Breath smells like rotten eggs: causes

The manifestation of the fetid smell emanating from the human oral cavity is very different. Rotten, disgusting smell from a mouth can be considered a kind of such a stench. As if his mouth reeks of rotten eggs or rotten meat. Of course, this condition is not otherwise uncomfortable to not be named. Therefore, you need to understand why this is so is manifested, to understand the reasons which have caused this disease.


Изо рта пахнет тухлыми яйцами: причиныIf the patient breath rotten eggs, the possible causes in your digestive system, where it can get air, saturated with hydrogen sulfide. This chemical compound is obtained during the decay of food, containing a lot of protein.

Many scientists tend to believe that the smell in 80-90% of cases when problems with teeth or gums.

With stale breath during a conversation, when a person is ashamed of his bad smell on the dental examination, distracted from work and just can’t communicate ─ all this says about halitosis. This so called problem in the language of medicine. Rotten and unbearable breath for many is psychologically problematic, which is necessary to find the right solution to this problem.

To appear stale smell can unexpectedly once or periodically, or continuously throughout the day. Halitosis may be true, in which stench is felt by others. When pseudohalitosis a bad smell just noticeable at a close distance with the person, here the problem is often exaggerated. If the patient is convinced that his fetid breath, he is afraid, then we are talking about halitophobia. And the doctor in the latter case, no pathology found.

Patient stale smell can disturb in the morning upon awakening or before eating on an empty stomach. Considering these complaints, the doctor can identify the causes of these conditions.

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It is worth remembering that in the physiological condition of the saliva cleanses the teeth and tongue, and the microbes become less active due to its chemical composition.

Изо рта пахнет тухлыми яйцами: причиныThe lack of hygienic treatment of the oral cavity leads to the fact that due to anaerobic bacteria and their decay products in the air when you exhale there is a bad smell. When a person sleeps and is stationary, saliva in the mouth stands out a little, which allows the bacteria to be more active. The result of this in the morning breath is felt very unhealthy. When the teeth are brushed in the morning, the malicious smell disappears.

When patients teeth, gums, inflamed tonsils and other problems in the internal organs — pathological halitosis consider the consequence of these diseases.

Another cause of smell of rotten eggs can be a small selection of juice of the stomach. Also suffering the esophagus due to the long delay in it-chewed food is rotting food remnants. With overeating, this fragrance is also inevitable. What is eaten, just not digested, and the stomach is decomposed.

Oral causes of halitosis

The main reasons for fetid smell in the mouth are:

  • Изо рта пахнет тухлыми яйцами: причиныeducation teeth carious cavities;
  • small particles of food in the mouth;
  • the accumulated plaque in pathological pockets of the gums Tartar (inflammation of the gums and periodontitis);
  • the formation of the «hood» where cut «wise» tooth penetrating food residues;
  • different kinds of stomatitis;
  • food has its own smell, is eaten before;
  • drinking alcohol and Smoking;
  • to reduce the viscosity of saliva its purifying functions;
  • disease of language;
  • hypersensitivity with bare neck of the tooth and loss of bone tissue with atrophied gums, resulting in the care of the oral cavity is difficult, leading to plaque formation.
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Medicines also some time effect on the saliva, also negatively impact the it can stress. The viscosity of the saliva high, it becomes more viscous, is produced, it is small, the mouth becomes dry.

Do not underestimate such a problem, especially if it bothers them every day. Person concerned about a bad smell, but the reason lies in atrophic gastritis, for instance, or narrowing the outlet of the stomach (pyloric stenosis). Also with a weak tone of the stomach if the person has reduced motor activity.

More serious causes of unhealthy breath of the patient may be due to:

  • Изо рта пахнет тухлыми яйцами: причиныOncology;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • protracted hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver;
  • when the bulging wall of the esophagus (diverticulum);
  • gallbladder disease;
  • chronic rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis and sore throats;
  • diseases that are associated with the metabolism.

Here halitosis is a symptom of the disease, the causes are considered extraordinary.


The first thing you should remember about the hygienic procedures of the oral cavity. When brushing your teeth a brush with toothpaste, but dental floss with a cleaning scraper, cleaning of tongue, mouthwashes, which will reduce the many germs in the saliva. A large part of the accumulated plaque is located in the root of the tongue.

Clean the language daily. Fits any toothbrush that has a studded strip of rubber, designed for this purpose.

During this cleansing some people can be with the urge to vomit. They use a special scraper for cleansing the tongue. The gag reflex can reduce toothpaste containing mint, or require delay of breath at the contact of the scraper with the language.

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Even with regular rinsing of the mouth after a meal can be a tangible result, removes food particles and preventing pathogenic microorganisms overwork them to the sulfide and acid.


Изо рта пахнет тухлыми яйцами: причиныIn identifying extraoral causes of halitosis should be to treat the corresponding disease, triggering a painful breath.

To minimize discomfort, will help methods:

  • in order to quickly remove the stench, it is necessary to chew the coffee beans neutralizes it;
  • the use of antiseptics, inhibit anaerobic bacteria up to 80% and duration from 4 to 12 hours, for example, chlorhexidine and triclosan. You can still use the rinses, toothpastes, gels, including urea peroxide, CPC-free chloride. Also suitable dissolved hydrogen peroxide with soda solution;
  • suitable as a folk remedy, for example, infusion of fennel, chamomile, Echinacea, propolis. Rinse the mouth can give excellent results, assuming no allergic reactions to them;
  • do not be redundant essential oil, for example, oil of clove, tea tree and sage can turn the smell up to 2 hours;
  • refreshing will have ordinary gum, but a little at a time. It should be remembered that more than 15 minutes to chew it is not recommended.