Bump on the mouth: causes of swelling and hard bumps

The formation of growths on the mucosa of the oral cavity can be a symptom of a serious disease. So if there is any bump in the sky, causing discomfort, aching, urgent need to go to the doctor. Growths can be benign or malignant origin.

Angioma of the oral cavity

Raised bump on soft palate in mouth is a symptom of the angioma, the causes of which are connected with proliferation of vascular tissue. This is a benign neoplasm characterized by increased lymphatic or blood vessels.

Depending on what vessels form the knot angioma is classified as:

  • Шишка на небе во рту: причины наростов и твердых бугорковHemangioma is a formation formed by the widening of blood vessels. Looks like bump on the soft palate in the mouth, dark cherry or bluish color. When pressed, bleeding profusely, with significant damage may develop excessive bleeding. A hard lump grows on the palate to an impressive size.

Distinguish between venous, capillary and arterial form of the disease. When the cylindrical extension of blood vessels called a hemangioma simple, and if the expansion occurs with the formation of cavities, the disease is called cavernous hemangioma. Upon accession infection can cause clots to occur necrosis.

  • Lymphangioma formed lymphatic vessels. It’s a growth on the soft palate in your mouth from cavities filled with lymph. Sometimes looks like a smooth bump in the sky, sometimes irregular, consisting of many small bubbles. Blisters can have a different color from transparent yellow to red. The autopsy is allocated colorless liquid. Lymphangioma able to grow deep into the tissue. After there was a painful lump in the sky, it grows at a slow pace.
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The shape of the disease is simple, cavernous or cystic. Cystic form looks as single or multiple growth cysts that can merge.

When pressed, the lump is sore, what are the reasons? This suggests the presence of inflammation and suppuration. Patients complain of deterioration of health, fever. There is purulent intoxication: the tumor is greatly increased, the lump becomes hard, hot, increased regional lymph nodes.

With the development of angiomas patients feel the presence of a foreign body in the mouth, difficulty and pain while eating and pressing.


Шишка на небе во рту: причины наростов и твердых бугорковThe main method of diagnosis of hemangioma is a visual and palpation examination. When pressed, the bump decreases in size and changes color. When the finger is released, the formation takes its original shape and color.

A distinctive feature of lymphangioma is the presence of single or multiple vesicles in the oral cavity, similar to liquid droplets with a transparent, yellowish or red contents. Increase in the size of the bubbles is talking about the present inflammation, which occurs periodically.

Additionally, the diagnosis of conduct bacteriological smear.


Select treatments depending on the size, variety of tumor, its location. Use integrated methods: sanitation of the oral cavity, nasopharynx, anti-inflammatory therapy and surgical methods.

  • Шишка на небе во рту: причины наростов и твердых бугорковTreatment of hemangioma perform the introduction of the injection of alcohol 70% in a lump. When this happens its hardening and a gradual decrease. But this method is not always suitable, because it can cause severe swelling of the larynx. More often it is used in the preparatory phase before the surgery.
  • If the wart has a narrow foot, it is removed galvanostatically loop. The sky is pre-treated with anesthetics. On the basis of cones put on a loop, tighten and flow discharge electric current. The loop is heated and annealed in the sky a dense mound. After surgery, patients are assigned antiseptic rinses and anti-inflammatory therapy.
  • Cryosurgery – this treatment is liquid nitrogen. This method is painless, no bleeding occurs. Education is frozen and gradually dies. With this method it is difficult to adjust the area of impact, it is therefore possible burns of the surrounding tissue and the need for repeated procedures.
  • Surgically lump in the sky deleted in its deep extension into neighboring tissue or a large area of distribution. During the operation the angiom must be completely removed, otherwise relapse will occur. The treatment leaves scars.
  • Шишка на небе во рту: причины наростов и твердых бугорковWith the broad base of the angiom treated by way of elektrokoagulyatsii. This method effects on tissues with high frequency current. For education put on a loop, which is heated under the influence of currents. There is a thermal tissue damage with subsequent necrosis. The deletion is performed in one step, and the resulting material is sent for research.
  • Laser removal – virtually bloodless procedure. The growth is removed layer by layer. This minimally injure the surrounding tissue. Regeneration of the membranes of the oral cavity is much faster than using other methods.
  • When lymphangioma do puncture the growth with a subsequent suction of the liquid.
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Angioma affects the General condition of the human body, major complications:

  • Damage and loss of teeth.
  • Discomfort while eating, loss of taste sensations.
  • Intermittent bleeding.
  • The formation of abscesses, cellulitis.
  • Infection angiomas.
  • The weakening of the immune system.

Angiomas are usually not prone to rapid growth, destruction of adjacent tissues, therefore, very rarely transform into malignant tumors. Limfangoita able to grow into lymphosarcoma and metastasize to lymph nodes.