Breath smells like feces: treatments and causes

If the mouth as an adult, and the child smells like feces, it is a symptom, meaning problems with General health. In social terms, this disease can severely affect quality of life. The painful smell may be very manifest, which are close to communicate with friends and acquaintances will be very difficult. Can smell like slightly stale breath, and the fetid fecal odor.

Why is this happening?

If a person regularly overeats, eats food that has distinctive flavor, Изо рта пахнет калом: лечение и причиныthe stench from the oral cavity is inevitable. When this smell is present not just one day, can we talk about the presence of the disease, its treatment must be immediate.

The most common reasons why mouth constantly smells like feces can be considered:

  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • ENT and bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • failure of the function of salivation;
  • dental disease;
  • the presence of fungal infection;
  • an immoderate use of alcoholic beverages and Smoking.

Why the child has a fetid breath?

With this smell from the mouth, the child may have problems with the nasopharynx, or have diseases of the digestive system, sick or other organs.

The chronic process increases the amount of toxins in the blood, complicating treatment. Removing them naturally suspended, they penetrate into the respiratory system, resulting during expiration in a patient child has the smell of feces. The required treatment immediately.

Why bad breath? Foul breath is considered to be a side effect of antibiotics and hormones.

Spicy food is also one of the causes of the problem. As a rule, at the completion of treatment, and consuming such foods, after 24 hours the smell will disappear completely.

Anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity of the child is also considered to be one of the causes of fecal odor.

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Education different shades of plaque on the root of the tongue, purulent tonsils and adenoids testifies to the defeat of the pathogenic bacteria, resulting in odor of feces.

Изо рта пахнет калом: лечение и причиныIf the production of saliva is reduced with a consequent feeling of dryness in the mouth, pathogenic microorganisms are able to multiply rapidly.

If fetid odor is detected, there may be pathology in the teeth and gums. To establish a correct diagnosis, prescribe treatment can the dentist. To exclude from suspicion the child of ENT diseases, consultation of the otolaryngologist and pediatrician.

In the absence of pathology, the cause of the repulsive odour is possible due to poor hygienic care of the oral cavity. Necessary correction of the diet may need diet.

Need to know:

  • drinking large amounts of belkovosoderzhaschih products can lead to high concentrations in the body sulphurous substances, which leads to fetid breath;
  • very sweet caffeinated beverages in the body can create breeding grounds for pathogenic bacteria;
  • meals that contain a lot of sugar pastries are the perfect environment in which plaque in the oral cavity;

Natural fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of beneficial fiber, such food as he ate carefully, the mouth is clean, the saliva will be produced in the right quantity, for pathogenic microorganisms acidity will be critical.

The child’s mouth unbearable smell of feces because of the wrong razbavlenii nutrient mixture, if he gets artificial feeding.

According to research, a large number of pathogens contained in the dentogingival lumen. So you need a few times a day, brush your teeth with the gums and tongue, rinsing the mouth after meals.

Warning pathology

The smell of feces out of the mouth can be prevented by identifying its causes and prescribe the correct treatment.

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Diluted 5 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide in half a Cup of water, perfect for rinsing the oral cavity children three years of age.

If the salivary glands have a weak function, then the required stimulation:

  • Изо рта пахнет калом: лечение и причиныthe amount of fluid intake should be age appropriate;
  • in the room where the child lives, the air should be slightly cool, damp;
  • drink lemon water, holding in the mouth lemon drops up to 4 times per day can normalize sljunootdelitelnoe function;
  • a simple chewing gum for a short period of time can solve this problem.

The smell of feces out of the mouth can be caused by dysbiosis, intestinal obstruction and gastrointestinal neurosis. When dysbacteriosis at the child disturbed balance of the intestinal microflora. E. coli can be replaced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other pathogenic bacteria, oppressive useful microorganisms. Impaired absorption of macronutrients, synthesis of vitamins, the body reduced the protective functions. To normalize the beneficial microflora of the intestine in food is necessary to consume dairy food, boiled fish, meat, different grains. Cause of neurosis of the stomach is stress, nervousness, impaired diet. Have a sick child possible burning and periodic cramping in the abdominal area. Normal sleep, with the exception of beverages, which increase the tone and a balanced diet will effectively help in the treatment of this disease.

Finding the root cause of the smell of feces from his mouth and making timely treatment, the prognosis is bound to be favorable.


If the reason of fetid odor in the mouth, it is necessary in the near future to do a professional cleaning of the oral cavity.

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Изо рта пахнет калом: лечение и причиныFor a short time the smell of feces can eliminate elixirs and conditioners for the oral cavity. This is possible due to the substances included in their composition. For example, CLO2(chlorine dioxide) has an oxidizing effect that can reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. Zinc is an inhibitor of sulfur substances that produce harmful bacteria. Thanks triclosan can suppress the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

The stench can be removed, if you chew a few coffee beans, a walnut.

Folk remedies can be used, for example, the oak bark. For this purpose it is crushed and 2 tablespoons is required, pour a glass of boiling water. It is necessary to boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Should insist for 10 minutes. Then the broth is filtered. Per day you can rinse up to 5 times.

To prevent unhealthy smell in the oral cavity of the child is necessary to observe the hygienic measures aimed at twice a day brushing your teeth and tongue.

The presence in the diet of vegetables and fruits that contain fiber, should be mandatory.

It is periodically necessary to visit the highly qualified doctors that help to detect early stage diseases that trigger unhealthy breath. This condition is considered to be one of the main measures of prevention.