Black tongue in humans: causes and symptoms

Since ancient times, language was considered a map of the body and if there is a RAID, spots or dots of black color, it may indicate a serious violation, and staining the surface of the berries or tablets. Regardless of the situation we need to follow this, for example, during brushing, inspect the entire oral cavity, thus, it is possible to avoid serious complications.

This pathology can occur in any person, regardless of age and the detection of black spots or patches on the tongue, an urgent need to go to the hospital to find out why it happened, and after identifying the cause of treatment.

Types of RAID dark wash

Before going to the hospital it is important to exclude the perpetrators of such problems as coloring of the berries, drink or stomach problems, for which the person is prescribed activated charcoal having negative property to settle the dark layer in the language, but it is not the signs Черный язык у человека: причины и признакиof the disease. Also you need to know about the dyes in some sweets, juices and chewing gum, however, all of these products will not cause significant harm to the body, and the RAID will not be a symptom of a pathology.

In addition, coating on the tongue has a different shape and localization, and this knowledge can greatly simplify the search problem.

Types of RAID:

  • A layer of dark patina, which is located evenly throughout the language;
  • One or more dark spots, which are in a certain part of the language;
  • Black dots located throughout the surface of the tongue.

In rare cases, the symptom is not a RAID, and he darkened the language that is inherent in Crohn’s disease.

Further, for the disclosure of the issue from which blackens the human language, you need to analyze each variant separately.

The black dots across the surface of the body

Although plaque is the most common cause of darkening of the language, but sometimes there are other symptoms, like dark spots. They arise in the following cases:

  • Fungal infections;
  • During exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Lead poisoning, or as it is also called the syndrome of REMAK. During this process, except for the points on the tongue, can darken the edges of the gums, and mouth constantly to preserve a sense of the taste of metal.
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In such a situation 1 and 3 points are determined without difficulty by a therapist, and for 2, you will need to be examined by a gastroenterologist.

Spots of black shade in the language

In addition to the points, black tongue because of the spots, and why this is happening and what this process has reason to know of the information below.

Черный язык у человека: причины и признакиThe black spots are the result of such problems:

  • Incorrect work of internal organs;
  • Due to chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • With infections in the urinary system;
  • Complications after colds or flu.

To identify this type of reasons will require examination by a team of doctors and consult with the therapist.

The dark coating all over the tongue

Plaque dark shade on the surface of the tongue, is considered the most common symptom, that is why it turns black in human language. To its formation may be involved in many diseases, which will require detailed examination.

Sometimes plaque is not limited to language, but is still on the enamel. In it, he mostly thick and has a dark green tint.

Reasons for such symptoms, doctors call:

  • Antibiotics. After the use of drugs of this type weakens the immune system and protect the body is significantly reduced, which you can get a fungal infection. By itself, a strong antibiotic drug aimed at addressing the inflammation or against a specific disease, but it kills the beneficial microflora of the body, which leads to other pathologies, especially if you self-medicate. If the cause of the RAID lies in taking these drugs, significant harm will not arise, and the problem will be a maximum of 2 weeks after the start of treatment. For this fit, antifungal drugs, and adjuvants;
  • Acidosis. This problem occurs because of the violation of acid-base balance in which the acidity of the stomach is greatly increased or when the human body lot of toxins. To find out whether it is the true cause of the RAID only after a series of tests and analyses. Factors that caused the acidosis can be a common disorder of the stomach, and long strict diet or hunger. For treatment, doctors recommend to consume a large amount of liquid, and Черный язык у человека: причины и признакиalso baking soda to reduce acidity;
  • Pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. Reasons why black language a person can become a disease of the stomach and organs of digestion, especially if there is a bitter taste in my mouth. However, it is difficult sometimes to notice the symptoms, because the illness could not manifest itself. To avoid such complications are recommended to undergo a full examination and if there is bitterness in the mouth and dark flight, you should immediately contact a physician for advice;
  • Angina. It can be the cause of the black plaque, if during this the person elevated temperature. To get the necessary treatment you need to go to the therapist, and in the home is limited to rinsing with herbal teas, such as chamomile or calendula. It should be noted that during pregnancy you need to give the throat a rest and therefore should be excluded from the diet of solid foods and sit on a soft food until you feel better. For this purpose, do vegetable soups, compotes, etc. Separately, you can select this method of treatment as inhalation of pine oil. It well relaxes, disinfects and reduces inflammation in damaged throat. To treat the plaque in such a situation it makes no sense, because it will be held together with the main disease;
  • Thrush. In this disease plaque usually bright, but in advanced stages, it becomes a darker shade. To treat thrush better immediately after appearance of the first symptoms with antifungal drugs and there will be no such complications.
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It may be noted that to treat the plaque makes no sense, you need to do mainly with illness and then symptoms will go with it.

Crohn’s Disease

Черный язык у человека: причины и признакиWhen there is no points, no RAID, but language itself is black, then it could be Crohn’s disease. This rare disease occurs when an autoimmune process, and can call them by such factors:

  • The increase of melanin;
  • Incorrect work of the adrenal glands;
  • Inflammation in one or several organs of the digestive system.

The therapy is rather long and includes antibiotics, hormones and adjuvants.

Summarizing, we can say that if the blackened surface of the tongue, then you need to consult a doctor to determine the cause of such a symptom, but in any case not to self-medicate and then the problem will not get worse.