Bleeding gums: what to do at home, than to treat?

Swelling and bleeding gums concerned with the development of gingivitis, periodontal disease or periodontitis. Is an inflammatory disease that causes a lot of discomfort and pain during eating. Running stage illnesses can cause severe complications and the loss of healthy teeth.

Gum treatment performed by the physician-protolog taking into account the causes of pathology. To eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and remove hard Tartar, periodontal pockets, washed, do antiseptic treatment. To quickly get rid of the disease require an integrated approach to drug therapy to perform the treatment of edema, bleeding, gum inflammation at home.

Homemade ointments

Кровоточат десны: что делать в домашних условиях, чем лечить?For the treatment of inflammatory gum disease at home you can make your own healing ointment. This would require 50 g pork lard, aloe Vera juice, psyllium, few drops of essential oil of lemon and half a teaspoon of honey. The ingredients melt in a water bath, not boiling. Then all mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass, put into the fridge to solidify.

How to heal gums, reduce inflammation, reduce bleeding this ointment? Folk remedy used for the treatment of the affected areas of the mucosa. The drug is applied in a thin layer on the area of inflammation, leave for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2 times a day after brushing your teeth. After applying the ointment, you need to refrain from eating 30 minutes.

What can treat gingivitis at home? For the treatment make ointment out of banana and sea salt. Fruit contains large amount of vitamins, minerals, and salt is a good antiseptic. The ingredients several times passed through a meat grinder or crushed in a blender, add 5 drops of oil of cloves. The resulting tool can be applied to the gums, use for massage, to RUB it in the mucous membranes. After use rinse mouth thoroughly.

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Tools for massage

What to do at home, if inflamed and bleeding gums? For the treatment of diseases doing massage mucous membranes. It is performed with a soft toothbrush or fingers. Last of the alveolar bone to normalize blood circulation and lymph flow, recovery of mineral metabolism, oxygen supply.

Кровоточат десны: что делать в домашних условиях, чем лечить?Toothbrush smeared with sea salt with honey and do massage every morning and evening after cleansing routine and antiseptic rinses.

How to cure swollen, inflamed gums at home? For massage you can use the crushed coffee beans. This product contains caffeine, which increases blood flow, reduces swelling, tones up the tissue.

Natural massage for the gums is the use of solid foods: apples, pears, carrots. Helps chewing fresh leaves of the plantain, this plant contains nutrients that reduce inflammation, tissue healing, nutrition vitamins. During treatment it is useful to chew on during the day fir twig, needles also has a therapeutic effect.

Alcohol tinctures

Inflamed, sore, bleeding gums, how to treat at home, how to build up the mucous membranes? For the treatment of periodontal disease using alcohol tincture on medicinal herbs. You can infuse vodka on the chamomile, calendula flowers, birch buds, calamus root, oak bark, sage, or St. John’s wort. Prepare a remedy of 2 tablespoons of herbs, 150 ml vodka and 80 ml of alcohol Кровоточат десны: что делать в домашних условиях, чем лечить?70%. Insist 3 weeks in a dark place, stirring constantly. For treatment infusion wipe the gums 3 times a day.

This method helps to relieve acute inflammation, pain, to destroy pathogens, increase blood circulation.

How to cure the inflammation and bleeding gums at home? Widely used for these purposes tincture of propolis and calamus root. Product of beekeeping and medicinal plant insist on alcohol separately from each other. Then mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 tsp calamus. This means wipe the gums to full recovery.

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Propolis has the function of antioxidant, removes toxins, decay products, reduces the toxicity, nourishes the soft tissue in useful vitamins and minerals. Alcohol causes numbness, reducing for a time the pain.

Calamus root has antibacterial, analgesic, and tonic properties. It can be brewed for antiseptic procedures. To rinse your mouth or take a bath, lotions. Essential oil composition of root accelerates the healing of tissues. And enveloping properties create a protective film against the penetration of bacteria.

Nutrition and diet

As what can cure gingivitis at home? During treatment, the important role played by nutrition and diet. The body must obtain the necessary vitamins and trace elements for the normalization of metabolic processes, increase resistance to viruses, infections.

The main source of vitamins are fresh fruits and vegetables.

Particularly useful foods rich in vitamin C: citrus fruits, rose hips, black currant, parsley, cabbage, bell pepper.

Also requires vitamin A, it can be obtained from carrots, fresh greens, apricots, tomatoes, eggs, dairy products. Pyridoxine is found in nuts, legumes, cereals,
bananas, potatoes, fish. Riboflavin is found in green peas, cocoa, beef, almonds, mushrooms, natural chocolate.

The lack of vitamin E mucous membranes long time to heal, easily injured and inflamed. Кровоточат десны: что делать в домашних условиях, чем лечить?To compensate for the deficiency of tocopherol can of oatmeal, cottage cheese, carrots, green onions.

How to treat severe bleeding gums at home? Lack of vitamin K causes bleeding gums to compensate for the deficiency need to eat broccoli, meat products, eggs, beans, spinach.

Contributes to the development of gingivitis, the lack of vitamin B (folic acid), therefore, during treatment of the disease in the diet must add orange juice, fine ground barley, poultry liver.

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Useful foods to eat fresh or have undergone a minimum heat treatment. Exposure to high temperatures leads to a partial loss of useful properties of vitamins.

Besides healthy food, you have to avoid eating sweet and starchy foods. These products increase acidity in the mouth, creating a comfortable environment for the growth of pathogenic microflora. After eating, rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions.

From inflammation and bleeding gums helps the use of folk remedies at home. The herbal decoctions, alcohol tinctures, which will significantly facilitate the condition of the patient, accelerates recovery, regeneration of the mucous membranes. People suffering from chronic forms of the disease, it is useful to use such tools for the prevention of exacerbations.