Burning tongue: causes and treatment

Diseases of the oral cavity may cause burning sensation, pain, contribute to the formation of edema and ulceration of the mucous membranes. To determine the exact cause that caused discomfort on the doctor-dentist.

Causes of burning tongue

Жжение языка: причины и лечениеWhy it stings the tongue and pain as if burned, what causes the disease?

  • stomatitis;
  • leukoplakia;
  • allergic reaction;
  • mechanical trauma;
  • lichen planus;
  • xerostomia.

Reasons why there is a feeling of burnt, painful language, there may be several. Disease have other additional symptoms and signs that indicate specific pathology.


What causes burning sensation on lips and tongue, what are the treatments? Cause these symptoms can be an inflammatory disease of the mouth – stomatitis. The characteristic feature of the disease is the appearance of congested sections of the mucous membrane covered with bacterial bloom white or grayish color. After removing the plaque remains a bleeding erosion. Ulcers are painful, itching, burning the patient during the meal.

Schipit and my tongue hurts main causes of stomatitis – a weak immune system, poor oral hygiene, viral, fungal infection, soft tissue damage from the sharp edges of teeth, allergic to medicines, the wearing of artificial dentures.

Жжение языка: причины и лечениеDepending on the causes of stomatitis can be:

  • aphthous;
  • herpes;
  • Candida;
  • allergic;
  • traumatic;
  • bacterial.

Treatment of stomatitis is aimed at elimination of precipitating factors. To restore the normal microflora you need to do the antiseptic rinsing of the oral cavity Hlorgeksidinom, Furatsilina, soda solution or a decoction of medicinal herbs.

If the language of irritation, sores, and it hurts as if burned, to relieve pain help treatment of erosions gel Metrogyl Denta, Asepta or Holisal. To enhance the body’s defenses are taking Immunostimulants: Echinacea, caramel with Gecamines, Imudon.


Why red and much it stings the tip of my tongue, the sky appeared a white spot and sore than you need to treat the disease? Similar symptoms appear with the development of leukoplakia of the oral cavity. In the language formed by the inflammation of the hearth, covered with keratinized chastyami mucosa and whitish bacterial bloom. The disease is dangerous because it can degenerate into a malignant form.

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Жжение языка: причины и лечениеThe affected area may thicken, ulcerate, forming a deep, bleeding wounds and causing discomfort in the mouth, tingling tongue, as if burnt.

The cause of leukoplakia is genetic predisposition, weakened immune system, a deficiency of vitamin A in the body, disorders of the nervous system associated with chronic illness, permanent injury language dentures or sharp teeth.

The treatment of the disease start with addressing the causes of the development of the disease. For this prescribed examination by a dentist, neurologist, orthopedist. Some types of leukoplakia was excised surgically.


Why burns, bakes and sore tongue, what causes the discomfort, and what are the treatments? Unpleasant, painful feeling may provoke an allergic reaction that occurs after taking medication, eating certain foods or installation of dentures with a metal base.

Patients complain of severe burning pain in the mouth, on the tongue and lips, redness of mucous membranes, skin rash, edema of the larynx and the entire body. If an Allergy has caused the prosthesis, irritation of the soft tissues is localized in a certain place.

For treatment it is necessary to eliminate the allergen, take an antihistamine. If the cause of pathology are the metal crowns, they need to be replaced by ceramics or design on the basis of zirconium dioxide.

Lichen planus

What if red tongue and nibbling the tip, there is a feeling of burning sensation while eating what treatment is necessary, appears from what pathology? To cause irritation to soft tissues can red deny. This disease Жжение языка: причины и лечениеis characterized by the formation of small, dense nodules in the oral cavity, having the form of a grid or snowflakes. Most often ringworm is localized on the lateral surface of the tongue.

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The disease has several forms, the lesions can be covered with keratinized scales, covered with bacterial plaque to form ulcers or bubbles, to form solid gray plaques.

Tingling, irritation, burning tongue causes: lichen planus is an autoimmune disease. The human immune system fails, begins to perceive its own cells as a virus and is struggling with them.

What treatment is required if the burns, it stings, making language the cause of the formation planus? After examination and diagnosis, prescribe hormonal, sedatives, carotenoids. Local treatment is carried out Solkoseril, hormonal ointments. If necessary, the growths are removed by method of cautery or cryotherapy.

Why schipit, it hurts and there is burning in the sky, the tip of the tongue or other part as if it is annealed? This can be caused by various diseases of the oral cavity. For proper diagnosis, treatment should visit the dentist. Self-medication can lead to serious complications.