomach relaxes along with some organs and the sphincter of the acid flows into the cavity. During pregnancy bad taste quite normal, besides not threaten the health of babies and mothers.

Sour taste in mouth and dry in the morning talking about dehydration. What if in the morning constantly sour in your mouth in the morning and after meals? If there is dryness, then the patient needs to drink more liquid (such as water and natural juices). The recommended amount of fluid – about 1.5 liters per day.

Why in the morning, you receive a bitter taste in your mouth? The reasons causing the bitter taste in the mouth in the morning and after a meal, lie in the overly used and smoked foods with a high fat content. With this diet have problems with the liver and, consequently, with the secretion of bile. It gives a bitter taste, tongue covered with bloom. Plaque can be removed if cleaned and teeth and tongue at least 2 times a day.

The combination of sour and salty

Why sweet and salty in my mouth after eating? Usually this happens when inflammation of the glands that produce saliva, or a long lament, with a strong fever and any diseases related to the system of ENT-organs (for example, a fungal infection of the nasopharynx, which is called sinusitis).

Why in the mouth there is the taste of salt? Dryness and taste often caused by poor diet:

  • Горечь во рту по утрам после еды: сладкий и кислый привкус, причины excessive consumption of tea and coffee drinks – the causes of which, salty taste in the mouth;
  • sour and salty saliva, the causes of which is excessive use of alcohol;
  • too many carbonated drinks;
  • small amounts of fluid in the body;
  • sour taste in mouth after taking sweets;
  • large portions of food and small amounts of liquid (there dry).

How to get rid of sour taste in your mouth? What to do? It is only necessary to observe the correct diet, eliminating all unhealthy foods and drink more liquids to avoid the dryness. Also, when drinking coffee or tea language becomes yellow and appears sour or salty taste in the mouth, the causes of which it is in these drinks.

The combination of acid and sweetness

Why there is a sweet aftertaste and mouth sour taste after eating and during pregnancy and what are its causes? Constant sweet taste in my mouth is a consequence of problems such as:

  • Горечь во рту по утрам после еды: сладкий и кислый привкус, причины in stressful situations, depression;
  • by increasing blood sugar – therefore, if you have diabetes;
  • acid in the mouth after eating sweet good;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • a quick refusal from nicotine addiction;
  • diseases of the mucous;
  • intoxication;
  • drugs with side effects.

Acid in your mouth after a meal in combination with the sweetness could be a precursor to diabetes. Sour taste in mouth after eating speaks of the need to change your diet radically.

The sweetness can also be the cause of other problems: for example, poisoning substances of chemical action (phosgene or pesticides), damage to the nerves in the result of infectious or viral damage of the body.

The combination of acid and bitterness

Why do I get a bitter taste in the mouth in the morning, and the yellow tongue? This occurs if the diet is too many fried and fatty foods. Bitter taste in the mouth after a meal suggests that the gastrointestinal tract is functioning worse because of the huge load.

Горечь во рту по утрам после еды: сладкий и кислый привкус, причины Often appears yellow tongue with excessive consumption of alcohol. This raises the question: why constantly still sour in your mouth? There is a load on the liver, but also on the stomach, so the juice is in the cavity.
Bitter taste in the mouth after eating may occur during pregnancy due to the pressure on the internal organs. Also these feelings can occur and are dependent on nicotine: the bitterness that can accompany dryness and plaque covering the tongue.

Bitter taste in the mouth after eating and dryness can speak about more serious diseases: ulcer, cholecystitis, gastritis and other. In this case, it is advised to seek the advice of a gastroenterologist. Dinner is at least 2 hours before bedtime, if you want to avoid this unpleasant feeling.

If there is any taste, tongue covered with bloom, and appear dry, then you need to visit a doctor. These symptoms may be harbingers of more serious diseases, the treatment of which will require the assistance of a qualified professional.

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