Bubble under tongue

Despite the fact that the mucous membrane in the oral cavity is the most resistant to various influences, but with a light damage or on the background of other diseases it occurs Пузырь под языкомvesicles, ulcers and plaque. All these symptoms indicate disturbances in the body. To find the cause of the disease can the doctor after a detailed examination and passing all the required tests.

In addition, when various malfunctions of the digestive system and the gastrointestinal tract or introducing infection into the body, the mucous can change its color and it blisters, sores, cracks, and other entities. For example diabetics is quite peculiar to disease symptoms, in which the salivary glands are not doing its function and the surface of the tongue is dry, covered with red spots and erosions.

In the case if there were blood bubbles under the tongue or on its surface, it can be like a regular hematoma due to injury and ránula (tumor), it is therefore necessary to distinguish these pathologies and their symptoms and the appearance of the first signs to go to the hospital.

The features of pathology

The resulting cavity is filled with blood — a hematoma, which accumulates in the bladder a small blood clot and it occurs due to damage of blood vessels.

Factors, because of which injuries had been sustained share in their impact, namely:

  • The mechanical effect. In this situation, injury can be caused by an object. For example, a spoon, a toothpick, or by products, such as fish bones or shells from the seeds. The most common cause of a blood bubble is considered banal biting during a meal, which surface may remain intact, but the inside will burst the vessels;
  • The chemical effect. It occurs because of too many spices. If the food is very spicy or salty, then it irritates the mucosa. In addition, chemical burns can occur after taking medications or accidental contact with the mouth of the chemicals during cleaning dishes, washing floors, etc.;
  • The thermal impact. Anywhere too cold or hot product, caught in the mouth, causes irritation, such as hot coffee or ice water.
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To understand how big the extent of the injury is possible and fluid in the cavity. When it is serous, it has a light tone and this implies that the vessels are intact and the damage to the surface. This type of injury is faster than if inside is a blood clot, which is a great place for microbes to breed.

Пузырь под языкомIn addition to color, to assist in the treatment and diagnosis may be the place where a localized injury, namely:

  • Bubble under tongue;
  • On the upper surface of the tongue;
  • On the lateral surface of the tongue.

When bubbles a lot, and they are both on the tongue and under it, it could be the consequence of many pathologies, for example, diseases of the stomach or as a symptom of stomatitis, and also in endocrine disorders. If the cavity is one, then often this is a hematoma or ránula.


The bubble that is under language is often a ránula and the main reason for its occurrence is inflammation or onoway sublingual salivary gland. It manifests as painless cavity blue, filled with a transparent liquid, which is easily broken, and reappears in the same place. The name of the tumor was obtained from frogs. Making sounds, they swell up and a new bubble similar to the one that occurs in this pathology.

Пузырь под языкомIn medicine there is no one accurate version of why appear grains. For some this is a consequence of chronic inflammation, which reduces the lumen in the duct of the salivary glands. However, they are unable to function normally, and you receive the retention cyst. The second version is completely different from the first, because the proponents of this theory think that pathology is a consequence of embryonic inclusions of epithelial origin. If you believe this them that ranula is a cystic embryonal tumor.

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To say for sure which theory is true is difficult, because it appears as in infants and in adulthood, but treatment is only one, namely, excision of the mass surgically.

Other causes of the problem

For further diagnosis and purpose of therapy, it is important to know not only where the disease is and what his color, but also the amount of disease, number of lesions and whether there is a tendency to increase in size.

The size of the cavity is important to treatment is the fact that bubbles of small volume faster and better
resolve. For large formations, they often have to cut through the doctor and disinfect the inside of the special antiseptic solution, because the blood often stagnates and does not go away independently.

With regard to damage of mucosa in children, the hematoma is very similar to the hemangioma, which occurs in infants, and prescribe a course of treatment will the doctor, after examination, because if it doesn’t tend to increase in size, the specific therapy is not required, but with the rapid growth of Пузырь под языкомthe tumor cut out.

If the language of a large number of small bubbles with the liquid, it can be a symptom as pemphigus and syphilis.

In addition, when there is a lot of small bubbles across the surface of the language, it could be glossitis and it is called pathogens. This pathology is characteristic of the burning sensation and the appearance of tubercles, which eventually become pustules.

Treatment can be practiced only after inspection at the doctor, but until then, you can rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions and decoctions of herbs.

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Prohibited actions

Regardless of the number of detected bubbles in the mouth, it is necessary to exclude such actions as:

  • Do not pierce the cavity of the mouth, because of this inside can get another infection, which will greatly exacerbate the pathology.
  • You cannot leave the problem unattended. Upon detection of such symptoms, should go to the hospital to know the cause;
  • Not recommended to put self-diagnosis. You must understand that only a doctor can diagnose pathology and prescribe treatment.

To define what is a bubble under the tongue easy, and it will need to be examined in the hospital. In such a situation it is impossible to self-medicate, because it can be a manifestation of serious disease.